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My dream producer for the next album is...

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Nile Rodgers.

Let's look at the evidence:

  • Madonna and Rodgers teamed up in 1984 to create "Like a Virgin." And all was right in the world.
  • Rodgers followed up "Like a Virgin" with a string of hits unmatched by virtually any other 80s music producer. (Including two of my all-time favorite 80s hits: "Love Shack" and "Roam" from the B-52s.)
  • Rodgers is still producing brilliant dance music, as seen on Daft Punk's latest album, where the Rodgers-produced "Give Life Back to the Music" and "Lose Yourself to Dance" are arguably the two strongest tracks on a critically-lauded album.
  • Next year is the 30th anniversary of "Like a Virgin." A Madonna - Nile Rodgers reunion around the anniversary of that release would be cause the music industry and celebrity media outlets to cum all over themselves.

Bring back Nile Rodgers. #madonnanilerodgers2014

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I think she should use various producers/co-writers


Juan MacLean or Shit Robot from DFArecords

i think you're my destiny from last spring captures perfectly the vibe of the original Into the groove

Feels real from last spring too captures early 90's club house


She can also work with Holy Ghost from DFA records as well

And of course James Murphy whom last month went nuts with Justify My Love on FB


For a more organic mood = Pat Leonard meets Joe Henry there's Cass Mac Comb


And if she wants some unknown french producer a la Mirwais who used to produce great pop tracks then went electronic and underground there's Jay Alanski the guy behing A reminiscent drive for some Paradise not for me mood

Or Benjamin Diamond (the voice on Music sounds better with you)

He released a great ep this year after a hiatus



The dark disco of TRST by Robert Alfons





Jagwar MA

Guy Oseary, i hope you're reading this :)

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No offense to anyone's ideas, but I never understand the desire to look back and use a past producer. Writers like Pat Leonard, ok, but producers? Sure, she has had good chemistry with lots of people, but I don't think William Orbit really brought anything new to the sonic table for MDNA, even though I love "Love Spent" to death. Nile's work on Daft Punk's last album was good, but nothing ground-breaking in my opinion.

I'd prefer Felix da Housecat, Gesaffelstein, or Will Gregory.

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Stromae of course.

French speaking artist of the year. Raw talent . Utube him.

Known too for passsing emotions through techno music not so far from ROL/music me thinks.

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I know I'll probably be in the minority, but I'd like for her to work with Pharrell again (I loved what hedid on "Hard Candy").

I agree!! I would love for Madonna to work with Pharrell again.On three or four tracks,at least.I think he's very good at taking elements of the 80s Madonna sound,and making it sound new and fresh ("Beat Goes On",for example).

But it's hard for me to pick a 'main' producer for her next album.

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Guest bluejean

Nile's work on Daft Punk's last album was good, but nothing ground-breaking in my opinion

Plus what has he done recently without daft punk? He was a novelty inclusion on their album, they were paying homage to those old sounds.

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Guest bluejean

I want Madonna to limit the number of producers for her next album. Too many cooks in the kitchen equals MDNA.

What does too many cocks in the kitchen equal then?

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Probably in the minority here but I'd like her to explore the folk sound more, teaming up with a band like Fleet Foxes, or Mumford and Sons. Even if she just uses more hints of it combined with dance, like she did on Love Spent.

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I'd love a Moroder and Rodgers collab or another dance odyssey along the lines of Ray of Light or Confessions with a new edm producer and a fresh confessional take on her current state of affairs or what's on her mind. Continuing the tone of #artforfreedom is fine with me. That would be my dream. I think the Daft Punk thing is a great idea but maybe a step back for her considering she did her own version of Daft Punk with Mirwais.

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