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Supposed Madonna demo leak?

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I feel like I've heard this before somewhere.

I had this thought in my mind too

This def has been posted here months ago. Like back in the spring

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I really like the lyrics. It's so Madonna.

Ah Ah

Ah Ah Ah

You play a dangerous game

Slicky (?) like a shadow on a sunny da-ay.

You’ve got a secret to keep

Behind locked doors and between the sheets

Curtains up

Time to start the show

Boy, you look so ugly when the truth unfolds

Your soul is black and your heart is made of coal

Bullets in the barrel and you’re ready to go

Oh woah woah ah ah

Woah woah ah ah

Got the devil in my bed tonight (bed tonight)

You keep a vile collection

a lock of hair with your list of names

each time's a new connection

they love your touch and you love their pain

Here's the link for the earlier thread I wasn't aware of http://forums.madonnanation.com/index.php?showtopic=46973

This is a demo. Whoever sang this is totally copying Madonna. Why would anyone do that? It could be a demo sent to her. I'm not saying it is going to be part of any new album but this too much like Madonna in every sense. Definitely not a single but an album track kind of song.

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I opened a thread months ago but back then we just had like 20 seconds of the track, not the full song. I was one of the few who believed this could be Madonna, to be fair it does sounds like her in some parts - less in others

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Guys!! hahaha Madonna debate is my soundcloud!! and I posted it for another forum, people couldn't listen to the other version on soundcloud! Thank to the idea of the pitch!! It's Kylie, wait, I'll put the result on the channel and here!

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The verse makes me doubt too but the voice is really changed, I had a hard time to find the right pitch and all the filter didn't help. The chorus sound definitely like Kylie!! Maybe two singers are on this demo.

It is to well produce to be nobody's demo!

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