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Found 13 results

  1. Link: http://ew.com/music/2017/09/18/madonna-rebel-heart-tour-trump-politics/amp/ By Nolan F. Whether she’s riding a sexy nun like a human surfboard (as one does) or performing stripped-down versions of old hits, no one entertains — or provokes — like Madonna. That much is clear from her Rebel Heart Tour concert film and live album combo, out now, which documents her 2015-16 world tour along with behind-the-scenes footage. But who knows when fans might next get a chance to see her gyrate in front of massive video screens or outdo herself with elaborate costume changes. The Material Girl says she’s pushed arena shows to the limit and is now thinking of developing a smaller, more intimate kind of show. “It’s time for me to take a different approach and really get back down to the beauty and simplicity of music and lyrics,” she tells EW. Below, the 59-year-old looks back on the Rebel Heart Tour’s prescient political messages, dishes on her post-show routines, and gives a tight-lipped (but exciting!) progress report on new music. RELATED: Inside the 30 Biggest Albums of fall ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This tour opened with ominous video footage of you saying, “When those fascist dictators posing as righteous men come for you…. be prepared to fight for what you believe in.” You recorded that in 2015, but it feels especially timely now. Madonna: Yeah, people should listen to me! [Laughs] When you look at the state of the world in 2017, do you think I told you so, or are you surprised about where we find ourselves? No, I’m not surprised at all. I was already witnessing it on the previous tour: The winds were changing, and people were becoming more and more fearful and marginalized. I thought we were going backwards on a lot of the progress that we’ve made as the human race. So cut to my Rebel Heart Tour and then the election and then what’s happened in the rest of the world — of course I’m saying I predicted it. I’m sure I’m not the only one. A lot of people have been talking about it and trying to call attention to it. But people just want to hear good news, or they want to be distracted. So yes, I did feel like I was warning people. What role do you think concerts should play in this political climate? Should they be two hours of escapism? Should they feel like rallies or protests? I can’t speak for other artists, I can only speak for myself. My role obviously is to entertain, but I’m not going to entertain without being provocative. I’m not going to entertain without sharing my point of view, without reflecting what’s going on in the world. That just wouldn’t be me. There’s a clip of you telling your dancers that doing this show was like going to war every night. What made this tour such a battle? Most reviews noted how much fun you seemed to be having on stage. When I say war, it’s just what you have to go through every night to do this show. It’s physically a very demanding show. There’s a lot of moving parts going on backstage and underneath the stage. Everyone has to be super organized and vigilant. There’s no room for error. There are 30 seconds to change. You’re passing people under the stage, there are lifts going up and down. There’s a lot of dangerous stuff happening, and you have to fight through all of that and fight your fatigue or whatever personal issues you might be having that evening and get out there. It’s showtime! No matter what’s going on, you have to push through it and be a warrior. Sometimes you’re playing in venues where there’s no air, where people are smoking. There are always challenges. Couple that with your own personal issues — you don’t feel well, you’re sick, one of your dancers is injured. When you do live shows, you never know what can happen, so you do have to have that warrior-going-into-battle mentality. No matter what, you just keep going. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images That’s intense. How long does it take you to come down from that? I need about 20 minutes to cool down and go to my dressing room or my hotel room. I do vocal cool-downs. I drink tea for my throat. And I have to wait 20 minutes for the ringing in my ears to go away. Then I come back down to earth. After that, I like to have dinner and socialize in a small way. On tour, it’s too demanding — I can’t go out and party or drink or be crazy. That’s for everybody else. I’m the only one that doesn’t have fun on tour. I don’t want to be alone. Sometimes I get treatments: I get a massage or shiatsu or acupuncture. I watch films — things that get me out of my head and stop worrying. I tend to fixate on mistakes that were made or technical problems that happened. It takes me a couple of hours to unwind. Rebel Heart, your 13th studio album, featured some of your most vulnerable material in years. Did it feel like you were baring your soul on stage at times with this tour? I’m not really conscious of it. Sometimes I’m in the mood to share my inner feelings and I’m aware that I’m doing it and feel like it’s the right time. And other times I feel like being more mysterious. I’ve been playing that balancing act for my entire career. A lot of the songs I write are meant to be ironic and not taken literally, and some are just straight-up, “Open my veins, this is who I am.” My favorite moments from this DVD are when you’re performing with just a ukulele or a guitar. What’s it going to take for fans to get a stripped-down, small-venues-only acoustic Madonna tour? Well, I would probably use other instruments, not just a guitar. I’m definitely thinking about experimenting with other musical genres right now and working with musicians from around the world to create a show that continues to involve music and dance [but also] poetry and humor, something on the intimate level of Tears of Clown [Madonna’s experimental theater show, which is included in the Rebel Heart Tour DVD]. There would be still some small production with lights, but much simpler and in a much smaller venue. I really like doing that. As you brainstorm a new kind of show, are you also thinking about recording new music and what’s next on that front? Yes, I’m doing it all! Can you share anything about what direction you want to go in? No! [Laughs] I don’t want to give it away! I’m traveling the world right now and listening to lots of different music. I’m getting inspired by people and I’m just soaking things up right now. I feel like I’ve pushed the whole big-production arena tour to the max and done it the best that I could for such a long time. It’s time for me to take a different approach and really get back down to the beauty and simplicity of music and lyrics and intimacy. Was there anything you haven’t been able to do in an arena show that you’ve wanted to try? One thing I wanted but was always told was too expensive or too crazy or too dangerous was water. I always wanted water features, like rain or something. But [I was told], “If we’re outside doing a stadium tour, it’s too dangerous if there’s wind. And what if the wind pushes the water into the audience and everyone gets wet? We’re going to have insurance problems. And carrying water around with us is too complicated — too many trucks, too many airplanes, too expensive.” Water was something I always wanted to use in my shows but never did. Beyoncé used it in her last show [the Formation World Tour], but I think she had a lot of problems with it too. It’s good if you don’t move, if you’re stationary and everything is fixed. And if it’s indoors, of course. Most of your tours have been recorded or broadcast in some capacity. With your past few records, you’ve been putting out these live DVDs almost like clockwork. Why is it important for you to create this archive? Tours are art. It’s like documenting and archiving your artwork. It’s a record of something I created with a lot of great and talented people: from the musicians I work with to the costumes that are designed, to the songs being arranged in new and different ways, to the political statements I might be making. They’re stages of my career, and they tell a story. They’re an important part of my legacy, so I’m documenting them. There are tours I haven’t documented, and I regret that. I get a lot of s— from people: Why don’t we have a DVD of this, why don’t we have a DVD of that? I’m trying to be more vigilant and document things more than I actually would want to. To film shows is really complicated. It messes up the show. It takes days to film it completely. It takes me three to six months to edit it and mix it. It’s a lot of work, but I think it’s important. When you watched the footage of this show, was there anything that stood out to you or surprised you that you didn’t notice when you were in the thick of it? Yeah, I didn’t think some songs would be so moving or so fun to watch, like “True Blue.” It’s such a simple song. I’m playing the ukulele and just sitting there on stage, but I couldn’t see the audience as closely as the camera did. Then [while watching the footage] I see all these couples together and people kissing and hugging — a real feeling of love and connection — and that really moved me. That was a pleasant surprise. You worked with some notable fresh talent on Rebel Heart, like rising hitmaker MNEK and a pre-Coloring Book Chance the Rapper. Who has your ear right now? Well, as you know I moved to Lisbon, and I’ve been listening to a lot of music here, like fado, which is the music of Portugal. There’s such a cultural mix of people and music here. You could go out every night and hear different kinds of music. There’s a great jazz scene here. So right now I’m listening to a lot of local artists I’ve never heard of before, and that’s been really inspiring.
  2. She should release a new album for 2018, when she's about to turn 60 and celebrate her birthday by kicking off another big stadium tour a la S&S. Show the haters she can still go strong at 60. Here's the setlist 01. VIDEO INTRODUCTION: The Beast Within (Video shows the construction of an androidal M. Think Garbage's The World is Not Enough) (Includes elements of Best Night, Heartbeat, Act of Contrition, Living for Love & Iconic) 02. New Song 03. New Song 04. Hollywood (On electric guitar) 05. Hung Up 06. Everybody (Stuart Price remix, with elements of Jump, Turn Up The Radio, Celebration & Where's The Party) 06. VIDEO INTERLUDE: Bedtime Story (Shows a naked Madonna floating on space interspersed with molecules & DNA) (Slower version of the Dan-O-Rama remix, includes elements of I'm Addicted & Ghosttown) 07. Girl Gone Wild 08. New Song 09. Causing a Commotion (On electric guitar) 10. New Song 11. Like a Virgin (with elements of Bitch I'm Madonna & Unapologetic Bitch) 12. VIDEO INTERLUDE: Rescue Me (Features Madonna running away, and eventually getting captured by a man in a wandering gypsy wagon) (Includes elements of Human Nature) 13. New Song 14. New Song 15. Into The Groove (starts with an introduction of Beautiful Stranger, includes elements of Future Lovers, Fever, Lucky Star, Britney's I Wanna Go, MJ's Wanna Be Startin' Somethin & JAM, Mariah's Touch My Body & Revolver) 16. Open Your Heart (includes elements of Janis Joplin's Me & Bobby McGee & Janet's Doesn't Really Matter) 17. Ray of Light (Dance along version) 18. Hard Candy Medley: Candy Shop / 4 Minutes 19. Crazy For You 20. VIDEO INTERLUDE: What It Feels Like for a Girl (Shows images of famous political women through history as well as ageist headlines regarding Madonna) (Remix, includes elements of Bad Girl, Material Girl, Veni Vidi Vici & Beautiful Killer) 21. New Song 22. Like a Prayer (remix) 23. Music 24. Deeper & Deeper (Begins with a fragment of "Rain". Includes elements of Get Together) 25. New Song 26. New Song 27. VIDEO INTRO: Bitch I'm Madonna. 28. Bitch I'm Madonna 29. Holiday 30. New Song
  3. Question regarding RIT: Where is this pic from? What happened to that white circus costume? Were did she wore it?
  4. IDK if this has been previously discussed here or not; has anyone seen this mashup of Impressive Instant and Burning Up allegedly created for S&S and, again allegedly, dropped in favor of Like a Prayer?? It even has it's own backdrop. I remember seeing this first on Perez Hilton's website; according to Perez it was allegedly rehearsed to follow 4 Minutes and feature Madonna on the guitar. I frankly doubt it as it would've been 3 guitar performances in a row (this, ROL and Hung Up) and M has never done that; other than that the mashup and the backdrop are quite great. Is it official? Fan created or what?? Anyone knows??
  5. I think as a show it is very boring; extremely overrated simply because the hit-full setlist. I think it needed more American Life and less oldies. What would your ideal set list for RIT be? Here's mine 01. The Beast Within 02. Vogue 03. Nobody Knows Me 04. Swim 05. American Life 06. Express Yourself 07. Dress You Up 08. I'm So Stupid 09. Holywood 10. Hanky Panky 11. Deeper & Deeper 12. Die Another Day 13. Easy Ride 14. Bedtime Story 15. Nothing Fails 16. Don't Tell Me 17. Like a Prayer 18. Mother and Father / Intervention 19. X-Static Process 20. Into The Groove 21. Papa Don't Preach 22. Love Profusion 23. Music 24. Holiday l'm So Stupid was definitely rehearsed. (footage in IGTTYAS) and I so wish she had kept it! The studio versions and that short extract are orgasmic!!! Love Profusion remixed was also rumored. Intervention was never planned as a full performance aside from a small verse during "Mother and Father. The only time she fully performed it was recently in "Tears of a Clown" with "I'm So Stupid," "Intervention" and "Easy Ride" getting debut performances. Originally, the tour would have included (allegedly) tracks like Swim, Dress You Up and according to some reports, Take a Bow and Bad Girl but she chose to not include them over Burning Up, Deeper and Deeper and Material Girl in the final setlist. She was working on a number of musical projects which would have saw a debut performance of "Even The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" in its original torch demo version as intended before she did away with it and later reworked it for "Hard Candy." To this date, almost the entire American Life album has been performed with the exception of "Love Profusion" which hasn't been performed.
  6. Has anyone noticed the second verse is incomplete? She goes straight from "will be alright, it's a sacrifice' to the chorus, not including the "but my friends keep telling me to give it up/say I'm too young/I oughta Live it up/What I need right now is some good advice/Please.." Why?
  7. M should do what Kylie did and go on an "anti" Tour. for those of you who don't know, back in 2011-12 Kylie did an "anti tour", in her own words: "[a show] where there are no dancers, there are no lights. It’s just music and doing songs that are much loved by super fans but will never, ever, ever be heard anywhere". She visited only small theaters and auditoriums and only performed non-singles, BSides, demos and unreleased songs. How awesome would it be for Madonna to do something like this!! An intimate tour with a small production ("small" in Madonna's standards, think of Music, Confessions and Hard Candy's Promo Tours or MDNA's L'Olympia stop) and only include Bsides, non single fan-favorites and unreleased tracks along with a couple of forgotten commercial singles (Bad Girl, The Look of Love, Dear Jessie, Gambler, One More Chance) I think it'd be an awesome idea!! what do you think?
  8. Literally praying this is true: Apparently Live Nation has booked at least 11 RHT dates for Mexico in summer 16, also due to the whole dollar-peso thing, they're hoping bringing her to Mexico would be relatively cheaper and not as expensive. I also read in another paper that were this true, Mexico would be the only south American stop of RHT.
  9. As we know, M likes to split her tours into different sections. Apparently, the 5 sections on the RH Tour will be: Matador Strip Club Tank Girl Apocalypse Party
  10. I don't know if this has been posted before but it's worth a look. http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2015/06/25/madonnas-rebel-heart-tour-setlist/ Do you think this means something? Do you think she will actually do one of these songs or is just trolling us? IDK You but I would so much rather hear oldies she hasn't performed in over a decade or more (D&D, True Blue) and oldies she has never done live (Love Don't Live Here Anymore) than the same oldies she's been doing for the past 3 tours (Like a Prayer, Vogue, Human Nature)
  11. From Music to Hard Candy she did it. The small 40-minute, 6 song tour-preview show at small venues such as Brixton Academy and L'Olympia, before kicking up the big tour. Do you think she'll do one for RH?
  12. I don't know if this has ever been done or posted but I wanted to create this thread to share with you guys my all-time tour costumes. Of course I also wanna see yours. Here are mine, enjoy! Sticky & Sweet Tour - Gypsy Dress Why do I love it? Because it shows Madonna as a real woman. Feminine and fragile though strong and sexy at the same time with a touch of latin spirit, what she really is. I love how natural she looks wearing this outfit, her hair wild and free, the colors really compliment her and she looked more beautiful than ever when I saw her live in this outfit. Plus she almost never wears a dress for her tours, so that made this one even more special. This one's nothing like anything else she ever perfomed in. And the accessories are also perfect, the lace gloves, the tigh boots and the little hat she put on for La Isla Bonita and the fringe jacket for You Must Love Me. Not to mention the long black gown which was covering this dress first and when she took it off you could see it was pink inside and it fall off her and revealed this tiny colorful sexy dress. It was so symbolic and spot-on for the theme of that segment. Confessions Tour - Equestrian Outfit Why Do I Love It? Because it showed Madonna as the strong dominant figure. The leash and the leather stick really show that side of her as the strong dominant leader, yet feminine and sexy and I really liked that. It was a really great choice to use for the opening segment of the concert. The horse them and all the dancers wearing S&M gear really managed to make this outfit a very sexy yet powerful outfit and I felt it really managed to capture the whole "Confessions" essence. Drowned World Tour - NeoPunk Outfit Why do I love it? Because it's FIERCE. Madonna was 43 at the time of this tour and she could pull off the rock chick image so perfectly and made it work. It almost never looked the same in two concerts, they used different tops, kilts and accessories, using flags as kilt on some concerts, but the general look was always the same (my personal favorite is the stripped one shown on the picture above. if she had only kept that same outfit and hair do for the DVD),. I love Gaultier's special touches on this, the torn plaid skirts, and I love Madonna and him got the idea of using kilts on this tour from Gaultier's personal style. It works for her too. This was a fashion statement in 2001 and had so much influence on everyday fashion. The Girlie Show - My Fair Lady on LSD You know an outfit is something special when it was designed for only one perfomance and it's the most astonishing one of the entire show. I adore this one so much and I could write essays only about this outfit. It was used for her most scandalous song ever, at her most scandalous tour, which was the high point of her Erotica era, so of course most people would have expected an orgy on stage when she performs Justify My Love on this tour. But instead of that Madonna was inspired by probably the most sophisticated social event imaginable, the Ascot Race which is nothing short of brilliant To see where this is coming from (My Fair Lady). MDNA - Masculine and Feminine I'm sure this relatively new costume has easily become a fan-favorite. A new skeletal, re-invention of the original cone bra, managed to add the right amount of femininity to Madonna's androgynous outfit (hence the act's name). It also managed to bring 'Vogue' back to its roots: Glam, fashion & camp. It was also used as a gender-playing game: Madonna plays with the male & female stereotypes again. Like herself, many of the girls wear parts of a men's suit, often a vest over sexy female legs. The man, on the other side, wear dresses, feather hats and high heels. Re-Invention - French Baroque Why do I love it? (LOL How can I NOT love it?!) Because it's a Queen's outfit and it is beautiful in every detail. This time Madonna herself was the inpiration and Lacroix managed to make the baroque inspiration work in such a unique and fresh way which fitted her so well. Madonna wasn't Marie Antoinette this time but she looked definitely royal in her own sexy way. I love the bow in her hair, the shoulder pad, and the arm band. Personally I love the blue corset more than the gold one. She looked like a Queen wearing it. Blond Ambition - Metropolis Why do I love it? Because this one's a legend. This outfit IS Madonna. This is the outfit which made me a Gaultier fan for life like he's my number one designer for ever, because anyone who could think of something like that is a genius This corset is the perfect embodiment of the feminine strength and is sexy and stunning and Madonna is wearing it in such an admirable way. It was definitely designed for her. Gaultier's been making coned bras and corsets for years now, but they look most perfect on Madonna because there's no living soul on this planet who can wear them this well and making them hers. I have an obsession for this outfit, for this performance and for this tour and what only makes it more perfect in my eyes it's the curls (i know the look with the ponytail is iconic but I just love how she looked with the curls). Really lost its essence when she put on the colorful biker jacket for 'Causing a Commotion' and 'Where's the Party' but still I'm crazy about it, it makes this look whole which is my favorite Madonna look ever. This corset is a signature outfit for both Madonna and Gaultier, my two idols, that's why it ended up number one on my list. Can't wait to see yours
  13. She's gone social media mad. She's just released a six second MDNA tour clip. I haven't got it so you'll have to find it yourselves!