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Found 24 results

  1. Soooo...... I just got a call from my girl at the MDNA Skin counter at Barney's in Beverly Hills... She called me somewhat quietly on the phone and let me know that MADONNA is planning a special event at the store in B Hills on March 6th to come promote a new moisturizer not yet on the market!!! She will be there in person, potentially selecting a couple people in attendance to demo the chrome clay mask/new moisturizer on (sort of like the NY launch event back in September) I had to purchase a $250 product bundle to confirm my RSVP - the second option was a larger one with the whole set for $1200, and the first 2 people to pick this will get an autographed bath robe she wore!! (The loon inside of me of course pondered this, but i decided to give my practically non-existent bank account a much needed "rest") They haven't released info to the public yet, they're just going through their list of clients who have spent X amount of $ to determine if there's space to release for tickets I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!!!! I know I swore this to secrecy, BUT COME ON - IT'S MADONNA IN THE SAME DAMN ROOM!!!
  2. Madonna's live albums may not be as polished as her studio albums but they deliver so much life. Recently, I switched to Madonna Live for my work outs and my performance has greatly improved. Madonna's live music is all light and offers unprecedented endurance. Sure.... I pretend that I am performing but I have dropped fifteen pounds in three weeks in the process. Haha. :) #dontstopmenow #dontneedtocatchmybreath #giveit2me M delivers her music so perfectly when she is performing but her live albums are shunned by the masses as she has never been accepted as a "musician" despite writing hundreds of songs, playing multiple instruments, carrying so many awards and honors and holding a discography that would make any man, woman or child (living or dead) irreconcilably envious. One only needs to look at the copycats and wannabes to verify the industry wide envy. #liquidlove #toomuchblindinglight #shinyandnew #onandonthebeatgoes #lovetechnician Live.... Madonna is undediably brilliant.... We should call them the "LIFE" version rather tgan "live" versions. Just sayin'. My personal live favorites are.... IGTTYAS 1. Nobody Knows Me 2. American Life 3. Into the Groove CONFESSIONS 4. Jump 5. Ray of Light 6. Music 7. Hung Up STICKY AND SWEET 8. Human Nature 9. Vogue 10. Give It to Me MDNA 11. Gang Bang 12. I'm Addicted 13. Celebration REBEL ❤ 14. Girl Gone Wild 15. Holy Water 16. Like a Virgin 17. Unapologetic Bitch Believe it or not the live version of Spanish Lesson nearly made this list... I love it when Madonna collaborates with other musicians on tour. The results always seem to elevate even her unprecedented energy and creativity. What more can I say? I love Madonna and absolutely adore her "LIFE" versions. XOXOXO Am I alone here?
  3. Falling Free

    Hi! I'd like to know your opinion about a song that I really like: Falling Free. I think the lyrics are quite difficult to understand... I think it's a song about a rediscovered love after a break. She is suffering, then "he ignites a spark" and then she feels saved from all the sadness. "And see our hearts are intertwined And then I'm free, I'm free of mind Deep and pure our hearts aligned And then I'm free, I'm free of mind" "Deep and pure our hearts aligned And then I'm free, I'm free of mind When I let loose the need to know Then we're both free, free to go" The lyrics are really moving, especially in the end, when she slowly ends the song. It is as if two souls have overcome each obstacle and subsequently find themselves ready for a new beginning... I'm not sure I gave a correct rendition of the lyrics... What do you think? Thanks in advance.
  4. Another leak courtesy of MI - it says it's an MDNA demo feat M and MIA vocals, produced by William Orbit. If it's genuine I think it would have worked great on the album! http://www35.zippyshare.com/v/ZHBSYoMX/file.html
  5. If Madonna's albums weren't called what they actually are what do you think they should have been called using only track titles from that album? I hope that makes sense for example I would choose... 1. Madonna - Lucky Star or Burning Up 2. Like a Virgin - Material Girl 3. True Blue - Live to Tell or White Heat 4. Like a Prayer - Act of Contrition or Promise to try 5. Erotica - Bad Girl, Deeper and Deeper or Fever 6. Bedtime Stories - Human Nature or Sanctuary 7. Ray of Light - Drowned World, Skin or Mer Girl 8. Music - What It Feels Like For A Girl or Impressive Instant 9. American Life - Die Another Day or X-Static Process 10. Confessions - Jump or Hung Up 11. Hard Candy - Candy Shop 12. MDNA - Girl Gone Wild or Masterpiece (even tho the album wasn't a masterpiece but that's a different conversation) 13. Rebel Heart - Iconic
  6. Really, this should have been a single. I can go on and on and on.... (but i wont bore you) GIVE IT 2 ME!!! YEAH!!! fabulous album version with banjo. someone made this video. love it!!! You had all of me, you wanted more Would you have married me if I were poor I guess if I was your treasury You'd have found the time to treasure me How come you can't see All that you needed Was right here with me Up until the end All this pretend wasn't for free Hold me like your money Tell me that you want me Spend your love on me Spend your love on me Now you have your money Spend it till there's nothing Spend your love on me Spend your love on me If we opened up a joint account Would it put an end to all your doubt Frankly, if my name was Benjamin We wouldn't be in the mess we're in You played with my heart Till death do we part That's what you said Now you have your flash car Women and bars It's gone to your head Hold me like your money Tell me that you want me Spend your love on me Spend your love on me Love me like your money Spend it till there's nothing Spend your love on me Spend your love on me I want you to take me Like you took your money Take me in your arms Until your last breath I want you to hold me Like you hold your money Hold on to me Till there's nothing left Love spent Feeling love spent Yeah, I'm love spent Wondering where the love went Love spent Yeah I'm love spent Really love spent Wondering where it all went I want you to take me Like you took your money Take me in your arms Until your last breath I want you to hold me Like you hold your money Hold me in your arms Until there's nothing left (nothing left, nothing left, nothing left) Love spent Feeling love spent Yeah, I'm love spent Wondering where the love went Love spent Yeah I'm love spent Really love spent Wondering where it all went I want you to take me Like you took your money Take me in your arms Until your last breath I want you to hold me Like you hold your money Hold me in your arms Until there's nothing left (nothing left, nothing left, nothing left)
  7. Video: http://www.105.net/video/radio-105-diretta/206665/Benny-Benassi-a-105-InDaKlubb-.html?refresh_ce In 2008 you opened for Madonna at Rome's Stadio Olimpico, the following year you did a remix for Celebration and in 2012 you collaborated with her on three tracks from her MDNA album. What does it feel like to experience working with her and savouring a Madonna backstage? That was also the period when Madonna made using DJs to open concerts popular for pop concerts, wasn't it? It was such a wonderful period for us and a great experience. She had different DJs opening in different countries and I remember we made a demo CD and gave it to her manager Guy. When we opened for her in Rome it was then supposed to be her only Italian date of her S&S Tour, she later scheduled a couple of other dates in the North due the following summer. That Rome date was sold out, I remember everything so vividly as if it had happened yesterday. After a year she asked us to prepare a remix for her GH leading track Celebration and the great thing for us is that not only she asked us for a remix but that she also chose our remix to go with the video edit. From then a professional relationship developed and we would frequently keep in touch with her through her manager via mail. At some point we received a demo from a group of melodists we often collaborate with and we thought it would be perfect for her. So we sent it to her manager and about a week later we received an invitation to spend two days with her in a London recording studio. So of course we said yes and off we went to London. The first difficulty was the language barrier because we didn't speak English and aside from a few words she doesn't speak Italian, in any case it's never easy to collaborate with someone of that calibre to begin with, almost intimidating, especially when it comes to making suggestions and so on but it turned out she was super nice, polite, down-to-earth, friendly, so hard-working and fully committed. She had many assistants and some of them spoke Italian and they were always so nice, very attentive and making sure we were ok and comfortable while we were working. So we did that two day studio stint in London and had assumed the job was done. Little we knew. After about a month we got another email and we were being asked to join her in the studio in NY. We then spent a full week recording with her in NYC and it was a really pleasant experience. The producer was Canadian of South American origins Demo Castellon, he's been Timbaland right arm for years, a really talented studio producer. Madonna would arrive at the studio at about 11.30/Midday and she would arrive by bike, wearing a cap, she would explain about the traffic in NY. She would stay with us in the studio till 9pm, the she'd leave taking with her all the day's work on a iPOD and during the night she would listen to everything and would send in all the notes for adjustments, additions and changes and by the time we got back to the studio in the morning she had already gone through all the work with Demo.
  8. Which tour do you think had the best video interludes?? I think that honor goes to MDNA; from the ironic Best Friend-Heartbeat symbolizing the burial of Madonna's married past, to the carnivalesque take on Justify my Love to Nobody Knows Me, Madonna's best kept secret, becoming the soundtrack to the secret lives of all the gay teens who have committed suicide. The worst would definitely have to be Rebel Heart's lazy, half assed interludes. Edit versions of Ghosttown and Erotica videos and even Illuminati, aside from the rubber pole dancers, were pretty lazy. What happened to the alleged Sex Teacher video that was going to be used for SEX?? If I had to rank the tours by interludes, it'd be something like this: 1. MDNA 2. Drowned World Tour 3. Re-Invention 4. Sticky & Sweet 5. Confessions 6. Rebel Heart
  9. Okay, so it may not be her most stellar album, but in all honesty, I quite like it. It's all EDM, which I know many found tired when it released, but it was still fun. Girl Gone Wild: A dance anthem, with a killer music video! Plus, when she did it live at the MDNA tour, it was pure magic! I was disappointed by the Iconic Opening in comparison. (Yes, I said it - Act of Contrition/GGW made for a more fabulous stellar opening than Iconic - Tho, I do love the Iconic video). Gang Bang: How can anyone not love this? I don't know about you, but there have been so many times I've used the phase "And if you're gonna act like a bitch, then you're gonna die like a bitch" in day-to-day-life. (I'm in a creative field and I swear often). Plus, the Tarantino-esque performance - brilliant! I'm Addicted: I'm a dick-dick... I'm a dick-dick... I'm a dick-dick to your love!!! Turn Up the Radio: Blah on the album but fabulous Live! GMAYL: Okay, fine, you got me. But the video was cool, and I often do chant "L-U-V Madonna" Some Girls: It's so totally trippy and fun! Superstar: Okay, so this can be called filler-star, but it's cute. Plus, Lola on backing vocals. And so much better than the reductive Britney song from the Smurfs movie I Don't Give A: Oh come on - this is so badass! And super badass live! I'm a Sinner: I love it! It's so psychadelic and fun! And almost anthemic in many ways! Love Spent: MASTERPIECE!!! Masterpiece: Another masterpiece - and won a Golden Globe too Falling Free: One of the most beautiful M ballads ever!! Beautiful Killer: Life in a song! I Fucked Up: I love this song so much. Makes me cry. B-Day Song: I had the DJ play this on my birthday instead of "Happy Birthday" in the lounge I booked for my party. Best Friend: It's so sad that it had to end... another hauntingly beautiful song. So yeah... why all the hate?
  10. MDNA Appreciation

    Now that the tour is just around the corner, time to appreciate the last album before RH. While it wasn't groundbreaking nor avantgarde for Madonna's standards, I feel MDNA was a good album, above some of the albums by other artists released at that time. For me, I feel that that time around Madonna was really having and letting loose. Sure, there was some of that in Hard Candy but during MDNA, I saw more fun from her. It looked like she was really having a good time. And she looked fantastic again. Let us not forget great songs from the album: Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Falling Free, and Beautiful Killer (even if I don't like this song I know a lot of fans do).
  11. Let me start by saying that this topic is NOT meant to bash Madonna. But listening to the album and especially songs such as BIM, Holy Water, Inside Out and S.E.X. (my all-time fave guilty pleasure!!!) I can't help but wonder how Madonna would have felt about this album and these songs if she could have had a glimpse of the future let's say during 1990-2004. Back then she was so proud of what she was doing, getting more serious as an artist and it paid off with huge sales for her ROL and Music albums. My guess is that American Life's flop ruined everything. She wanted to get back on top as soon as possible. I can't help but wonder how it would've turned out if AL had actually done good. One thing i know for sure, RIT wouldn't have been the Greatest Hits tour it was. Now she needed to remind the world of her back catalogue and then decided to return to pop with the disco oriented Confessions album. Thank God, because I love COADF. Hard Candy is where it really went wrong. From the extremely tacky cover to the average songs and weaker voice... Did she felt inspired by Britney? On songs such as Incredible, Dance 2night and Heartbeat she really sounds like Brit now and then. And then that crappy tour... S&S was the first time I felt Madonna made a complete fool of herself on stage. That whole 'a girlfriend that wanna fuck your boyfriend' crap... Madonna... hello... you're 50, not 15, but you damn sure sounded like a 15 year old when you asked the crowed that silly question. I could go on and on, but I'll try to keep it short. After Confessions the woman who wasn't that much into collaborations and duets all of a sudden seemed addicted to them. The trend setter became a trend follower. Everything to appeal to a younger crowd who wants nothing to do with her, and in doing so, she's ignoring and alienating people that did grow up with her. This is her failure. Had these collabs at least paid off I wouldn't have mind that much, but they don't! Maybe Justin did okay, but the others... Let's be honest folks, what is BIM doing for her career? NOTHING!!! It's not a hit by any means. I can't help but wonder why she keeps doing these kind of things. Yes, she should do whatever she wants. But do you guys really believe she is enjoying herself? The younger generation is only making jokes about her and will continue to do so. Why isn't she sticking to what she gained, a very loyal fanbase? Imagine how pathetic it would be if all of a sudden Bruce Springsteen would collaborate with Justin Bieber, releasing something like 'fuck you, I'm the Boss' or George Michael ft. Adam Lambert 'suck me, I'm gay'. Yes it would be hilarious, but they would be making fools of themselves. And I as a Madonna fan for almost 10 years hate to see her make a fool of herself. Yes, she achieved a lot, more than most of us ever will, but that does not mean she isn't making a fool of herself. We may enjoy these song but I think deep down inside most of us feel that she is making a fool of herself and hate it. She's our idol and we want her to shine, at least I do. But sorry... Hard Candy, Sticky and Sweet? MDNA? Rebel Heart? No matter how many times her last tours will (and continue to) be the best selling of all-time, she isn't really shining anymore. And no matter how many people claim Ray of Light is a boring album, GOD was she shining back then. She was on top and everyone wanted to follow her, but now... And this has nothing to do with me wanting a ROL pt. 2, since I don't want her to repeat herself. But that is exactly what she's doing for the last couple of years, repeating herself with desperate attempts to appeal to the younger generation. Again, this is not meant to bash Madonna, just sharing how I feel. I still really like most of the RH album, but let's keep it and say it as it is.
  12. Lately i've been having this on repeat when listening to MDNA. I think it's an underrated single that had it performed better, more love would've been thrown its way. It's a weird dance song that it's not so dance-y like her other songs and it's great live. And..
  13. I'm really enjoying this remix at the moment! Found it earlier this week, never heard it before. Thought I would share... Show some Love for Love Spent, the best song on MDNA! https://vimeo.com/71109756 ps. I hope the video link is ok?
  14. I've just found this from the MDNA tour era. It's not so clear but from what I can see, it's a quite an early/mid 80s look with that big hair bow and the see-through top, and then a bit more androgynous from the waist down; a classic Madonna combination: Does anyone have any better photos or footage of this?
  15. Love Spent (Album Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/madonna-love-spent-album-instrumental Love Spent (Acoustic) [instrumental] http://www.mixcloud.com/lovespent/love-spent-acoustic-remix-instrumental/ I'm A Sinner (Album Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/sinner-inst Some Girls (Album Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/some-girls-album-inst Falling Free (Album Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/falling-free-instrumental Gang Bang (Alternate Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/gng-bng-inst Bang Bang (Gang Bang Demo) [instrumental] https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/bang-bang-inst Masterpiece (Album Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/masterpiece-inst bless him. without him we probably wouldn't have gotten these...
  16. What a fucking year it has been. Without any new album or music, Madonna managed to keep the year eventful for us fans, and ended up turning her downtime into a new era for enjoyment. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights: February 9th: Madonna joins Instagram! "Cheers Motherfuckers!" -was the first post she made when Madonna re-launched her Instragram page. She showed us her boobs, her bathroom, her nose, her vacum, her video editors blisters, scenes of Haiti and Malawi, her art collection..., Oh, and remember when she played Ms. Cleo? March 16th: Madonna presents GLAAD award to Anderson Cooper "I think you and me need to start a revolution together," Madonna said to Anderson Cooper, "but we can hammer out the details later." (hint! hint! hint! ) In protest of the organization's ban on gay scouts and scout leaders, Madonna wore a Boy Scouts uniform of her own as she cracked jokes on why she should be a Boy Scout (".. most importantly, I know how to scout for boys") and why she made a terrible Girl Scout ("I ate the cookies"). "I think I should be allowed to be a Boy Scout, and I think they should change their stupid rules, don't you?" she said. May 6th: Madonna 'punks' it up at the MET Ball Need I say anything more? May 19th: Madonna graces her beauty at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards Looking like a $200k prostitute (which we LOVE), Madonna accepted her award for The Top Touring Artist while making will.i.am hold her sunglasses. (She also took home Top Dance Artist, and Top Dance Album-go MDNA-woot woot!) We love her! Oh yeah, and she previewed the trailer for the MDNA tour DVD! June 18th: Madonna gives us Marlene Dietrich at the MDNA Tour Screening! All us gheys screamed in joy and clutched our pearls when Madonna stepped out on the red carpet of the premiere of her highly anticipated DVD release of the MDNA Tour. "This theater has historical meaning to me, because it opened in 1948 and Marlene Dietrich was here at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, so hence my wardrobe" After the viewing, the queen decided to throw in a surprise preview of the long awaited unknown thesecretproject. July 26th: Madonna 'grills' it up! "Brushing my Grilzz Before I Booty Pop. A Woman's work is never Done!" August 16th: Madonna celebrates in style September 6th: MDNA is released! The long awaited release of the DVD/bluray is finally released. The cover art features a photo of Madonna shot by Madonna. Who knew Madonna was into selfies? Oh yeah, and a lot of copies were defected..... What a disaster... September 16th: Madonna on Reddit! Two words for you: send. photo. September 24th: The Secret Project is no longer a secret! The highly anticipated and kept under wraps projected aptly titled 'secretprojectrevolution' was finally released on bittorrent. And it was totally worth the wait! Also on this day, Madonna held a premiere for the short film in NYC where Madonna gave a surprise and compelling performance of Elliot Smith's 'Between the Bars,' http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VdtNt4zYmGY October 4th: Madonna does Terry Richardson We were shocked when we first heard the rumors that Terry Richardson would be photographing Madonna for her November issue of Harpers Bazaar. But I think we were even more shocked to see that we managed to fall in love with the photos! November 24th: Madonna + Sean Who would ever thought we would see these two hanging out and spending time again. Will the falling "P" on the LAP maxi cover be placed back up next to the "C"? Who knows. But we love the rumors anyway! December 10th: The end of Brahim It looks like an early winter for Madonna. Madonna's 3 year relationship with backup dancer Brahim has finally come to an end. (According to Perez Hilton)
  17. She's gone social media mad. She's just released a six second MDNA tour clip. I haven't got it so you'll have to find it yourselves!
  18. B-day song (Guy version)

    So, I was searching the ASCAP database, as one does, and I came across a new entry in addition to the standard entry for MDNA's B-Day Song, featuring MIA. This additional entry was actually registered on ASCAP after the MIA version and is listed as B-Day Song (Guy version) featuring Martin Solveig. This indicates that there's another version of the song out there sans MIA, and possibly w/ Solveig's vocals. Apologies if this has been posted before, but I don't recall seeing this elsewhere. Anyone else heard about this?
  19. Guy said that we should ask him in a year about how his NTP would change the game So, when did he say it and who's going to ask him about how the 2 twitter chats and 1 facebook chat changed the face of music promotion?
  20. I didn't see a thread on this yet..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5WbFcv1DLk
  21. 2013Grammy Competition

    So, the deadline of 2013 Grammy Award is near as all competitors must be released between October 1, 2011 and September 31, 2012. The question is "Will MDNA stand a chance?", and by that I mean in all eligible categories. What tracks do you think will be remembered? The Academy doesnt choose by commercial success, only by quality (cof cof... thats what they say in the rules...). We all know our dear Madonna is VERY overlooked by them in the albums categories. But I noticed they always have a very special place for her on the Best Dance Recording (this category exists since 1998 and she leads with five nominations: Ray of Light, Die Anoher Day, Get Together, Give It 2 Me and Celebration). Will Girl Gone Wild or I'm Addicted stand a chance? But what about the ALBUM? MDNA was very appreciated by critics throughout the world. I made a list of the most "dangerous" competition she will face. Its in chronological order. Please add or exclude your thoughts. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Noel Gallagher Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay Stronger - Kelly Clarkson Ceremonials - Florence + The Machine Take Care - Drake Up All Night - One Direction Talk That Talk - Rihanna Born To Die - Lana Del Rey A Different Kind of Truth - Van Halen Our Version Of Events - Emeli Sandé Some Nights - fun. Wrecking Ball - Bruce Springsteen MDNA - Madonna Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - Nicki Minaj Love Is A Four Letter Word - Jason Mraz Blunderbuss - Jack White Believe - Justin Bieber Overexposed - Maroon 5 Living Things - Linkin Park The Midsummer Station - Owl City ORA - Rita Ora* The Truth About Love - Pink* Push and Shove - No Doubt* *Speculation: They weren't released yet.