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Found 1 result

  1. If you don 't like this topic can you stay out of it? kinda of sick of the same people coming in trying to decide for the rest of us what we're allowed to discuss or not, when this is talked about everywhere, including by Madonna herself. GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Madonna: I gave you £50m and a mansion...so no, she tells Guy, she won't pay his Rocco love-tug legal feesAs if the custody battle between Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie over their son Rocco wasn’t bitter enough, I can now reveal that Ritchie’s lawyers have sent the pop superstar a letter demanding that SHE pay HIS legal fees. Madonna, who is on tour and had a meltdown on stage in Australia last week, is said to be outraged by the demand. She has told friends that she has no intention of paying anyone to help her lose a fight to have her son live with her in the United States. And a source close to the singer, 57, claims that as a solvent and successful film director, Ritchie could easily sign the cheques for the legal fees himself. The source said: ‘It’s a lawsuit Guy instigated and now wants Madonna to pay. ‘Madonna says she gave him £50 million and an estate in Wiltshire when they divorced and she thinks that is quite enough. She can’t believe he is cheeky enough to ask her for the money. ‘It is simply illogical to expect her to pay towards lawyers who want to have her son taken away from her.’ It is thought that the bill for the ongoing custody battle could reach hundreds of thousands of pounds. Ritchie, 47, and his new wife, model Jacqui Ainsley, 34, divide their time between his townhouse in London and Ashcombe Park, the shooting estate in Wiltshire he once shared with Madonna. Rocco, 15, has been living with them since December, when he visited the UK for a holiday and refused to go back to his mother’s home in the US or join her on tour. Last week, The Mail on Sunday revealed how Madonna had accepted that she had lost the custody battle. But she told a judge she would like to ‘heal the wounds’ opened in the dispute At a hearing at the High Court in London, a lawyer for the singer told Mr Justice MacDonald that she wanted to end litigation and have a private hearing in the Family Division. David Williams QC said: ‘She wants to chart a course for Rocco and restore peace to the family.’