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2014 MNation Madonna Top 50 - THE SONGS THAT JUST MISSED (60-51)

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What are your 50 most treasured Madonna songs at the moment and how would you rank them? How does your list compare to your fellow members' lists? Which of your favorites will make the list and which will miss the cut? What song will be voted the ultimate # 1 ? What exactly is going on with Madonna's new album and when will it be released? Some but not all of these questions will soon be answered once the votes are cast and I calculate the results and count them down for your viewing pleasure!

So here's how it will work...Everyone who would like to participate will post their top 50 songs in order and I will assign points to each song depending on where it is ranked on each list. There will be 2 points awarded to a #50 ranked song, 4 points for a #49 song and so on up to a 100 points awarded to each song ranked as #1. For example, if someone ranks Holiday as #50 and another person ranks it #1, it would have a total of 102 points. So the order you rank the songs is just as important as the songs you choose. Any Madonna song is eligible including album tracks, demos , and b-sides. While I encourage you to list a certain version of a song that you prefer, I will count all votes toward the song itself instead of separating them into different buckets by version . When everyone has had a chance to vote, I will calculate the results and count them down 10 at a time along with some interesting statistics about the votes Sound good?

I know this is a huge undertaking and may require a bit of soul searching to come up with your definitive list so I plan to leave the voting open for a while to give all who want to vote a chance to do so. If it is possible also, would one of the admins be so kind as to pin the thread so it stays visible on the 1st page? :thumbsup:

I know it may not be easy and your list may change next month or even tomorrow, but just choose the 50 songs that are speaking to you the most at the moment and let everyone know what they are. Don't be afraid to be honest-even if it is not the popular opinion. This is a judgement-free topic (at least I hope it will be) :)

So.. What are you gonna do? Get voting of course!! Thanks in advance for indulging me and have fun with this :wink:

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I've made such lists before, in the AbsMad forum :)

Difficult as hell, and I always end up having second thoughts about having placed certain songs in certain positions, but I WILL do it this time around, too :)

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1. Like a Prayer

2. Express Yourself

3. Celebration

4. Vogue

5. Give Me All Your Luvin'

6. I'm Addicted

7. Turn Up the Radio

8. Love Spent

9. Girl Gone Wild

10. Hung Up

11. Music

12. Hollywood

13. Give It 2 Me

14. Into the Groove

15. Gang Bang

16. Ray of Light

17. Revolver

18. La Isla Bonita

19. Open Your Heart

20. Papa Don't Preach

21. I Don't Give A

22. She's Not Me

23. Nobody Knows Me

24. Like a Virgin

25. 4 Minutes

26. Candy Shop

27. Human Nature

28. Falling Free

29. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

30. Masterpiece

31. Lucky Star

32. Justify My Love

33. Erotica

34. I'm a Sinner

35. Frozen

36. Nothing Fails

37. Impressive Instant

38. I'm Going Bananas

39. Drowned World/Substitute for Love

40. Burning Up

41. Beat Goes On

42. Don't Tell Me

43. Secret

44. Forbidden Love (2005)

45. Paradise (Not for Me)

46. Beautiful Stranger

47. Die Another Day

48. Easy Ride

49. Jump

50. Broken

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here's mine:

1. Frozen

2. Like a Prayer

3. The Power of Goodbye

4. Paradise

5. Intervention

6. Bedtime Story

7. Live To Tell

8. Holiday

9. Easy Ride

10. Love Tried To Welcome Me

11. La Isla Bonita

12. Sanctuary

13. Falling Free

14. Mother and Father

15. Impressive Instant

16. Music

17. Masterpiece

18. X-Static Process

19. Has To Be

20. I'll Remember

21. Papa Don't Preach

22. Inside of Me

23. Secret

24. Die Another Day

25. I Want You

26. Mer Girl

27. Time Stood Still

28. Something to Remember

29. Deeper and Deeper

30. Human Nature

31. Gone

32. Ray of Light

33. Drowned World

34. Isaac

35. Vogue

36. It's so Cool (2002)

37. Secret Garden

38. Borderline

39. Fighting Spirit

40. Corazon

41. Get Together

42. Forbidden Love (Bedtime)

43. Love Spent

44. Promise To Try

45. Hung Up

46. Physical Attraction

47. You'll See

48. Skin

49. I Deserve It

50. Voices

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here's mine

OMG! How could I have left out "Easy Ride" from my top 50!? :drama:


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I've made such lists before, in the AbsMad forum :)

Difficult as hell, and I always end up having second thoughts about having placed certain songs in certain positions, but I WILL do it this time around, too :)

Nice to see another fellow former AbsMadder here :)

Thanks for continuing to play along!

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50! Too hard and for what? No one's gonna read it anyway :laugh:

I like all of 'em except Cherish, Borderline, TUTR and not really into Holiday. There. That was easier.

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This is how i feel as of this moment.

1. Beautiful Stranger

2. Burning Up

3. Don't Tell Me

4. Waiting

5. Human Nature

6. Cherish

7. Erotica

8. What It Feels Like For A Girl (album version)

9. Get Together

10. Secret

11. Crazy For You

12. Paradise

13. Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)

14. Drowned World (Substitute for Love)

15. Let Down Your Guard

16. Sanctuary

17. Take A Bow

18. Ray of Light

19. Borderline

20. Like A Prayer

21. Shanti (Ashtangi)

22. To Have And Not To Hold

23. Secret Garden

24. La Isla Bonita

25. Nothing Really Matters

26. Rain

27. Justify My Love

28. Lucky Star

29. Power Of Goodbye

30. Frozen

31. Music

32. Holiday

33. Open Your Heart

34. This Used To Be My Playground

35. Bad Girl

36. Let It Will Be (Paper Faces Mix)

37. You'll See

38. Into The Groove

39. Material Girl

40. Skin

41. Bedtime Story

42. I'll Remember

43. Like A Virgin

44. Hung Up

45. Candy Perfume Girl

46. Vogue

47. Give It 2 Me

48. Express Yourself

49. Jump

50. Fever

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Here is mine, with the 80s and 90s ruling

1. Justify My Love

2. Like A Prayer

3. Erotica

4. Vogue

5. Lucky Star

6. Angel

7. Papa Don't Preach

8. Get Together

9. Express Yourself

10. Into The Groove

11. Borderline

12. Ray Of Light

13. Open Your Heart

14. Frozen

15. Secret Garden

16. Physical Attraction

17. Deeper & Deeper

18. Cherish

19. Drowned World

20. Holiday

21. Live To Tell

22. Hung Up

23. Everybody

24. Supernatural

25. Material Girl

26. Music

27. Who's That Girl

28. Give It 2 Me

29. I'm Addicted

30. Can't Stop

31. Bedtime Story

32. Spotlight

33. Secret

34. Where Life Begins

35. Like A Virgin

36. What It Feels Like For A Girl

37. Till Death Do Us Part

38. Candy Shop

39. Rescue Me

40. Dress You Up

41. Love Song

42. Inside Of Me

43. Jump

44. Sanctuary

45. Think Of Me

46. Beautiful Stranger

47. Crazy For You

48. Bye Bye Baby

49. True Blue

50. Waiting

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50. Supernatural

49. Spotlight

48. Love Song with Prince

47. Stay (demo)

46. Bedtime Stories

45. Shoo bee doo

44. Fever

43. Love makes the world go round

42. Causing A Commotion

41. Ain't No Big Deal

40. Lucky Star

39. Cherish

38. Don't Cry For Me Argentina

37. Frozen

36. You'll See

35. Where's The Party

34. Bad Girl

33. The Power Of Goodbye

32. Don't Tell Me

31. Material Girl

30. Jump

29. La Isla Bonita

28. Give It To Me

27. Die Another Day

26. What it feels like for a girl

25. Angel

24. Express Yourself

23. Candy Shop

22. Vogue

21. Crazy For You

20. Physical Attraction

19. Keep It Together

18. Deeper and Deeper

17. Who's That Girl

16. Like A Virgin

15. Hung Up

14. Ray of Light

13. Music

12. Holiday

11. Nobody's Perfect

10. Erotica

9. Live To Tell

8. Justify My Love

7. This Used To Be My Childhood Playground

6. Open Your Heart

5. Dress You Up

4. Papa Don't Preach

3. Borderline

2. Into The Groove

1. Like A Prayer

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1 Vogue

2 Like A Prayer

3 Drowned World (Substitute for Love)

4 Waiting

5 Don't Tell Me

6 Open Your Heart

7 Into The Groove

8 Secret

9 Physical Attraction

10 Express Yourself

11 Take a Bow

12 Ray of Light

13 Music

14 Live to Tell

15 Frozen

16 Love Spent

17 Swim

18 Lucky Star

19 Spotlight

20 More

21 Candy Shop

22 Masterpiece

23 Papa Don't Preach

24 Holiday

25 You Must Love Me

26 Promise To Try

27 True Blue

28 Beautiful Stranger

29 Cherish

30 Isaac

31 Candy Perfume Girl

32 He's a Man

33 This Used To Be My Playground

34 Where's The Party

35 Get Together

36 Turn Up The Radio

37 Back in Business

38 Erotica

39 Falling Free

40 Nobody Knows Me

41 Borderline

42 Beat Goes On

43 Paradise (Not For Me)

44 Keep It Together

45 Sanctuary

46 I Want You

47 Die Another Day

48 4 Minutes

49 I'd Rather Be Your Lover

50 Rescue Me

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like a prayer hung up celebration promise to try x static process girl gone wild dear jessie push live to tell I'll remember till death do us part the power of goodbye sky fits heaven forbidden love 05 sorry give it 2 me how high secret vogue drowned world frozen rain like it or not crazy for you ray of light I'm a sinner survival express yourself american pie theif of hearts voices paradise let it will be 4 minutes nothing fails get together turn up the radio nobody's perfect open your heart luck star confessions don't tell me papa don't preach die another day like a virgin confession tour you must love me la isla bonita confessions music holiday into the groove material girl

hey. here you go!!

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sorry, it came distorted. Here is my list from 1-50

1. like a prayer

2. hung up

3. celebration

4. promise to try

5. x-static process

6. girl gone wild

7. dear jessie

8. push

9. i'll remember

10. live to tell

11. till death do us part

12. forbidden love 05

13. sky fits heaven

14. sorry

15. the power of goodbye

16. give it 2 me

17. how high

18. secret

19. vogue

20. drowned world

21. frozen

22. rain

23. crazy for you

24. how high

25. like it or not

26. i'm a sinner

27. survival

28. american pie

29. theif of hearts

30. express yourself

31. voices

32. paradise not for me

33. nothing fails

34. 4. minutes

35. let it will be

36. get together

37. lucky star (confessions tour)

38. turn up the radio

39. open your heart

40. nobody's perfect

41. don't tell me

42. papa don't preach

43. like a virgin (confessions tour)

44. you must love me

45. die another day

46. la isla bonita (confessions tour)

47. into the groove

48. material girl

49. holiday

50. music

please delete my previous post. thanks!!

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Omg I'm so keen to do this! I love making lists. Picking the songs should be easy enough but puting them in order oh dear lord. So much fun but so hard!

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