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Found 5 results


  2. I am surprised this hasn't been discussed. I just found this yesterday doing a rare search on Youtube. Can we discuss this? It's so interesting. After seeing this, even though the quality isn't that great, I felt the magic of this tour once again. I saw Live Dow Under a million times, so it's refreshing to see a different part of this amazing show. Things that stick out to me: -during the beginning of Vogue you can see her run from Strike a pose to Strike a pose -The second section she is wearing THE PURPLE BELLBOTTOMS!!!!!! There are a few different things I enjoyed in the second section like- you hear a "celebration woohoo" in EY I like how EY goes into D&D without the "give me some kick baby" it's weird not hearing the OOH! YEAH! parts in D&D in the beginning and end she certainly is there to "party!" the end of D&D has no every morning every night part- it goes into WISH the beginning of wish touched me- I felt emotional watching them touch each other's faces -Holiday has a funny little song at the end different than from the land of down under so many other things, I need to watch again. I love this. https://youtu.be/qDNNCf14eJE
  3. So, I was out today browsing at this local record store. They sell used vinyl, cds, cassettes, etc. And I came across this promo vinyl of Secret. It didn't have a price on it, so I asked the cashier how much it was, and she told me it was... wait for it... one dollar. That's right. ONE FUCKING DOLLAR!! I was so ecstatic!! What a steal! I seriously love record stores. It's so much more special than shopping online. There's nothing like going into a record store not knowing what to expect and finding such a treasure!! Let's hope they stick around and don't all disappear.