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Found 1 result

  1. While I think it was a new era and another wonderful evolution for her, it also had an old school vibe to it. TOUR: it reminded me so much of the Virgin/WTG tours, especially the second. The interaction with the audience, people singing along, the show itself was more of a "concert". HER WORK ETHIC: She gave her all in everything she did during the era....album, promotion, tour, the fabulous videos, she really FELT this whole era/project. The promo performances/interviews helped restoring and re-connecting her to the general public. THE MUSIC ITSELF: Her renewed inspiration is evident in the album/demos, musically this era was an explosion of creativity. The melodies, the bridges, the lyrics are all reminiscent of old school Madonna genius. Who creates a song like Inside Out or Wash All Over Me after 33 years of career and 12 studio albums? NO ONE. Some of her best work is in the RH album. Also, the album had something post-Music albums lacked: warmth. LOOKS: The iconic looks/outfits/appearences/photoshoots were back, let's face it. How many iconic looks has she served during this era? It's unbelievable, from the brilliant matador reinvention to the controversial 2016 Met Gala. Not to mention that when I looked at some pictures I could recognize the LAV girl queen of never aging. Because of all of these points I think the people who bought RH will buy the next record and those who went to the RH Tour will go to the next tour for sure ;) so I would not worry about future continuing success. I know we've been a little bit sad in Madonnaland these past few weeks because of some bitter divas dissing her and trying to re-write history....so I decided to look at the positive side of this (endless) RH era that will last forever in people's hearts, unlike those witches who are already forgotten (or were never remembered in the first place) Do you agree?