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REBEL HEART - the new album. 6 songs OUT NOW on iTunes. QUEEN is No. 1 everywhere

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It's not on iTunes Australia!!!!!!!!


switch stores to the US you can buy it trust me, im from belgium and it worked

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Is there a full tracklisting or a listed number of tracks going to be on the album?

I don't think this is the final sequencing of the album, the flow of the first 6 tracks is completely OFF.

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So 7 tracks (more than half) from the leaked CD have officially made it!

Living For Love

Devil Pray

Unapologetic Bitch


Bitch I'm Madonna

Joan of Arc

Rebel Heart (Title Track)

which means that.....


Borrowed Time

Heartbreak City



Wash All Over Me

are all FLUSHED!!!

Fingers crossed that Wash All Over Me would survive!

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omg I am dying. Also the assistant editor of Spin just tweeted -

Oh so now I can talk about the Madonna album I heard last week?

Also since my embargo is basically lifted now....wondering who produced Madge's new one, "Illuminati?" Yeezy taught me.

They up and changed the title though. Wasn't looking like 'Rebel Heart' as of 9 days ago.

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