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Sticky and Sweet YouTube thread

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i wanna hear some heartbeat too

also spanish lesson

and give it 2 me

fuck! i wanna hear and see the full thing!!!

amen brotha!

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OMG THE NEW VOGUE DANCE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

does she actually sing it? ger voice sounds so amazing while she moves her arms in a very difficult coreography

unbelivable amazing performance

and WOW for the fun on ITG she seems in great spirit i love it

Yes!! Vogue 2008 with updated vogueing!! Amazing!!!

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the cape is so huge you can see nothing from Madonna LOL

her voice sounds so good for this show... i wonder how she will be able to keep this during the tour

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The absolute FANTASTIC DAD backdrop video SHITS all over the pointless britney video.

Did Klein do DAD video as well?

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