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Yes this needs to be a single!!!

Defo the best song!

Ugh sometimes I just can't with her. Why is she so good? How did she pull this off?

This woman got SUPERPOWERS, y'all!!! :yes:

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I love, love, love her ballads and mid-tempo songs! :bow:

She delivers the best ballads in Pop ! :clap:

Ghosttown :dramatic: :dramatic: :dramatic:

Ghosttown is the kind of song that I want to hear. The melody, lyrics, her voice :bow:

I love her :inlove:

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It's classic, beautiful Madonna.

Wipes the floor with LFL tbqh.

Yes, I would love this to be the first single because I think it would appeal to just about everyone. Has mass appeal whilst also being unique and beautiful. Plus different to all of the other singles and music around at the moment.

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it MUST be a single. any other artist would have released this or RH as first single but obviously M doesn't :rotfl:

hopefully it will have the release it deserves, i already have a video in my mind for it :sassy:

me too!! :laugh:

one of her best songs in years (and not that she doesn't delivers great songs recently....)

the melody is so simple and moving, gorgeous yet simple lyrics....madonna at her best!!!

no one else know how to write and deliver ballads like M!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her voice!!!!!!!!!


the part i prefer...after the break from 3,15!!!!!!!!!!

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The MELODY !!!! And Her VOICE ! Amazing . My second fav track after LFL .

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