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Found 5 results

  1. Originally shared on M-Infinity, not by me ! Addicted (Acapella) American Life (Acapella) Bedtime Story (Acapella) Justify My Love (Acapella) Devil Pray (Demo Acapella) Music (Acapella) Some Girls (Acapella) Gang Bang (Vocal Stems) Girl Gone Wild (Vocal Stems)
  2. I am surprised this hasn't been discussed. I just found this yesterday doing a rare search on Youtube. Can we discuss this? It's so interesting. After seeing this, even though the quality isn't that great, I felt the magic of this tour once again. I saw Live Dow Under a million times, so it's refreshing to see a different part of this amazing show. Things that stick out to me: -during the beginning of Vogue you can see her run from Strike a pose to Strike a pose -The second section she is wearing THE PURPLE BELLBOTTOMS!!!!!! There are a few different things I enjoyed in the second section like- you hear a "celebration woohoo" in EY I like how EY goes into D&D without the "give me some kick baby" it's weird not hearing the OOH! YEAH! parts in D&D in the beginning and end she certainly is there to "party!" the end of D&D has no every morning every night part- it goes into WISH the beginning of wish touched me- I felt emotional watching them touch each other's faces -Holiday has a funny little song at the end different than from the land of down under so many other things, I need to watch again. I love this.
  3. So, I was out today browsing at this local record store. They sell used vinyl, cds, cassettes, etc. And I came across this promo vinyl of Secret. It didn't have a price on it, so I asked the cashier how much it was, and she told me it was... wait for it... one dollar. That's right. ONE FUCKING DOLLAR!! I was so ecstatic!! What a steal! I seriously love record stores. It's so much more special than shopping online. There's nothing like going into a record store not knowing what to expect and finding such a treasure!! Let's hope they stick around and don't all disappear.