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Madonna's costumes for her S&S Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One of the show's four parts has a gypsy inspiration. Phillips tells PEOPLE that "Madonna is a big fan of gypsy culture and music." Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci created this look for the singer – one of several costumes he designed for the tour. Phillips emphasizes Madonna's long-standing commitment to working with new designers: "[Madonna] always has these fashion collaborations, and it's my responsibility to make sure that it's part of the story, she says. "People look forward to finding out who she is collaborating with and what designers are working on the costumes."



Another costume from the gypsy segment is this Givenchy cloak. Phillips describes the overall inspiration for the tour as "Joan of Arc meets sexy robot," to draw on her "confrontational quality as a performer."


Very sexy, Glad she is using her JOAN OF ARC inspiration on this tour.... :dramatic:

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I don't like this one. I'm tired of those boots.

Is this for the futuristic rave segment? Sure looks like it to me.

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From The Associated Press:

Givenchy to help dress Madonna for her world tour

5 hours ago

PARIS (AP) — The upscale French fashion house Givenchy will help dress Madonna for her upcoming "Sticky & Sweet" world tour, a spokeswoman for the label said Tuesday.

Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci worked with the pop star to create two outfits, one of which Madonna is expected to wear during an opening number, Givenchy spokeswoman Caroline Deroche-Pasquier said.

The opening outfit is a frock coat in black stretch satin, she said.]The other ensemble, to be worn in the third act of Madonna's, is a long cape worn over a black dress embellished with colored ribbons "to give it a Gypsy look," she said.

Deroche-Pasquier said other designers will also dress the star for the tour but declined to say who.

Madonna has a long history of working with French designers. Frenchman Jean-Paul Gaultier was behind the pointy cone bras that were the hallmarks of Madonna's 1990 "Blonde Ambition" tour.

Her "Sticky & Sweet" world tour kicks off in Cardiff, Wales, on Aug. 23 with stops across Europe, including Berlin, Rome, London and Paris, before going to North America.

Tisci, who hails from the Italian port city of Taranto, has been with Givenchy since 2005. Known for his Gothic-influenced pieces and use of sumptuous, dark fabrics, Tisci's latest collections have garnered rave

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Her tour costumes have usually borne little resemblence to those of promo tours, and if they did it would be a minute thing in the array of costumes anyway. So I wouldn't worry.

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wow that staff she's holding looks awesome when you see all the detail on it.

i really hope her hair is straight like in this drawings rather than the 4minutes hair. it can start out long and straight and then get all wavy as she goes along.

these costumes are so couture i love it

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