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Madonna @ Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project at Roseland [merged]

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This is what I'm confused about? While there has been a heavy online campaign regarding Smirnoff and Madonna picking a "dancer", how will anyone but those who attend know what's going on? I have a feeling a lot of fans are expecting Madonna is going to bust out in song and dance when to me it seems it's more about choosing a dancer and possibly DJing a huge dance off. I'm sure there will be press there to cover it, but I can't see this being a launch to anything new regarding her new album. Also, Guy Oseary even commented that it isn't until the new year when all the new stuff will roll out.

I think a lot of fans are going to be left disappointed if they are expecting anymore than a "dance off" and Madonna simply appearing. It's possible since one of her producers of her new album will be there, he will share some instrumental mixes from her new album, but I doubt it.

You really could be right. She could just end up dancing along like at the Hard Candy gym openings. I think I'm wishing for too much!

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