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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys I came across this story from Page Six from last month and I havn't seen it posted anywhere here on Mnation. So kinda thought it's interesting and may have some truth to it (don't know how reliable Page Six is with these things. I can't create a new thread so think to post it here... maybe other kind members can create a thread for this so we can dream for at least a few days for maybe another chance to see new M pics, looking all glamourous :-) The thing that made me think is quite possibly true is the fact that M is still in Europe and that Leo is credited as one of the major contributors for MJC in Malawi as one of the posters here mentioned? So that could be kinda "return the favour" thing? And the people listed to show up she knows most of them personally. Anyway I hope she does show up because I'm desperate for new M pics :-) PS I need a pic of M and Cate Blanchett :-) Lenny Kravitz to perform at Leo DiCaprio’s annual gala By Ian Mohr June 20, 2017 | 9:39pm Leo DiCaprio has landed Lenny Kravitz to perform at his annual Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala in St-Tropez, Page Six has exclusively learned. We hear that Madonna will make a special appearance at the July 26 event and will be a chair along with Prince Albert of Monaco, Emma Stone, Cate Blanchett, Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, Tom Hanks, Jared Leto, Kate Hudson, Tobey Maguire and Edward Norton. Simon de Pury will preside over an art auction curated by Lisa Schiff. http://pagesix.com/2017/06/20/lenny-kravitz-to-perform-at-leo-dicaprios-annual-gala/