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Found 14 results

  1. Kinda digging these threads where we pit random songs to choose as your fave. Let's try 2 albums. So... Erotica or True Blue? These 2 seem to have equal respect amongst fans ...or do they? Too tough for me I'm not even choosing.
  2. Appreciate this avantgarde song before Queen made American Life.
  3. With the leak of Love Hurts I was thinking just how amazing the metamorphosis of this is. I would have been happy with the first demo but it evolved into the wonderful Erotica but then got flipped back to the previous You Thrill Me and mixed up for Confessions. 3 Amazing songs from one concept! I'm guessing it went Love Hurts, the You Thrill Me, then Erotic for SEX which got remixed to become Erotica. Erotic - SEX version - can't find on youtube
  4. Flashback to 1993... Madonna reminisces about her first time with Kurt Loder.
  5. If Madonna's albums weren't called what they actually are what do you think they should have been called using only track titles from that album? I hope that makes sense for example I would choose... 1. Madonna - Lucky Star or Burning Up 2. Like a Virgin - Material Girl 3. True Blue - Live to Tell or White Heat 4. Like a Prayer - Act of Contrition or Promise to try 5. Erotica - Bad Girl, Deeper and Deeper or Fever 6. Bedtime Stories - Human Nature or Sanctuary 7. Ray of Light - Drowned World, Skin or Mer Girl 8. Music - What It Feels Like For A Girl or Impressive Instant 9. American Life - Die Another Day or X-Static Process 10. Confessions - Jump or Hung Up 11. Hard Candy - Candy Shop 12. MDNA - Girl Gone Wild or Masterpiece (even tho the album wasn't a masterpiece but that's a different conversation) 13. Rebel Heart - Iconic
  6. Such a masterpiece! Definitely a hidden and forgotten gem!
  7. Appreciate YOU THRILL ME

    It's sexy. Sad. Hopeless. Fiery. Romantic.
  8. I've always wanted to see this talk show segment (I don't know the name of the show) where they discussed the "Sex" book. It was always shown in bits and pieces on VH1, most notably in this clip from "I Love the 90's - 1992" (skip to 19:54) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q5Oe40I_TM Does anybody know any info on it and where I can see it? Is it on YouTube?
  9. I compiled this list using information from thebeatswithin, Bruce Baron (who first reported about some of the unreleased tracks in 1999 when he was given permission to listen to them for 3 hours at The Library of Congress), wikipedia, interviews with M and the producers/writers, and also knowledgeable people from the forums, and Nightshade's Timeline threads. This is a growing list. There's so much out there, so many things that we still don't know about. There are pretty much alternate versions of all of her songs. A lot of the demos will sound very similar to the finished versions, but some might start out radically different. I've always been interested and fascinated by Madonna's unreleased work. It gives us a deeper look into M's mind when she was recording an album. And it can sometime give more light and exposure to an album. I know I am missing all her stuff before Sire. I'll be adding that in at a later date. If I am missing anything else, which I know I am, feel free to tell me so I can add it in. Songs highlighted in red have yet to be leaked. The songs in black have leaked. The songs in green have been commercially released. Songs in orange are questionable. Songs in blue have leaked, but are made from stems. The First Album Everybody was first recorded with Stephen Bray before being reworked by Mark Kamins. This demo was track #2 on the 4track demo tape that first got Madonna signed to Sire. Stay this 1981 demo that appeared on Stephen Bray's Pre-Madonna compilation was written with Madonna and Bray, way before being re-worked as the closing track to the Like a Virgin album. This was the last track on the 4 track demo cassette tape mentioned above. Don't You Know was written with Bray and Madonna in 1981. This was track #3 on the cassette tape that sold Sire on the project. Crimes of Passion was on the 1996 Pre-Madonna compilation disc put together by Stephen Bray. "There was nothing salvageable from the original tracks so I recreated the music to protect the innocent. Clearly a prototype for the sound and feel of "Into The Groove" and others." Laugh to Keep From Crying - Stephen Bray said this about the song in the liner notes of Pre-Madonna: "That's right. We were both huge pretender fans. That's Emmy (Madonna) on her trusty Rickenbacker guitar. Ive always thought she passed up a brilliant career as a rhythm guitarist. A special thanks to Chrissie Hynde for being so cool." Burning Up - original demo produced by Bray and written solely by Madonna. "This is the blueprint for the version recorded for the first album. Featuring more fun with tape speed effects, this version reveals vocal arrangement stuff that didn't make the final cut. Listening back, it feels a but like "Joan Jett" sitting in with New Order." Ain't No Big Deal The released version was produced by Reggie Lucas in 1982 and appeared as the B-side of her "True Blue" single in 1986. The song was first recorded by Stephen Bray. By the time Madonna secured a deal with Sire Records, Mark Kamins came into picture and ended up producing both Ain't No Big Deal and Everybody. Once Reggie Lucas came on board to produce for the album, he cut a new version. "It was the only song Madonna had that I really didn't like at all." Lucas remembers. "In fact, I still don't like it." The song all together ended up not making it onto the album, instead it was replaced by Holiday. Somewhere in the mix, Jellybean produced a version too. Reggie Lucas' and Stephen Brays were the only ones to get a release. Jellybeans and Kamins version have yet to surface. Stephen had this to say about his demo version: "This song was the first that I remember asking Emmy to sing for me. It was a wise move, as I certainly couldn't sing it (in tine, anyway). It would become Site's first choice for Emmy's single. Featuring an extended party section after the song ends, this was a testament to our love of excessively long dance mixes. Call it the "director's cut." At the time, we didn't have the vocoder we wanted for the vocal effect toward the end of the song. So Emmy just squeezed her nose. This was the lead off track from the tape that eventually secured her recording contract." Physical Attraction In this version, Madonna is credited as the sole song writer. The commercial releases that we are all familiar with credit producer Reggie Lucas as the sole songwriter. Either there was a major clerical error, or Madonna gave up the credit to Lucas for some kind of special arrangement. The words are exactly the same as the released version, and clearly credit Madonna as the songwriter. It refers to her spoken portion of the song as a "rap" (ha ha). This entry is from Feb 22nd, 1983 (date of work creation 1982) and seems to be from the period of her first three 12" single releases. This is when she was published by Only Child Music before her co-publishing deal for Webo Girl was created when Warner Bros picked up the option for her first album. The ownership was transferred to Warner Bros and Webo Girl on April 25th 1983 with the registration of PAu-506-929. It also credits Madonna as the songwriter. Curiously another registration PA-210-598 credits Reggie Lucas as the sole song writer and was registered May 14th 1984 for a date of creation in 1983. This is a published work registration (PA-), not an unpublished (PAu-) and is actually a copy of the 12" single with "Burning Up" on the other side that was issued for sale. It claims the date of publishing as Feb 1st 1983. Sounds like something for the lawyers to sort out? Sidewalk Talk Demo produced with Stephen Bray, Madonna on all vocals. Released version done with Jellybean & Catherine Buchanan. Stephen Bray does own a copy of this (co-produced by him and not Jellybean), but for now it remains unheard by the public. The Like a Virgin Megastar Era Angel Confirmed original Madonna demo produced with Stephen Bray. Released version was produced by Nile Rodgers on the "Like A Virgin" album. Crazy for You - Unreleased version produced by Jellybean prior to arrival of the arranger. The arranger of the song (Rob Mounsey) spoke with Bruce Baron, and adds these interesting notes about "Crazy For You": "I know that there was a previous version produced by Phil Ramone, who somehow got maneuvered out of the gig by Jellybean. I've worked a great deal with Phil since then, and he seems very resentful about it, but I don't really understand what happened. Jellybean was persuaded by Michael Ostin of Warners that, since the song was a ballad, he needed an arranger. So Michael brought me in, since he was familiar with me from my production/arranging work with Michael Franks. Basically, the track was created by drummer Stephen Bray and myself. I wrote out an orchestral arrangement as if a real orchestra were going to perform it, and then overdubbed it myself line by line, mainly on my old Roland Jupiter-8 with a custom analog CV breath controller. I also used two Yamaha DX-7s MIDI'd together and each distorted with its own little green Ibanez Tube Screamer stomp box (the distant sliding thirds in the intro and midway in the verses). Jellybean wasn't around for much of this, which all happened at Sigma Sound in NYC. Jellybean's main contribution seems to have been the "Bong bong bong" carillon background vocals. He was Madonna's boyfriend at the time, and she had just broken with "Like a Virgin". The oboe solos were Madonna's idea, and a good idea too. They were performed by the late George Marge, the greatest studio double-reed player of his time, whose untimely death shortly afterward saddened us all. Madonna, as I understand it, never liked the song and didn't want to record it." Warning Signs is the third Madonna song recorded for the soundtrack to the film but never used. It's said that song was filmed for the film, but cut last minute. It remains unheard by the public to this day. A collaboration with Stephen Bray from 1984, US copyright registration# PAu-590-962. Bray describes it as a cool synth track. The lyric sheet reveals the opening intro as "I see danger up ahead", "Warning (echo), Warning (echo)". Chorus is "Warning I see danger up ahead. I can see it in your eyes, and it's really no surprise. Because, I can see your warning signs". Supposed complete lyrics for the song have surfaced online on various lyric websites. Gambler According to Stephen Bray interview 1999 there was an original demo produced by himself and Madonna. The released version of "Gambler" was produced by Jellybean Benitez. This version might be the one first reported by thebeatswithin from a Record Collector article, the demo mentioned in the article was called Ambush. Desperately Seeking Susan, written by Madonna and Stephen Bray. Unreleased title track for the Orion Pictures movie of the same name according to former Madonna collaborator Stephen Bray from 1999 interview. Another "Desperately Seeking Susan" title song was written by Michael Bramon. "Into the Groove" overshadowed both "Susan" themes, and both were shelved. True Blue and Who's That Girl Spotlight - Bray confirmed original demo written & produced by Madonna and Stephen Bray. Different than released version remixed by Jellybean. Library of Congress registers 1985 PAU-716-379, and then a revision to music & lyrics 1987 PAU-1-924-278. Curtis Hudson & Lisa Stevens' demo version leaked and sounds remarkably like "Holiday" which she also co-wrote. Madonna's original with Stephen Bray has yet to surface. Working My Fingers to The Bone - Confirmed song never used, Madonna demo written & produced with Stephen Bray circa "True Blue" album. Bray planned to release this song on his own along with a few other demos from over the years on a "Pre-Madonna 2," but wasn't permitted to do so. Another Bray track from this time period with little information about is Pipeline. Causing a Commotion and Can't Stop - Confirmed original Madonna demos written & produced with Stephen Bray, different from the released versions. A demo instrumental of Can't Stop leaked, but a Madonna vocal version has yet to surface. Each Time You Break My Heart - When Madonna was asked by Seymour Stein to write a song for Nick Kamen, she gave him this track, which was already written and recorded with Stephen Bray. Madonna and Bray also produced Kamen's version, which was virtually unchanged from Madonna's original version. Madonna's solo version leaked November of 2007. Tell Me - Another track that was given to Nick Kamen. Stephen Bray confirmed the existence of a Madonna solo version. Working My Fingers to The Bone I Want You - Besides the Marvin Gaye cover, and the early Emmy days "Take Me (I Want You), another "I Want You" was recorded in the late 80's with Stephen Bray, as revealed by Peter M on his Beats Within blog. Love Makes The World Go Round a demo version leaked a few years ago. Has a slightly different instrumentation from the released version. Like a Prayer Like a Prayer - A version without a choir exists but has yet to leak. Express Yourself and Keep It Together original demos written and produced with Stephen Bray. Bray has stated that he considers the demo of Express to be superior than the released version. First There's a Kiss Song never used, Madonna demo written & produced with Stephen Bray for "Like A Prayer" album. Existence confirmed with Bray, but never filed copyright. This track was supposedly rejected from the "Like A Prayer" album. It is a song about safe sex and AIDS. Just a Dream was written and produced by Madonna and Patrick Lenoard for the Like a Prayer album. The song didn't make album because Madonna thought it was "too rock for her." M later gave it to Donna Delory for her 1992 debut album. Madonna's vocals were used as the backup. Dear Jessie - An instrumental demo surfaced when a string of album instrumentals leaked a few years back. Madonna's vocal version has yet to leak. Love Attack Song never used, Madonna demo written & produced with Stephen Bray for "Like A Prayer" album . Existence confirmed by Bray, but never filed copyright. This track was supposedly rejected from the "Like A Prayer" album because it didn't fit the sound of the album. Possessive Love - Song originally written and recorded by Madonna with Jai Winding and Patrick Leonard right touring the Who's That Girl Tour. Given to Marilyn Martin to record for her 1988 album This is Serious and was the album’s first single. Martin returned the favour by singing back-up on Cherish. Madonna's version has yet to surface. Angels With Dirty Faces - Bruce Gaitsch, co-writer of La Isla Bonita and guitarist on True Blue and Like a Prayer alluded to the fact that he was involved with this unreleased track in an interview with Madonna music expert, Peter Magennis in 2006. "I have a tape somewhere of some songs I had to learn parts from and none of these songs are on it. But there is a song called Angels with Dirty Faces on it that is killer". To date this song has never been leaked. By Alien Means - The authenticity of this is questionable. Written by price, Library Of Congress PAU-1-152-963, it was supposedly given to Madonna for the LAP album. The song appears to be about asking young people not to commit suicide: "Explore the interplanetary space between your mind. Don't go out by alien means". The instrumentation is a wild blend of guitars and percussion. The date of creation on the registration is 1988. The existence of a Madonna version is still unknown. Dick Tracy & The Immaculate Collection Dog House - Another title reported in Billboard magazine circa 1990 for the film Dick Tracy. A song titled "You're in the Dog House Now" performed by Brenda Lee and co-written by Andy Paley was included on the Dick Tracy soundtrack. This is a possible replacement for the Madonna recorded track, considering the precedents of Madonna's own recordings of "Now I'm Following You" which was replaced in the film by a version sung by co-writer Andy Paley, and "Back In Business" being replaced by a same-titled track by Stephen Sondheim. Dick Tracy - Currently listed under "Clearance" Dick Tracy was previously listed as a co-write by M and Pat Leonard, which hinted towards it being an unreleased song from I'm Breathless. However, this has also been listed as Dick Tracy (I Always Get My Man), which indicates that it may just be a listing for Sooner or Later, filed under the name of the movie it came from. I have asked several people who worked on I’m Breathless about the possibility of the existence of a song called Dick Tracy and nobody has been able to confirm it so far. To Love You - Never released song written by Madonna and Andy Palley, existence confirmed at Warner-Chappell Publishing website. Various "Dick Tracy" demos leaked on 7" bootleg vinyl in the early-1990s at record collector shows under the name of "MA-HONEY". Rehearsal sound quality is rather poor and the printed jacket track-listing was incorrect and is corrected as follows I Always Get My Man (actually Sooner Or Later), More, What Can You Get (actually sung by Madonna only without her duet partner Mandy Patinkin). Get Over - Written and recorded with Stephen Bray, it's been rumored that it was recorded for The Immaculate Collection. Madonna's version only exist in a rough demo form. Tony Shimkin said this on the track: "It might have been something that was sitting on the side, but I don't think it was ever intended to be on any of her album.s" It was later given to sexy male model Nick Scotti to record for the "Nothing But Trouble" soundtrack. It was later featured on his debut album in a remix form done by Shep Pettibone. Madonna's vocals were used as the backing vocals on Scotti's version. Madonna's demo has yet to leak. Justify My Love - a "demo" leaked in 2011 from the LeakGate. The only difference between this track and the one found on The Immaculate Collection is that you can hear the "you can fuck with me" vocal in the begining that was first heard in Orbit's remix of the song. Erotica Before starting this entry, I think it would be important to first talk about the notorious "Rain Tapes." To be exact, these tapes don't have an official title. The copyright office and the people who have handled the cassette call this the "Rain" album because it was the first song listed on the first tape. The "Rain" title was written centered on the title card, while the others below it where written to the left margin of the card. This makes it look like the title of the collection. The tracks were recorded in late 1991 and early 1992. These are not the only tapes out there that contain demos and alternate recordings from the "Erotica" album session. The "Rain Tapes" were submitted to LOC by Shep Pettibone on Feb 11th, 1992. These tapes only contain work done with Shep and Tony Shimkin. This is the tracklist of the tapes (what's highlighted in violet is what has leaked in full) : 01. Rain (final demo, new harms) 5:23 6 December 1991 02. Rain (new vocal damaged) 5:34 13 November 1991 03. Deeper & Deeper (final demo) 5:39 13 November 1991 04. Bye Bye Baby (first day ruff) 5:52 05. Bye Bye Baby (final demo) 4:02 06. Bye Bye Baby (second day ruff) 4:22 07. You Are The One (final edit demo) 4:36 08. Shame (final demo) 6:12 TAPE ONE SIDE TWO: 01. Shame (straight pass) 6:31 02. In This Life (edit) 6:27 03. Cheat (Drunk Girl) (edit) 5:36 04. Goodbye To Innocence (final edit) 6:11 05: Goodbye To Innocence (straight pass) 5:46 06: Actions Speak Louder Than Words (final edit 1) 5:45 07. Erotica (final demo 1) 5:14 16 January 1992 TAPE TWO SIDE ONE: 01. Actions Speak Louder Than Words (first day) 5:54 02. Actions Speak Louder Than Words (final edit 2) 5:49 03. Erotica (rough mix) 5:16 15 January 1992 04. Erotica (final demo 2) 5:24 15 January 1992 05. Thief Of Hearts (old music) 3:55 17 January 1992 06. Thief Of Hearts (new music) 5:12 20 January 1992 07. Jitterbug 0:36 15 January 1992 08. Thief Of Hearts (old music again) 5:15 22 January 1992 Erotica - Portions of the demo lyrics were first heard in the remixes from the Erotica maxi such as the Bass Hit Dub and Jeep Beats. An acapella clip of the "You Thrill Me" chorus leaked in 2003. Ralphi Rosario was commissioned to do a remix of Erotica that would have appeared on the scrapped American Life Club Mixes remix album, his remix first premiered on a DJ set in 2004, which used the demo lyrics. Madonna would later incorporate the demo lyrics in her 2006 Erotica performance on the Confessions Tour. The story on the original demo goes as this: when Madonna and Shep were working on the mixing of the Sex book song "Erotic," Shep suggested to Madonna to incorporate some of the stories found in the book and into the song. "Madonna took the book and walked out of the room and didn't come back until about half an hour later. Suddenly she was on the mic, speaking in this very dry voice. "My name is Dita," she said, "and I'll be your mistress tonight." After that point, revisions were made to the original demo of Erotica. The 'you thrill me' chorus was dropped, and the bridge was changed to what is heard on the album. A post "Rain Tape" demo does exist that features the instrumentation heard on the album, but with the original 'you thrill me' chorus. This version has yet to leak. Erotic - See story above. This song (or remix) was created specifically as a bonus track for the legendary Sex book. Shep and Madonna worked on the mixing for the track on June 7th 1992, Madonna felt as though the sound should sound the same as Erotica (the song on the album), with just a bass line, her voice and some sensuous Middle Eastern sounds. But when Shep had seen the book, he gave Madonna the idea to incorporate some of the stories from the book and into the song. That's how the song came to be. Goodbye to Innocence - The demo heard on "The Rain Tapes" is much different than what was released in 1994 on the "Just Say Roe" compilation and in the further revised dub form as "Up Down Suite"as one of the B-sides for the "Rain" single. The song was intended to be on the record, but didn't make the album's final cut. "It was originally intended for the record, but for some reason she just started singing the lyrics to Fever over it and thought it sounded cool," says Shimkin. The original demo, not only sounds radically different to the Just Say Roe version and has an entirely different chorus: You know you bette stop/ stop and think about how you get your kicks/god knows I didn't ask for this/stop and think about before you mess with someone else/why don't you pay attention to yourself. A full demo of this song, called "Straight Pass", leaked onto the Internet in February 2008. Why's It So Hard - As mentioned in Shep's "Erotica Diaries," after first completing the song, Madonna and Shep had an idea to include a male Jamaican rapper on the track. They Jamiki, who ran a Jamaican record store up the street from where they were recording. This version wasn't used because "it sounded to rough for the song." This version has yet to leak. Shame Leaked July 28th 2014, The song opens with a spoken intro, "Why do you wanna waste your life away? It's a shame." Later she sings, "Anyone can learn to fly, keep your head up..." She also says, "You've got no one to blame." The chorus starts with "It's a Shaaaaaame", which sounds similar to the song of the same title and time period by Monie Love. This is possibly the source of the rumor that she and Madonna were going to do something together. The similarity ends there, with Madonna's "Shame" breaking off into its own unique melody. Jitterbug is a 30-40 second piece of music Included on The Rain Tapes cassette tapes submitted by Shep Pettibone to the U.S. copyright office. It was mostly taped over, but showed up between two of the other tracks. It is listed on the handwritten tape label, but it has no copyright registration of its own. The title was originally spelled with a "G", but was written over darker with a "J" in blue ink. It was revealed in 2011 by Peter M that is was intended for the League of Their Own film: "It was an attempt to do something for the A League of Their Own soundtrack where there was a jitterbug dance scene in the film and it was an attempt to try to do a jitterbug in somewhat of a modern way. So, it was a real, rough demo idea of how it would be and envisioning it. Actually, if it had have been carried out, it probably would played out like the actual piece of music that was used in the movie. It was very Big Band oriented and, if it were to have been produced, I think it would have been produced with a full Big Band and a full horn section and all that. We were trying to think conceptually was there a way to do a jitterbug in a cool kind of contemporary way and give it to her and see what kind of lyrics and melody she would come up with and it was never really explored beyond the initial demo music." Bad Girl - A demo that featured Paul Pesco on guitar leaked a few years back. The demo's authenticity was proved to be real when Peter M posted an interview with Paul on his Beats Within site: "Bad Girl had a lot more guitar. That was really cool – I thought it was awesome! I played tracks on Deeper and Deeper, Bad Girl and it may have been Thief of Hearts, I’m not sure. She ended up using Why’s It So Hard and Deeper and Deeper." You Are The One comes from the notorious "Rain Tapes." It was abandoned in the demo stage. On December 19, the complete lyrics leaked onto the Internet. The refrain runs, "You (you) are the one (are the one), Make me feel, Our love is alive..." The song didn't leak until July 28th of 2014. Actions Speak Louder Than Words - An earlier version of Words that feature a few extra lyrics. The production is a bit different too. The synth keys that are found at the end of the commercial mix are used during the chorus. There is also a subtle guitar-like sound. Additional lyrics include "I can't fight with your words, they come disguised as love...", and "I can't fight with your words, they pretend to be kind...". This Used To Be My Playground According to Shep Pettibone from the Erotica Diaries, Madonna did a second vocal at the last minute, leaving the 1st version unreleased. Love Hurts - This Junior Vasquez track has yet to see the light of day. Junior has often teased about leaking it on twitter over the years, but it has yet to happen. Any info on the song is unknown. In the past it's often been said that it was a very early version of Erotica. Supposed lyrics include: "Love Hurts, Love Hurts...Do you remember the time, Love Hurts, Love Hurts, when we -- fell in love..." Secret Garden - This is the demo version of the released last album track. It features same lyrics and music, but the vocals are stronger and clearer, with some alternate music choice, i.e. in some points there's only the bass line and Madonna's voice. It clocks 3'47, and has been available on peer-to-peer sharing software since July 2008. Deeper and Deeper - The first versions recorded used alternate lyrics. Bruce Baron notes that this one isn't all the different from the released version. Again there is a great deal of recorded distortion. Surprising for the head of Mastermix productions. This version is missing the latin guitar break which Shep told EQ magazine that Madonna insisted on. This one must be closer to his original vision with the house pattern. The end of "Deeper And Deeper" is also a little different using the same lines. It also goes on for a longer period. Unused lyrics in an unreleased version of "Deeper And Deeper" include: "I can't keep from falling in love, and you know it.....I can't keep from falling in love, so I show it." Dear Father is a recording done with Andre Bettes and Mic Murphy who was a member of the group The System. It leaked in June of 2008. Cook and Fuck Not recorded during the Erotica session, but a year after the fact during the Girlie Show rehearsals. It was written with Michael Bearden who played the keyboard on the Girlie Show, and later during Madonna's Oprah performance in 98. Michael is good friends with Letterman's Paul Schaeffer, which is why an instrumental short was played by the band during Madonna's appearance in 2000. More on the origins of the track appeared on Peter M's Beats Within blog when he interviewd Michael: “This song actually started during the rehearsals for The Girlie Show. We rehearsed a long time for that show and after so many days of playing the same thing over and over again, you get a little stir crazy. One day M said, “Okay everybody, let’s do that one again”. As everybody started to re-set, I just started to play this country, Floyd Kramer-esque type piano and Niki Haris started singing the song we just finished in a southern, twangy voice. Niki is unbelievably talented! The band naturally just fell into the vibe and so did Madonna. About a week or two later, I started it up again. M was in a mood and the lyrics just evolved into Cook and F**k. I don’t remember the entire verse but I know that Cook and F**k refers to how women please their men. Trust me, it got much worse! (Laughs) How it became registered was supposed to be a joke. M was appearing on The David Letterman Show one night and Paul Shaffer (the show’s Musical Director) called me (I often sub for him on the show) and asked what the band should play for Madonna’s walk-on. Instead of the usual Like a Virgin or something like that, I asked if I could do something as an inside joke. Paul loved the idea and I dictated the chords and the style to Paul over the phone and he executed it on the show brilliantly, as usual. M was indeed surprised and laughed about it on air. She knew that song was my doing. Because it aired on network television, it was registered.” Bedtime Stories Something's Coming Over a very early version of Secret written and recorded with Shep Pettibone before any of the R&B producers came onboard. The song was re-written with Dallas Austin as Secret. Although it shares many similar lyrics with Secret, it has a different melody and chorus. It sounded more typical of Shep's production and a little bit like Snap (Yes really!) During the unique bridge of the unreleased demo the music drops out and Madonna speaks: "I see your love coming down; let it wash all over me." Then the bass and the drum kick back up in club anthem style where she sings: "Something's coming over me, over me, over me, over me." Despite the rumors, Shep and Madonna didn't quite record a whole album post-Erotica. Besides the one mentioned above, only 3 others are known to exist. One being Love Won't Wait. The song was recorded with Shep in early 1994. It has a Philly-soul inspired sound, much different to the version by Gary Barlow. The song leaked in 2000. I Will Always Have You is another Shep Pettibone track from early 1994. This ballad sounds more like the familiar style of "Crazy for You" or "You'll See" than what later became the soft, lullaby-like released version. The released song's theme is all about Madonna cherishing the memory of a loved one, but in this demo she also wants to be the object of the song to also be remembered. The words "inside of me" are hardly used but many of the same lyrics are switched around. The melody is significantly different than the released version. Bring It written and produced by Madonna and Shep Pettibone but never released. US copyright registration# PAu-1-889-252. Partial lyric reads: "I know your love is bad for me, but I won't give up until you bring it to me." Tony Shimkin, Goh Hotoda and all of Shep's usual studio crew weren't involved in these songs, and they weren't developed any further than the demo stage, so she must have twigged on pretty early that they were a little pants! The only other songs that came from this era (I think) were Goodtime and Tongue Tied. They are included on copyright databases but info on the songs are scarce. I'd Ratha B Ya Lova - Original version with Tupac Shakur before Me'Shell rapped on the track. Two versions with Tupac have leaked. One with Me'Shell playing bass, and another without the bass. IT is said Tupac's version was left off the album to avoid any controversy that could have happened for the album due to the criminal charges brought against him. Due Note: Madonna.com once listed Shep as a co-writer on this song, this is a missprint. Shep had nothing to do with it. Freedom was written and produced with Dallas Austin during the recording of Bedtime Stories. Secret was the only Austin-produced track to make the album, with his other co-writes being remixed by Daniel Abraham, or re-recorded with Nellee Hooper. "Dallas wanted one sound, but Madonna wanted another sound," recalls studio engineer Alvin Speights. "Dallas wanted to make it sound more like a demo." Unsurprisingly, it didn't make it onto the album. Madonna described the song in the "Carnival" liner notes as a "social conscience raiser for children." Lyrically, this would be the second time Madonna referenced George Orwell's 1984, the first being Why's It So Hard. Honesty is another Bedtime Stories outtake written and recorded with Dallas Austin. "She said it was too hip-hop" recalls Kevin Parker, assistant engineer on the song. Daniel Abraham was called in at the last minute to remix the song: "The label wasn't hapt and they help up production of the CD to see if the remixes would allow them to use the tracks." Abraham remixed Honesty and Don't Stop, which were both set to be cut from the album, but only Don't Stop passed the Abraham remix test and made the final track listing. The song was later released on the floppy Remixed & Revisited, and retitled as "Your Honesty." Let Down Your Guard was the b-side to Secret. This rough mix edit was co-written and produced by Madonna and Dallas Austin. The fact that it's labelled as a "rough mix edit" makes me wonder if a final mix exists... Human Nature Two demo excerpts leaked online from the song Human Nature in September 2008. Featuring distinctly different lyrics from the released album version, the excerpts are either earlier verses or a discarded bridge section. UPDATE! These excerpts actually come from the song "This Beat Is So Crazy" from the Hard Candy session. Someone filtered out the acapella and placed them ontop of Human Nature. Mystery solved! Madonna did record a lot more with Dallas that wasn't used than the other guys on the album, including another known track Right on Time, Listed in the European MCPS database. APRA id# GW0916567. Keep On is another song written by Madonna, Dallas Austin and Collin Wolfe. It's been said that it's an early version of "Don't Stop" When the Bedtime Stories instrumentals leaked a few years ago, the instrumentals for Survival and Sanctuary were actually the original Dallas Austin versions of the songs that featured a heavier use of samples. The versions released on the album were actually remixed and featured co-production from Nellee Hooper. Something to Remember I Can't Forget An unreleased collaboration with David Foster. Recorded with two other released songs for the Something to Remember retrospective album but this one was never used. BMI work# 2133633 published by Peermusic Ltd. and Warner/Chappell Music. The song was later recorded by Tilt.. They released their version titled "Come Closer" on their 2006 album "Vaults". Madonna is credited as writer of the song. The song was also given to Canadian singer Angelica DiCastro for her album "Beautiful Feeling".The song is credited to David Foster and Madonna. A couple of clips from Madonna's demo version leaked onto the internet on September 26, 2008. On February 17, 2010, Madonna's demo version leaked to the internet in full. You'll Stay written with Patrick Leonard and appeared in publishing records. Also found at the APRA site, song id# GW15524580. Broken written in 1995. Found as ID #GW14567699. A short excerpt of the song was used in a 1995 Japanese Takara commercial, with the slogan "Takara Jun Legend".Lyrics include How can I be pure (how can I be pure), All the strength I have, is breaking me, How can I be sure (How can I be sure), Where the road I chose, is taking me." Ray of Light Regfresando Is a Madonna and Patrick Leonard collaboration of unknown origin. Listed in the Warner-Chappell database as Regfresando. Also APRA song id# GW19069760. The never released title might actually be a misspelling for the Spanish word Regresando which translates to English as meaning Returning. Until additional information is provided, the inclusion of the letter f in the original word spelling is thought by many fans to be nonsensical and probably listed incorrectly in the publisher database. Come Closer - In 2006 UK Dance group did a cover of an unreleased song titled "Come Closer" for their album Values and produced by Mick Park, Mick Wilson, and Kelvin Andrews. In the liner notes, it states: This Madonna song was left over from the Ray of Light album sessions, originally a ballad we twister it a bit and John Elliott dropped the vocal." In Peter M's 2008 Record Collector article, he mentions how he spoke to Mick Park and heard a different story: "Our old manager, John Cechinni, gave us the CD, which he had got from our publisher at the time. It was called 'I Can't Forget,' but for whatever reason it was changed to Come Closer at a later stage." Madonna's original I Can't Forget was recorded with David Foster for the STR compilation. But with this information, and the fact that Tilt's Come Closer has a Orbit-esque production, I guess we can assume that I Can't Forget was revised for the Ray of Light album. Alone Again - written and recorded with Rick Nowels during the initial writing sessions for ROL. The song was then given to Kylie when Rick Nowels was collaborating with her on her Fever album. It was then slated to be a B-side on Come Into My World single, but never ended up happening. Kylie's version finally saw the light of day in her documentary White Diamond, yet Madonna's version has yet to leak Has to Be - Recorded in 1997 and released in 1998, Has to Be is often referred to as the 14th track on the ROL album, and also as the B-side of the ROL single. As mentioned in Peter M's 2008 Record Collector article, Has to Be was originally recorded with Patrick Leonard but later re-worked with William Orbit. The Japanese issue of the ROL album featured extra lyrics in the liner notes not found in the song: "I'm not so good when I'm alone/I don't like what I see/I never measure up to what/The world would like to think of me." Leonards version or Orbit's version with the extra lyrics have yet to leak. Be Careful - Before the duet with Ricky Martin, Be Careful aka Corazon, was first a Patrick Leonard composition. It's assumed Madonna had reworked the song with William Orbit, which M's solo version you can find on the net. However Leonard's original version has yet to work. Also, another Orbit version exists on the internet that uses the music of Finley Quaye's Dice. However, the authenticity is still questionable. Orbit did post about it on facebook saying" "Cuidado!" Got my flamenco on for this one. And there's a version out there somewhere where it's mixed with 'Dice'. No Substitute For Love The original name for what became "Drowned World/Substitute For Love" with different lyrics, vocal melody and instrumentation. The chorus starting: "Face the truth, no substitute for love". The song is also without the San Sebastian Strings sample of "Why I Follow the Tigers" that is present in the released version. This version has leaked onto the internet Demos of Little Star and The Power of Goodbye leaked around the same time as the other early demos. Madonna's publicist confirmed collaboration with Babyface for the Ray of Light but songs were never used. The exact title names(s) have not been made public. Madonna confirmed that she wrote four songs with Babyface for the album that were all abandoned at an early stage. Gone Gone Gone Song from the early stages of Ray Of Light in 1997, when Orbit wasn't asked yet for the album. Written with Rick Nowels and Greg Fitzgerald. Like a Flower - Written with Rick Nowels and Greg Fitzgerald, The demo of this song leaked onto the Internet around 2003. It was later given to Italian singer Laura Pausini for her 2004 album Resta In Ascolto (Italian for "Remain listening!") and re-titled "Mi Abbandono A Te". ASCAP song registration# 431644652;,CMRRA song registration# 1012340 This song was recorded also in Spanish with the title "Me Abandono A Ti" for the Spanish version of "Resta In Ascolto" named "Escucha" (Spanish for "Listen!"). Revenge Written with Rick Nowels and Greg Fitzgerald, The song was one of the early demos of the Ray Of Light album from 1997, produced by Greg Fitzgerald and Rick Nowells in late 1997 before William Orbit's involvement in the project "Ray Of Light". In 2002 it was rumored to be the new recorded song from Madonna for the James Bond movie, and the leaked demo even got some airplay. In early 2005 it was also rumoured to be Madonna's new single from her then upcoming album Confessions On A Dancefloor. The song has since been recorded by English singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, as revealed by Peter Magennis in an interview with Greg Fitzgerald for his July 2008 cover feature for UK magazine, Record Collector (issue #351).A vinyl acetate exists, the version is 3 minutes 45 seconds. Flirtation Dance was first subtly mention on the 1998 MTV Ultrasound interview. Madonna mentions to Kurt Loder that the song title was changed to "Skin." When asked what the original title was, Madonna responds by simply saying, "Never mind!" It's often been said that Flirtation Dance contains an extra verse found at the end of the song. With the help of the instrumentals and the original KTU broadcast of the album, it's been revealed that most of the tracks from the ROL album were edited down to be shorted. The most well known for this is Ray of Light, which originally went on for another 7 minutes. However, other tracks went under the knife too. Drowned World originally had a longer intro. As did Swim. Candy Perfume Girl has a few extra parts throughout the song. Skin had a longer ending, Nothing Really Matters originally never faded in at the beginning and the chorus appears twice before the ending. Sky Fits Heaven has a longer intro. Shanti had a longer intro and outro (like on the VMA performance) and feature an extra part in the song. In The Power of Goodbye, the chorus appears twice before the bridge like in the end of the song. To Have and Not to Hold had an instrumental break before it's ending. And with Has to Be, it features a longer intro. Frozen, however, is at the same length as the album version. It's been mentioned in the past that Frozen was originally over 10 minutes long, and that according to Madonna, it was “heart-breaking” cutting down to a manageable length. This long version of Frozen has yet to surface. Music Wonderland - a 47 second song used for a short lived TV series from 1999 and recorded with William Orbit. Orbit later posted a longer 59 second version on his website which credits Rupert Everett as a co-vocalist. Madonna is heard humming throughout the clip. The humming was later used on the Music album track, "Amazing." The humming can be heard more prominently in the demo instrumentals. This short clip of Wonderland actually comes from an unreleased song titled "Ariosa." Recorded during 1999. A few lyrics were posted on Rudra's blog: "Everyone’s a know-it-all / But will they be there / To catch me when I fall?" "Everyone’s a specialist On where I’ve been Or who I’ve kissed Choices I should make The lovers I should take…” Liquid Love - Recorded with William Orbit in 1999 for the Music album. Madonna stated in her 2005 interview with Attitude magazine that the song was left off the album because it gave her "the wrong tingles." It leaked on the internet on June 3, 2006. William Orbit revised the instrumental on the song "Bubble Universe" on his Hello Waveforms album. 3 versions are known to exist: the original 4:29 version, and 2 revised versions Orbit did after 2000, in hopes of putting them on his own album (Orbit didnt' received the permission to put M's vocal version on his album, that's why Bubble Universe doesn't have her vocals). DO NOTE: The David Guetta remix that's floating around is fanmade. Someone put M's acapella on top of "When Love Takes Over." Run - Another leftover track from the Music album, written and recorded with William Orbit. A revised instrumental was first posted on William Orbit's site titled "Forbidden Planet." Madonna's original demo didn't leak in full until April 21, 2011. An alternate final demo leaked sometime later, William Orbit posted this about it on his facebook: is real. 99%. Jamming with M way back. Someone's beefed up the mix tho. I rather like it. Has got bollocks. But yes, is all us. Doing crazy off the cuff stuff on the Kork MS20. "You run like a girl" etc. Priceless. Brings back mems. Where is all this coming from. THis is actually a decent mix. Or remaster, or whatever. It was also revealed by Peter Magennis in a 2008 interview with madonnalicious.com that Swedish girl group Sahara Hotnights recorded a cover of "Run" that remains unreleased, as was revealed to Peter during his interview with long-time Orbit collaborator, Rico Conning. Mysore Style - Was first incorrectly labelled as "Mysore Smile" when it was first registered on the ASCAP database. Was first leaked during the LeakGate of 2010 as a William Orbit remix of Cyberraga. The original title wasn't revealed until William Orbit posted early instrumental demos of the track on his soundcloud on February 2014. Demo versions of Amazing exist. Only instrumentals have been available through William Orbit's website, often titled "Interstellar Man." The "Wonderland" humming is much more prominent in these demos. The intro is different, and the instrumentation is slightly different too, featuring electronic drums, which gives these demos more of a modern sound compared to the more vintage 60's sound the album version has. The first version of Music that leaked on the internet on May 27, 2000 was the final "demo." The only difference from this version to the album version is it's length; the chorus is repeated twice at the end of the song, instead of only being heard once like on the album. The instrumental that has leaked over the years is actually this version. Other demos have leaked over the years including a very early demo that includes alternate lyrics, "do you like to tango, boogie woogie..," and features Madonna speaking to Mirwais, "this intro is too long, it's too long, yea..." 3 of these early demo takes exist. Another version of Music to leak over the years is an extended demo that has a longer opening and closing that doesn't fade out. Another thing interesting about this extended version is the opening line sung by Madonna isn't filtered or vocodered like it is on the album. La Petite is another outtake from Music written and recorded with William Orbit. An early demo exist title "Little Girl" as well as an alternate demo instrumental titled "Dear Pumpkin," which can be found on Orbit's website. It is often cited that the full title of the final version is called: La Petite Jeune Fille Like an Angel Passing Through My Room - Madonna and Orbit covered this ABBA song during the Music sessions. The demo and the Orbit instrumental leaked onto the internet on August 15, 2008 Love Will Change Us Forever - Intervention was first written and recorded during the Music album session, before being re-recorded for the American Life album. This version has yet to leak. Gone was another song first recorded with William Orbit. Orbit's version surfaced during the 2011 LeakGate. Time Stood Still - As revealed by Peter M on his blog, Time Stood Still was originally recorded as a duet with Rupert Everett. This version has yet to leak. What It Feels Like For A Girl Has three writers (instead of more widely known two): Madonna, Guy Sigsworth and guitarist David Torn according to the CMRRA #718234. This could mean that an alternate version was recorded or that credit is confused or disputed. David Torn has this to say about the song: I love that Madonna was so supportive when she found out her producer sampled me into the tune without telling anybody, with the result being that I received co-authorship of it—something we talked about in that book of yours. It’s still a peak kind of validation in my short life. That anyone would do that thinking they would get away with it in such a visible piece of music is amazing. What an unfortunate act of hubris on his part. Hollywood has reportedly undergone countless revisions and overhauls over the years, before making it onto American Life. It actually originates from the late 1990s. Madonna wrote the track on her own and then sought creative input from her collaborators to polish the song up, the goal being to get it released on the "Music" LP. Early incarnations of the track may have featured input from Guy Sigsworth, but not until Mirwais came into the recording sessions did the song start taking serious shape. Madonna's original acoustic demos were scrapped and the melody completely reworked; the backing music is said to be less guitar and more along the lines of "Impressive Instant." Neither she nor Ahmadzai liked the result, and the song was scrapped. It was picked up in the Spring of 2002 during the "American Life" recording sessions, where it underwent a couple more revisions before ultimately finding home on that album and becoming its second single. In the early 2000s, Jane Birkin (Serge Gainsbourg's ex) gave an interview where she mentioned her daughter Charlotte (famous amongst Madonna fans for her spoken bit on the WIFLFAG intro) working on a cover album of her father's work by other artists. Jane talked about Madonna's and Mirwais' version of Ballade de Melody Nelson, saying it sounded awesome. American Life/Die Another Day Can't You See My Mind was written and recorded by M and Mirwais for the soundtrack of Die Another Day. The producers asked her to change the song to fit the movie's title into it, like all other Bond movies have done. So, clearly she did. It is often described as a slower electronic song that combines the Colombier strings and some background guitars. It is said there's a part where Madonna is singing acapella. Lyrically, the whole song is questioned, like almost each line is a question in the song. The information on the description of the song came from the infamous Anna, so who knows if it's accurate. But due note that this song is not an early version of "Die Another Day," it's a completely different track. Round and Round is the original version of Easy Ride that was written and recorded with Monte Pittman as an acoustic version with guitars only and was planned as the final version. By the time Colombier finished working on "Nothing Fails" a decision was made up to add the strings. The track was finally reworked on with Mirwais. The Process Written and recorded by Madonna and Stuart Price. This is the original version of the song, said it be very electronic, almost dance like. Mind Trap Written by Madonna towards the end of her Drowned World Tour. Mirwais Ahmadzai had then worked on the track in his studio without Madonna. It received various names during it's inception, one being "Mind Trapper". "Nobody Knows Me" is described as the evolved version of Mind Trap, as they both share similar lyrical content. The Game is a song written and produced with Mirwais. It became available on file-sharing networks in August 2008. The song has a stripped-down acoustic folk feel. Cool Song was first recorded during the American Life session, before it was remixed (and retitled) by various people for the Celebration compilation. It was written with Mirwais and Monte Pittman. Three versions are known to exist: a solo Madonna version, another version that features Lola, and a third that features a children's choir. The final version that would have appeared on the album was the one featuring the children's choir. React Listed on the BMI Music Licensing website. BMI Work #7337527.Composers are Ahmadzai, Mirwais and Ciccone, Madonna L. The song remains unleaked. Set The Right is a song produced by Mirwais and recorded during the American Life sessions. It was later suggested to be titled as "To the Left, To the Right" or "Set To Right" without further proof or citation. The song leaked in full as "Set the Right" on Internet on September 18, 2010. Two additional acoustic versions have also leaked. Various rumored unreleased song titles have appeared on the internet over the years. Most of these stem from a June 2003 Record Collector article: "As it seems the highly anticipated American Life album turned out to be a bit disappointing for some of us, a true Madonna fan would love to hear about the missing tracks from it. Confirmed by 'Maverick', unreleased track titles includes: "Mind Trapper", "Bad Nature", "Ejector(or My Ejector)"," Adverse Youth" and much more. Apparently more then 7(!) songs never made it and it seems like no one knows why. Also the track Hollywood is an early track Madonna wrote and was never pleased with the work till its final version in her current album. The song Nothing Fails from the last album has a couple versions as well as the tired, acoustic X-Static Process. When we questioned M's spokesmen all they could say is that the album could have been more dance then acoustic and those unpublished tracks were ditched for a reason. Yet the balladic "Adverse Youth" track is not even close to dance when "My Ejector" reminds American Life.The real reason will probably never be known but there's a Madonna box set coming up and more singles to come so all of you addicted out there can calm down. Even if the tracks won't be on a B-side nor on the box set they will eventually get online somehow & all fans will be pleased." This information could be questionable, as it has been mentioned over the years that Nothing Fails never had any multiple versions. It was very clear to Madonna and her producers how this song is going to sound in terms of melody. Even the choir was already planned. The only bit of extra info is that "Silly Thing" was the working title. The Musicals The first reports about "Hello Suckers" began in December 8th 2001, when ABC.com posted an article about Courtney Love being signed onto the film to play the lead role. The Sun posted an article in October of 2002 of Madonna writing her own film: Madonna is writing a comedy movie based on her life. It is her first film script and draws on her experiences of living in the limelight. Despite her latest movie, Swept Away, being panned by critics, Madge says: "I have started writing my own thing, which I would like to direct. It's about a girl who’s incredibly famous and all the insanity of her life. "She lives in Hollywood and is well known but she’s not well respected. It's about the absurdity of fame, the absurdity of people having preconceived notions about celebrities. It's based on a lot of characters and people that I know. I think it's hysterically funny." Rumors of Madonna's involvement in Hello Suckers didn't begin until 2003. Popdirt stated at the time that Madonna was collaborating with director Scott Elliott on the film. Producers and writers on the songs penned for the musical include Patrick Leonard, Mirwais, and Joe Henry. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You was written for the Hello Suckers musical film. The collaborators involved have varied over the years depending on who's telling the story. DrownedMadonna did an interview with music tour director Mike McKnight where he stated that Devil was rehearsed for the tour, was written with Mirwais and that it had a very 20's feel to it. Others had originally stated that the song was written with Patrick Leonard. It's quite possible that Madonna might have re-worked the song with Joe Henry (which explains his credit on the Hard Candy album), or he just might have been the original co-author. How High is another song said to be from the musical before being reworked on Confessions with Bloodshy and Avant. Curtain has been mentioned on the internet over the years, yet could be questionable as I can not find any official sources confirming it as a legit song. Is this Love (Bon D'Accord) leaked in late 2008. Writers and producers are unknown. Some of the lyrics were later used on Voices. Miss You leaked September 3rd 2010, like Is This Love, the co-writers and producers are unknown. Lyrics from this song were later used in Like it Or Not If You Go Away is based on the classic "Ne me quitte pas" by Jaques Brel. The English version has been covered by a wide range of artists, including Marlene Dietrich, Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones. Madonna's version leaked onto the internet on September 2, 2010. It is rumored that the song was recorded with Mirwais. Boum was first reported by DrownedMadonna in August of 2014. is a cover of a famous song by the French singer Charles Trenet released in 1938. It’s duration is 2:44. But do not expect it to have the same music of the original version sung by Charles Trenet. The music on Madonna‘s version skips at the beginning and then Madonna exclaims “Je t’aime!”In Boum, Madonna starts singing in French but then she stops and says:Now I think that’s some saying in French, I’ll be happy to sing it for you in my native tongue! And finally she sings in English. After Hello Suckers was abandoned, Madonna worked on a second musical with film director Luc Besson. In Madonna's Rolling Stone 2005 interview, it's mention how the film was about a woman lying in her death bed recalling various times and eras of her past. “I had to write music from the Twenties, big-band stuff from the Forties, Sixties folk music a la Joni Mitchell or Joan Baez, punk, and music from now, which is where ‘Hung Up’ came from,” she explains. “I made my own research book, and I had tons of reference material. But when I finally got the script, it was 300 pages long. And I was really not happy with it. It wasn’t what I wanted it to be. It just wasn’t.” Other known tidbits is that it contained a disco section. This is where Hung Up originally came from. If we were to believe the "deathbed" rumor, we could assume that this musical reflects on Madonna's own life. Madonna also stated in her interview with MTV Overdrive to promote Confessions, that I Love New York (Madonna is credited as the sole writer on the demo) was also written for a musical. This again also enhances the idea that the film reflected Madonna's past. To go along with this, another song that leaked during the 2010 LeakGate was I'm In Love With Love, a song with a very similar vibe as the ILNY demo. What's interesting about this song is that the guitar heard at 1:31 is quite similar to a sound heard in the Desperately Seeking Susan score, "New York City By Day," heard at 0:15 seconds. Madonna's Unreleased Song wiki article states that a clip of an alternate version with different lyrics leaked, yet I have yet to find it! Confessions Brother-in-law Joe Henry mentioned in an interview that he was working with Madonna on two songs. Only one of these collaborations (Jump), appeared on the final cut of the album. The Joe Henry demo of Jump is known to exist, but has yet to leak. The second song may have been "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" which was later re-worked on Hard Candy. Keep The Trance written and recorded with Mirwais. Two versions are known to exist: a mono demo, and the final version. The instrumental for the final version was later re-used by Mirwais for Yas's song "Get It Right." History was written and recorded with Stuart Price. Various versions exist. The only released version was a remix that appeared as the B-side on the Jump maxi single. The earlier versions (often titled History (Land of the Free) )that have leaked have slightly different lyrics, for example, the first chorus on these versions are: "why are we separated, i thought that we were related." In the released version, it's: "why are we separated, defined by our greed and hatred." Before the Jump single was released, a 2 minute clip of the final Land of the Free was leaked that used the final chorus as heard on the B-side remix. This version, which is said to be the one that could have been on the album, has yet to leak in full. Triggering is a song written and recorded with Mirwais for the Confessions album. The song leaked in full on August 21, 2008. Sometimes referred to by fans as "Triggering Your Senses" due to the song's chorus. Registered ASCAP Work ID# 502697032. Two ruff versions leaked in 2011, but their authenticity is questionable. Get Together the original version was first co-written and produced with Anders Bagge and Peer Åstrom. 3 demos have leaked over the years. Fighting Spirit co-written and produced with Mirwais, appeared as a bonus track on the limited edition of the album. Most of the Confessions album was inspired by ABBA and Donna Summer, this however shows an influence from Blondie, which is why it may not have made the standard album tracklist. Superpop was released via the ICON fanclub. Written and re-corded with Mirwais. An MSN article from December 2005 that talked about the song mentioned how it was originally going to be the 13th track of the album... Anyways, a demo version leaked that has a completely different production and features electric guitars. Hung Up - Various versions exist. Before the single was released and leaked, 2 clips of the song leaked with faster pace, and with the male-like backing vocals more prominent than on the album. The Motorola commercial used a version that didn't contain the ABBA sample. A demo version leaked during the LeakGate of 2011. It doesn't feature the ABBA sample, but uses a different vocal take. The demo has a running time of 3:12 Let It Will Be was first recorded with Mirwais before being produced by Stuart Price. Mirwais's demo leaked during the LeakGate of 2011. The file stated it was recorded in April 2005. How High and Like It or Not - Bloodshy and Avant sent two instrumentals to Madonna, one titled "Lester" and the other "Snooker Crunk." These two instrumentals were of How High and LION. The How High instrumental (Lester) had a different production. Madonna's vocal version of this demo leaked during the 2011 LeakGate. It features an alternate vocal take towards the end. Two of Madonna's vocal demos for Like It Or Not leaked during the same time. The music is practically the same as the album version, minus the acoustic guitar which was added on by Stuart. There's also some minor differences in the production. Hard Candy In 2007 Madonna recorded 3 acoustic demos for Broken, Hey You, and Beat Goes On. Based on the quality, these demos were most likely recorded with a sound recorder. Anyone else's involvement during these recordings or assisting in developing the rough demos is unknown, however Madonna does speak to another person in the Broken demo and mentions someone by the name of "Jimmy" in the beginning of the track. Part of the lyrics in this demo version of Broken appear in Miles Away (all my dreams they fade away). It's quite possible that a version of Broken done by JT and Timbaland might exist, before adapting the song into Miles Away.... Beat Goes On - besides the acoustic version mention above, 3 other versions have leaked. There's the popular demo that first leaked in August of 2007, there's an earlier rough demo, and also an extended version of the album mix. It's been said over the years that Beat Goes On has been reworked many times and in many forms before turning into the version as heard on the Hard Candy album. It's also rumored that another demo with Pharrell titled Silly Girl was supposedly incorporated into the final album version. Candy Shop yes, I know, why include it, it's the same as the album version. But it's not! It's not mixed!!! There are slight differences, such as M's background vocals. The "one stop, candy shop, everything, that I got" high pitched background vocals fade out on the album version, yet you can hear them in their original form in the leaked demo. So ha, take that! The Beat Is So Crazy is an unreleased Pharrell featuring EVE. Madonna sings on the chorus. It's currently doing the rounds in collectors circles, and might sometime in the near future. Madonna sings the chorus, which goes: 'The beat is so crazy / It makes me wanna let go / And totally forget the day / I'm better off anyway.' The song was originally recorded by Madonna in 2007, during the Hard Candy sessions. It was then given to Eve, who recorded it for her Here I Am album, which was ultimately scrapped and remains unreleased. The song leaked in full on August 16th 2014. Based on the full song, we've discovered the previously Human Nature demo clips were actually from The Beat Is So Crazy. Level With Me - An unreleased Pharrell track first reported by Anna Henstridge back in 2008. Animal is a rough production dated July 26, 2007. The full song leaked onto the internet on September 6, 2010. It is said that a final mix exist that remains unleaked that features JT on backup vocals. Latte This is such a confusing entry in so many ways. First, the song title. Sometimes it's referred to as Pala Tute or Lela Pala Tute, or even The Madness of Love. Or better yet La La (like how Timbaland first described ). What it's actually called I don't even know. Timbaland first said this about the song in an MTV article back in 2007: “Ah, man,” Tim gushed. “There’s this one song, we taking it back to ‘You must be my luck-eee starrrr!’ … Remember ‘Ugly’ by Bubba Sparxxx? I got a beat similar to that. The hook is no words. It’s saying stuff named after coffee — all these different names for coffee — is the hook. … The name of the song is ‘La, La.’ After this info came out, some started to refer to the song as "The Coffee Song." The infamous Anna even referred to it as "Black Coffee." All that info was completely false once the song leaked September 7th of 2010. 3 versions have leaked so far, an early rough where Madonna screws up the vocals, a 2nd demo, and a third and final demo. Infinity is a demo recorded with Timbaland and Timberlake. It appears to be an earlier version of Give It 2 Me, containing some of the same lines, but featuring a different chorus. Due note that Tim and Justin are not credited on the released version. Across The Sky - Was first mentioned by MadonnaTribe in a November 18th 2007 article. It's a collaboration between Timbaland, Danja, and Justin Timberlake. A lot of fansites at the time were reporting that the album was going to contain 13 tracks, Across The Sky might have been the 13th track, as it did reach the mixing and mastering stage. The song leaked in full on January 21, 2010. Justin Timberlake can be heard singing the backup vocals. An earlier version, produced solely by Danja, leaked on September 5, 2010. Miles Away - A demo of this track leaked in December of 2011. The majority of the Timbaland tracks (except Dance 2night) were first produced by Danja to lay down the ground work before having Timbaland finish the production. You can hear Danja's work in this demo and in the demo of Across The Sky. 4 Minutes - In the leakgate of 2011, a demo of 4 Minutes leaked that sounds pretty similar to the album version besides the addition of a few extra sounds. This demo doesn't feature the horn opening with Timbaland. Back in 2008 before the song had leaked, a 17 sceond clip leaked of 4 Minutes that featured a similar yet very different and stripped down production of the song. This version has yet to leak in full. Celebration Celebration - The version released is actually in a edited form. As learned from the original instrumental that leaked, it was originally 6:43. This version most likely contained the "my body, your body, everybody wants to party" lyrics that are found on the Oakenfold Remix. Broken - first recorded for Hard Candy (see above), it was brought back during the recording for the Celebration compilation with the help of Paul Oakenfold. The full song leaked onto the internet on September 6, 2010. It was originally planned to be released on 12" vinyl as an ICON only xmas gift in 2010, but later postponed to 2011. It's So Cool - Okay, so Madonna decided to revive the unreleased American Life track for the Celebration release. Not only did she have Oakenfold remix it, but she also had Mirwais update his original production. In an interview for the June 2009 Têtu Magazine Mirwais stated that: "We still have some tracks we're supposed to do together. Especially one that I really like, a very folkish song, but her last album (Hard Candy) had a more R&B sound." Mirwais's remix leaked during the 2010 LeakGate, as well as various versions of Oakenfold's version. A version remixed by Bloodshy and Avant leaked too, featuring a similar sound to Sam Sparro's "Black and Gold," however the authenticity of this version is questionable and just might be fanmade. MDNA Give Me All Your Luvin - This demo features only Madonna. The ending is also different than the album version. Due note that the original file that was leaked had the genre listed as "Sexy but old." Bang Bang Boom - Original "Mika-version" demo, later reworked for the song "Gang Bang". The song contains some of the same lyrics but the composition is completely different from the album version released on MDNA. The lyrical structure of the song is somewhat altered, however, the intonation of the vocals is very different. The song leaked in full via the internet on May 14, 2012. The Priscilla Renea songwriter's demo, sung entirely by Renea herself, also leaked to the Internet some time in 2012/13. In the video EPK posted on youtube, Martin Solveig mentions of one more song recorded with Madonna that would be released. Details of this song are unknown. Demos of I'm a Sinner and Falling Free possibly exist since Orbit posted the demo instrumentals on his soundcloud. Baby is a song written by MIA that she gave to Madonna for the MDNA album. MIA's version leaked back in 2012. Orbit had this to say about the track on Facebook: "thanks for the link, er, but we hadn't even finished the song yet. Madonna and MIA were going to add some more bits I think. Not sure. I'd put it on hold." Whether Orbit was involved with the track or not is unknown, nor is it certain if Madonna recorded her own version. There were talks of her recording her version of Kids, a song Baptiste Kouame did with Kelis for her album but did not keep, he said Madonna did her version of the track in an interview. Due Note: Don't Wake Me Up was never intended for Madonna! As confirmed from WO on a facebook post from June 11, 2012: DWMU was never a track intended for for M. The song was written and recorded over a year ago, around the time of 'Fame', but it was then put on hold. And now is on 'Fortune'.
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  11. So after watching Truth or Dare many times I noticed that in the scene right where Christopher goes and tells her that the police are there (Toronto show) he quickly goes and shuts off the radio and for like 2 seconds it is playing the intro to the Thief of Hearts demo??.. Thief of Hearts demo.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZU4JW0-_I4 here is the scene from Truth or Dare.. http://www.miramax.com/watch?v=5wbWNuYTqbORSt5qqe8n739mLB289JqW