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Madonna New Photos 2014

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Madonna has great posture (top pic) and I love the way she walks. Those other 3 women are a mess quite frankly, esp the one on the left showing leotard at belt level. Tacky. Don't even get me started on overweight women in yoga pants.

she has smaller shoulders and a petite body. i's quite rare. a real dancers/ballerina body like those teens have. true dancers have it their whole lives. the other three women (especially nicole) are fine, but they're of a normal body posture like 99% of the population..

madonna is just lucky ;) (if you like her type of body anyway)

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wouldn't it be cool if madonna showed up at coachella this weekend and performed give it 2 me with pharrell?

Indeed ! Gwen Stefani did a surprise appearance last week at Coachella to sing "Hollaback Girl" with Pharrell on stage ! He also announced that she was coming back to music industry this year (he said she not No Doubt) but it's another topic !

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Madonna at her Pilates studio in West Hollywood on Easter Monday. Looking HOT. Beyond perfect, fresh and natural. And these are just pap shots. She's going to rock on magazine spreads, video footage and on tour with this coming era. Lover her dedication, even on Easter Monday. Fabulous human being








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And the spotlessness/tone of her skin

Keeping out of the sun and not eating shit DOES help

Love her

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