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Found 1 result

  1. TWO WOMEN, CHILD GET INTO WILD BRAWL IN WALMART SHAMPOO AISLE Tuesday, June 09, 2015 05:42PM BEECH GROVE, Ind. -- Shoppers found more than just low prices in the aisles of an Indiana Walmart last Thursday. They witnessed an all-out fight between two women in front of a 6-year-old boy. Police say it started when one of the women began complaining to a store employee about the aisle's presentation. A second woman then intervened. According to ABC affiliate WRTV-TV, the two women then began arguing before it became physical. During the fight, officers say one of the women, Amber Stephenson, 34, told her son to punch the other woman, 39-year-old Rebecca Mills. The young boy is then seen joining the fight, punching, kicking and hitting Mills over the head with a bottle of shampoo in front of stunned shoppers. It was all captured on cellphone video. Store representatives say it is against policy for employees to get involved in fights on store property. Instead, police were called to diffuse the situation. A third-party security company was on duty at the time, but security officers were on the opposite side of the store when the brawl broke out. Stephenson spoke with WZPL on what prompted the fight and her son's involvement. She said that she heard Mills yell a racial slur when speaking to an employee. "He's a little crazy kid. I mean, he's just one that I don't ever have to worry about him being bullied in high school," Stephenson told WZPL. "My son is a straight-A student, he's been on the honor roll all year, his kindergarten year, he is the teacher's pet. He's in a Christian private school. My son is raised perfectly right." At this time, no arrests have been made. Prosecutors must now decide if charges will be filed. Officers are hoping to review store surveillance video.
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