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Found 4 results

  1. Soooo...... I just got a call from my girl at the MDNA Skin counter at Barney's in Beverly Hills... She called me somewhat quietly on the phone and let me know that MADONNA is planning a special event at the store in B Hills on March 6th to come promote a new moisturizer not yet on the market!!! She will be there in person, potentially selecting a couple people in attendance to demo the chrome clay mask/new moisturizer on (sort of like the NY launch event back in September) I had to purchase a $250 product bundle to confirm my RSVP - the second option was a larger one with the whole set for $1200, and the first 2 people to pick this will get an autographed bath robe she wore!! (The loon inside of me of course pondered this, but i decided to give my practically non-existent bank account a much needed "rest") They haven't released info to the public yet, they're just going through their list of clients who have spent X amount of $ to determine if there's space to release for tickets I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!!!! I know I swore this to secrecy, BUT COME ON - IT'S MADONNA IN THE SAME DAMN ROOM!!!
  2. https://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show If you scroll down you'll see her listed as an upcoming guest!
  3. So I was checking out Madonna's trademarks and patents (since it's interesting and you can peep what the fuck she's doing with her busine$$) Madonna filed for a new trademark for MDNA last year in January and it got approved this year. For a MASSAGE APPARATUS. Did anyone see this? IC 010. US 026 039 044. G & S: Massage apparatus; Esthetic apparatus for industrial purposes, namely, esthetic facial toning machines for industrial purposes; Electric esthetic facial equipment for household purposes, namely, electric esthetic facial toning machines for household purposes; Esthetic roller for household purposes, namely hand-operated esthetic massage roller for household purposes; Esthetic facial roller for household purposes, namely hand-operated esthetic facial massage roller for household purposes; Household facial equipment for sanitary purposes, namely, esthetic facial toning machines for household purposes, facial skin massage apparatus, Gua Sha massage tool IC 021. US 002 013 023 029 030 033 040 050. G & S: Cosmetic utensils, namely, hand-operated cosmetic rollers, cosmetic brushes, facial cleansing brushes; Make-up removing appliances Will you let Madonna vibrate your FACE?