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Found 98 results

  1. ... All my dreams, they fade so fastDon't wake me up, not todayAll my dreams will fade away Can we please marvel and appreciate this deceptively perky pop song. The music is classic Madonna/Leonard, but the lyrics have this deeply beautiful melancholic quality about them that just makes this song so fucking brilliant! And of course - M's glorious vocals can be heard in that bridge! Oh how I wish there was a recording of just M singing lead vocals with donna and nikki on back-up
  2. Best to worst Express Yourself from tours only: 1. Blond Ambition 2. MDNA 3. TGS 4. RIT Go!
  3. The book was rejected by publishers because it was labeled too gay and Madonna is "over".Now this guy needs support to publish his book through unbound and prove publishers wrong!It's a story about a young boy who idolized Madonna! "An everyday story of love,life and causing a commotion" as he states http://attitude.co.uk/publishers-told-me-my-book-wouldnt-sell-because-its-too-gay-and-madonna-is-over/ https://unbound.com/books/the-madonna-of-bolton/
  4. One of her best (if not her best) unreleased songs. This and Animal should've been included instead of both Celebration and Revolver (I wonder what her process is for choosing what makes the cut and what doesn't. Most of the music that "hasn't made it" is really good.) Not to mention it would've been a PERFECT closer for MDNA Tour, much better than that weird lame remix of Celebration we got. Imagine the whole stadium dancing along to this song One of her best unreleased gems.
  5. http://www.stereogum.com/1953660/qa-ariel-pink-on-trump-madonna-his-new-album-dedicated-to-bobby-jameson/franchises/interview/ STEREOGUM: Was that a direct response to the press you got leading up to pom pom? It seemed like every interview you did was more controversial than the last. ARIEL PINK: Yeah. I got the Donald Trump treatment before Donald Trump. I could’ve warned him. The very first interview I did, an Australian interview at the top of the campaign, set the mood. That guy just had daggers in his sights, and I hadn’t even settled into the groove of doing the campaign for the record, and it was very alarming, very obnoxious and very destabilizing, especially at my age. I’m not Hitler. I’m not a Nazi. I’m a harmless lover of things. And I love Madonna too! Way to ruin my chances with that lady. She’s so great! She’s had greater success and a greater string of memorable hits that I like personally than almost any of my favorite artists, and yet here I am, people saying that I’m throwing her under the bus. I was paraphrasing what the label said to me. People think that I was saying those things. Interscope came to me saying her last record didn’t do too well, she had her Avicii, she had all these things she wanted but there weren’t any songs there, so that’s why they were looking for writers. I was paraphrasing why they would hire somebody like me for somebody like her. So those aren’t things that I feel about her — the stripper pole shit or whatever — those aren’t my feelings. I want to work with Madonna! They were just looking at songwriters, so the next record could do better than her last one. That’s all it was. And people take it as my opinions that are valid; that’s not even my opinion! STEREOGUM: Well it didn’t end with Madonna; there were lots of choice moments that people latched onto. You were sort of branded as a troll. ARIEL PINK: Yeah, because I was responding to people completely misrepresenting me, and that was like a witch hunt. I felt persecuted. I don’t know how you would feel, if people said that you were a mansplaining men’s rights activist. What if they said that about you? And all the feminists in the world basically came out and started getting on your case. So they would go after you, and you would basically try to downplay it as much as possible but they’re just not letting you because they’re saying you’re just fucking wrong, dude. It’s a perversion of whatever it is that they projected onto me. STEREOGUM: So you’re saying that your statements were taken out of context and twisted? ARIEL PINK: Yeah. Like when I say Grimes is stupid for saying that Ariel’s characterization of Madonna is a perfect example of the misogyny that’s in the business today. Making me, again, an adversary, when I have nothing but great respect for both Grimes and Madonna. The headline was “Grimes Is Stupid” because I “hate women.” It backs up my hatred of women and of Madonna. So you see how it’s just willful blindness on the part of everyone.
  6. 13-year-old violinist, dancer and Super Madonna Fan Joshua Emara! His passion for music started with Madonna at age 3. His mother, Shauna Emara, was watching Madonna’s Confessions Tour on television and Joshua fell in love. For six months he watched the tour most every day and mimicked her dance moves. He danced in the car seat, the living room and patio. He put on dance shows for the neighborhood and at birthday parties. “I knew he had something special,” Shauna said. “Joshua can hear something in music that most people can’t.” His Madonna obsession continues. His bedroom wall is lined with 70 photos of the pop star. https://www.idahoednews.org/features/13-year-old-violinist-dancer-entertains-boises-downtown/ LOVE HIM!!!! Madonna Forever!!!
  7. That auction site is a scam. I can't believe people are doing this in the meanwhile she's doing the great works in Africa. This is infuriating.
  8. Workers at a Manhattan construction site found a time capsule buried in 1985 by staff & club goers. Links: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/07/time-capsule-that-resembled-an-old-missile-causes-bomb-scare.html http://gothamist.com/2017/07/05/danceteria_bomb_time_capsule.php
  9. I just can't... Ok i have to admit, this is hilarious
  10. She should release a new album for 2018, when she's about to turn 60 and celebrate her birthday by kicking off another big stadium tour a la S&S. Show the haters she can still go strong at 60. Here's the setlist 01. VIDEO INTRODUCTION: The Beast Within (Video shows the construction of an androidal M. Think Garbage's The World is Not Enough) (Includes elements of Best Night, Heartbeat, Act of Contrition, Living for Love & Iconic) 02. New Song 03. New Song 04. Hollywood (On electric guitar) 05. Hung Up 06. Everybody (Stuart Price remix, with elements of Jump, Turn Up The Radio, Celebration & Where's The Party) 06. VIDEO INTERLUDE: Bedtime Story (Shows a naked Madonna floating on space interspersed with molecules & DNA) (Slower version of the Dan-O-Rama remix, includes elements of I'm Addicted & Ghosttown) 07. Girl Gone Wild 08. New Song 09. Causing a Commotion (On electric guitar) 10. New Song 11. Like a Virgin (with elements of Bitch I'm Madonna & Unapologetic Bitch) 12. VIDEO INTERLUDE: Rescue Me (Features Madonna running away, and eventually getting captured by a man in a wandering gypsy wagon) (Includes elements of Human Nature) 13. New Song 14. New Song 15. Into The Groove (starts with an introduction of Beautiful Stranger, includes elements of Future Lovers, Fever, Lucky Star, Britney's I Wanna Go, MJ's Wanna Be Startin' Somethin & JAM, Mariah's Touch My Body & Revolver) 16. Open Your Heart (includes elements of Janis Joplin's Me & Bobby McGee & Janet's Doesn't Really Matter) 17. Ray of Light (Dance along version) 18. Hard Candy Medley: Candy Shop / 4 Minutes 19. Crazy For You 20. VIDEO INTERLUDE: What It Feels Like for a Girl (Shows images of famous political women through history as well as ageist headlines regarding Madonna) (Remix, includes elements of Bad Girl, Material Girl, Veni Vidi Vici & Beautiful Killer) 21. New Song 22. Like a Prayer (remix) 23. Music 24. Deeper & Deeper (Begins with a fragment of "Rain". Includes elements of Get Together) 25. New Song 26. New Song 27. VIDEO INTRO: Bitch I'm Madonna. 28. Bitch I'm Madonna 29. Holiday 30. New Song
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/movies/matthew-modine-remembers-madonnas-vision-quest-scene-looked-like-boy-george-210407018.html What a change of pace only two years make. Movies she only made cameos & supporting parts in (this & Desperately SeekingSusan) became THE Madonna movies. The power of a superstar (available on MDNA).
  12. I just came across this on youtube and i love it!! Prince's guitars at the end, the extended gospel chorus!! I LOVE IT!! Dare l say it's better than the album version; What do you think? PS if anyone has a decent quality complete with intro mp3 of this version that can share with time, I would very much appreciate it.
  13. Which version of this amazing single do you prefer/listen to? The original album version or the more-known video remix? Album Remix
  14. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/madonna-offers-to-remarry-sean-penn-for-charity-after-telling-crowd-shes-still-in-love-with-him/news-story/113577b6031c90634b1684e10d00b742
  15. Has this been posted? I think it's their first interview together.
  16. Celebrate the marriage of Madonna to Sean Penn! We got an awesome 'in love' album (True Blue) and 'out of love' album (Like A Prayer).
  17. Great bootleg show from one of the Montreal shows of the WTG tour of 87. I think it's awesome we finally get to see the staging of this particular tour in a small arena. Would also love to see Girlie Show inside an arena if anyone has vids/pics Enjoy! PS: unfortunately Live to Tell part has been muted due to copyright and there's no final part with WTG/Holiday
  18. https://medium.com/cuepoint/seymour-stein-reveals-the-embarrasing-deal-he-made-with-madonna-b0d739b77ab9#.5jf91mqvl
  19. What do you think is M's best stadium tour? NOTE: I'm including only those tours that focused mostly on stadiums (no Confessions or BAT since those are the other way around and focused mainly on arenas) Sorry, couldn't find any stadium pic of Girlie Show For me it's MDNA, such a great, amazing, visual show. Plus it had it's fair share of acoustic segments and didn't rely on big backdrop screens as much as others *coff* Sticky & Sweet *coff*
  20. ACIDplanet Remix Contest

    Does anyone remember the ACIDplanet Madonna remix contest from way back? It must have been around/after the 'Music' release. It was the first time I can recall stems/multitracks/loops for Madonna being made available to amateur remixers [Deeper & Deeper, Ray of Light, Music]. http://www.acidplanet.com/contests/madonna/ I still have the mp3s for some of the winners (Qubic, Big125, Mark Carpenter, Marc Hannum, Jamaican SunRay mix by Newton Plugg, etc) burnt to CD at home in Australia somewhere, but is there a site/blog online that has a comprehensive playback still available? Thought I would ask, as many of you here are a gold mine for Madonna sources. Cheers!
  21. https://youtu.be/xUbkrlZuAW4 Featuring Trump and Clinton