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Found 8 results

  1. Kinda digging these threads where we pit random songs to choose as your fave. Let's try 2 albums. So... Erotica or True Blue? These 2 seem to have equal respect amongst fans ...or do they? Too tough for me I'm not even choosing.
  2. Great bootleg show from one of the Montreal shows of the WTG tour of 87. I think it's awesome we finally get to see the staging of this particular tour in a small arena. Would also love to see Girlie Show inside an arena if anyone has vids/pics Enjoy! PS: unfortunately Live to Tell part has been muted due to copyright and there's no final part with WTG/Holiday
  3. Just saw some written sheets for the Girlie Show. Originally True Blue was after Rain & Act lll was Like a Virgin, Bye Bye Baby then Live To tell. I'm really not sure how True Blue would've fitted, but Live To Tell would've been awesome. She was supposed to wear a cape for LTT. I love reading these little tid bits.
  4. Ok so, the 1986/1987 season was mammoth for Madonna; a career highlight! She had a number 1 album that was selling millions of copies. The singles were going #1 all around the globe the music videos featuring her ever-changing looks were on constant rotation on MTV Plus M was SELLING OUT stadiums in practically every country. BUT WHY DID THE WHOS THAT GIRL MOVIE BOMB AT THE BOX OFFICE??? I was just thinking about this the other day How is it that the biggest star of all time could only bring in 2.5million at the box office during its first week of release? She had a number 1 single attached to the film. Was it the bad reviews that kept the public from seeing it? Was it her performance in Shanghai that turned off movie goers? Despite the reviews, I feel like this movie should have been a huge success.
  5. He captured Madonna at her PEAK! Some of her most LEGENDARY, ICONIC images EVER!
  6. Living For Love: For ME, this is what people go see Madonna for. Pizzazz! Performance!!! Personality!!! Choreography!!! That she wore her "cape' that she vowed never to wear again, it brings legend and suspense to the performance. True Blue: For those who lived through it or came shortly thereafter...there's an understanding of what this is all about. She's so marvelous here with her ukulele and sincerity. It was ok to revisit. and then, of course, this: Like a Virgin: an interesting choice for as much as it's revered, its reviled. Years ago, people of the nothing, when asked what the sexiest song was, everyone would reply, Like a Virgin. Madonna was sexy, the word Virgin was in it..there's a lot of history this song. From MTV VMA's, the video/the impact, Blond Ambition... La Vie En Rose: you know, if youve been a madonna fan since the beginning, i dont need to say anything, its understood. no offense to anyone. i swear. everyone sing along!~ ___ there are too may - whats yours? and why?
  7. I remember reading in a old interview that Madonna's favorite song of hers is Live To Tell, but I'm not sure if that's still true today. Maybe she changed her mind. She once called Cherish 'retarded', that she came up with it on a whim, and no longer likes it. Can't say I blame her b/c I think that song is kinda crappy and cheesy myself. MADGE FANS --- Aside from those two examples, has she ever said what other songs of hers she likes and what songs she dislikes? Can someone list them and what she has said about each song? Also, has she said which is her fav and least fav album of hers?
  8. Why does she not perform this anymore? It's a standout in her singles discography. It's so cute. So poppy. So sweet. So romantic. And so virginal. It's like Superstar done the right way. Anyone else love this aside from me?