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Found 1 result

  1. This aired on Bravo last night. It was a very good pop culture special on 1985 and Madonna was the first topic covered and the most referenced person of the night, of course! Last night's episode focused on Madonna's massive success & fame in 1985. It was a VERY good episode, pretty much positive from start to end! Important tidbits: 1. Kristin Chenoweth STANNED hard & wore her hairstyle to prom. And the word "virgin" made her nervous. 2. Rosie Perez talks about how she met her & Jellybean Benitez at the clubs. 3. RuPaul thought her marriage to Sean Penn was a smart move as it added a "romance" to her music and look. The romance was the next element. He said Madonna has made every smart move in her career. 4. Jonathan Scheach reveals he dated Madonna & "slept with her". 5. Rosanna Arquette talks about how Madonna's success exploded tenfold and their experience at a Prince concert being surrounded by crowds. She was also at Madonna & Sean's wedding. 6. Lisa Rinna praises & admires her reinvention, strength, and business smarts, and ability to to do it all & being able to work as a woman in the industry at any age. Nile Rodgers spilled A LOT of good tea in this video. 1. Madonna had emotion, which he said you can't fix compared to pitch and rhythm. 2. He reveals why he never slept with Madonna. 3. Most importantly, he reveals why Madonna didn't do the finale at Live Aid: "Madonna chose to not be part of the finale because they had dissed her at We Are The World. The night they did that recording, I was with Madonna in Los Angeles and I was going to the studio because I was invited by Michael & Quincy." Andy asks: "Why didn't they invite Madonna?" Then Nile says: "Because they didn't think she could sing. It broke her heart." I never knew this before. She still won in the end with "Crazy For You" knocking off "We Are The World" from #1 in the end, their LOSS! Next week's episode will focus on 1990 and "Vogue" will be covered on there as well.