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Music- 10 (Still sounds great and new today. I remember creaming when I heard the demo that leaked)

Impressive Instant- 10 (Amazing song I love it and still wish it would have been a single )

Runaway Lover- 4 (meh..I usually skip this one but I don't mind it)

Amazing- 6 ( another one that is just alright to me. It's just recycled beautiful stranger and Orbit ROL remix beats)

Nobody's Perfect - 10 ( I didn't really latch onto it at first and now I love it)

Don't Tell Me- 8 ( Classic song and great video)

WIFLFAG - 5 (yawn)

Paradise -10 (I think this is one of my all time fav Madonna songs. It's just perfect in every way.)

Gone - 10 (beautiful closing to a great album and I love acoustic M )


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Remember running to Our Price after college and buying it! Impressive Instant was blasting out throughout the whole store and made me nervously excited! Its also her best album cover and shoot, she looks as fit as fuck!

Was thoroughly dissapointed when they only did 3 singles. Should've been...

August - Music

November - Don't tell Me

March - What it feels like for a Girl

June - Impressive Instant

Nevertheless, probably her best album (for me anyways!)

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I really don't get the hate for the Orbit tracks.

It is a little sad, because they are decent songs... It's probably just that Mirwais was the 'new, fresh' sound for this album, whereas William Orbit's sound dominated the Ray of Light album, and had spawned a Ricky Martin duet and three soundtrack songs in the gap between albums. Not to say that he was 'tired' or wore out his welcome, but you can tell her creative peak with him had passed. It doesn't help that "Amazing" will always be heard in the shadow of "Beautiful Stranger." Her voice sounds great on all of them, but their production doesn't offer anything new. The fizz had gone out of Billy's bubbles.

The funny thing is, I remember feeling (at the time) that it would have been nice for RoL to have at least one more upbeat track -- something like Beautiful Stranger -- officially on the album. But then you get Runaway Lover and Amazing on Music and they don't feel a bit weak in comparison. (I'm sure they'd probably feel weak -- not to mention out of place -- on an album like RoL.)

Hate seems too strong a response for the Orbit tracks on MUSIC. "Gone" is *such* a good album-closer, too. But when I have to pick my favorite tracks off MUSIC, they aren't the Orbit tracks. Music, Impressive Instant, Don't Tell Me, Paradise, and What It Feels Like for a Girl... that would probably be my top 5.

Now that we've heard "Liquid Love" and "Like an Angel Passing Through My Room," it sounds like Madonna picked "Runaway Lover" and "Amazing" and "Gone" just because they maybe fit in a little better (to her) with the rest of the Mirwais/Sigsworth stuff... But I bet the other outtakes are decent! Having heard just a little clip of "Run," my curiosity is certainly picqued.

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I LOVE AMAZING!!!!!! :wow:

You took a pretty picture And you smashed it into bits Sank me into blackness And you sealed it with a kiss ... :dramatic::shock::bow:

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:lol: I remember buying the album at midnight at HMV Times Square. I think I still have the fiercely heterosexual white pink cowboy hat freebie they gave out that night. I listened to the album on the way back home and was in awe. When "Don't Tell Me" came on I restarted it a few times thinking my DISCMAN (remember those things?) was skipping. :chuckle: I loved this album and played the fuck out of it during that era. I have grown to love it even more since. It's so TIGHT!

:lmao: I thought the same thing!!! At first i thought it was my Discman, then a thought it was the CD i bought! Later the song was all over the place and i realised it was intentional! The bitch plays with us! :D

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