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4 hours ago, LikeAPrayer said:

Cher's successful foray into acting in the 80's is really one of the most interesting things about her. The fact she was able to be taken seriously as an actress (and walk away with an Oscar on top of that) is really commendable. She really worked her ass off to establish a career in film there for a while. 

I think she's even acknowledged on several occasions that she finds herself to be a better actress than singer. 

I wish Madonna had done the same thing in the 80's instead of going straight for star vehicles as the lead actress with very little acting experience. Cher honed her craft in supporting roles before taking on lead roles and eventually winning her Oscar. Desperately Seeking Susan as great as it was, was a perfect fluke . Aside from Evita, Madonna has always seemed to be more effective in smaller roles line Dick Tracey and A League of Their Own. She would still have an acting career if she continued on that path.

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18 hours ago, acko said:

Well there was a time when she still could in the mid 2 late nineties, but her face got distracting,

we're so used 2 it now, but 4 moment there Cher had become synonymous with plastic Chergery,

I think it certainly damaged her potential 2 get certain parts....

I agree with this completely. But, I think at this point she could probably garner some kind of juicy supporting role in the same vain as Jessica Lange's comeback. While Cher doesn't have the acting chops as Lange, she's still pretty formidable. 

If she got the right role, I have no doubt that she'd be awarded as a legacy artist and wine a Golden Globe or something. If she can tour again, she sure as hell can act again. 

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There's long been rumours that Cher had a nervous breakdown backstage prior to presenting Best Picture to Rain Man at the 1989 Oscars.

It was said that Jack Nicholson had to console her backstage and almost co-presented with her. She does look a bit frazzled here - I guess the nerves of standing in front of the Hollywood elite will really do that to a person.


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