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Found 4 results

  1. Reshma in Confessions

    Why was Reshma's part in CT so small? She only appeared from LIB onwards.
  2. Madonna's live albums may not be as polished as her studio albums but they deliver so much life. Recently, I switched to Madonna Live for my work outs and my performance has greatly improved. Madonna's live music is all light and offers unprecedented endurance. Sure.... I pretend that I am performing but I have dropped fifteen pounds in three weeks in the process. Haha. :) #dontstopmenow #dontneedtocatchmybreath #giveit2me M delivers her music so perfectly when she is performing but her live albums are shunned by the masses as she has never been accepted as a "musician" despite writing hundreds of songs, playing multiple instruments, carrying so many awards and honors and holding a discography that would make any man, woman or child (living or dead) irreconcilably envious. One only needs to look at the copycats and wannabes to verify the industry wide envy. #liquidlove #toomuchblindinglight #shinyandnew #onandonthebeatgoes #lovetechnician Live.... Madonna is undediably brilliant.... We should call them the "LIFE" version rather tgan "live" versions. Just sayin'. My personal live favorites are.... IGTTYAS 1. Nobody Knows Me 2. American Life 3. Into the Groove CONFESSIONS 4. Jump 5. Ray of Light 6. Music 7. Hung Up STICKY AND SWEET 8. Human Nature 9. Vogue 10. Give It to Me MDNA 11. Gang Bang 12. I'm Addicted 13. Celebration REBEL ❤ 14. Girl Gone Wild 15. Holy Water 16. Like a Virgin 17. Unapologetic Bitch Believe it or not the live version of Spanish Lesson nearly made this list... I love it when Madonna collaborates with other musicians on tour. The results always seem to elevate even her unprecedented energy and creativity. What more can I say? I love Madonna and absolutely adore her "LIFE" versions. XOXOXO Am I alone here?
  3. Which tour do you think had the best video interludes?? I think that honor goes to MDNA; from the ironic Best Friend-Heartbeat symbolizing the burial of Madonna's married past, to the carnivalesque take on Justify my Love to Nobody Knows Me, Madonna's best kept secret, becoming the soundtrack to the secret lives of all the gay teens who have committed suicide. The worst would definitely have to be Rebel Heart's lazy, half assed interludes. Edit versions of Ghosttown and Erotica videos and even Illuminati, aside from the rubber pole dancers, were pretty lazy. What happened to the alleged Sex Teacher video that was going to be used for SEX?? If I had to rank the tours by interludes, it'd be something like this: 1. MDNA 2. Drowned World Tour 3. Re-Invention 4. Sticky & Sweet 5. Confessions 6. Rebel Heart
  4. Hello everyone - as I anxiously wait for the MDNA Tour to take over my life, I've been reminiscing about and re-watching the Immaculate Confessions Tour. I'm hoping we can all direct each other to amazing fan recordings, as opposed to the DVD which by now is almost more ingrained in my memory than my own experience of the show. So yeah... Do you know where we can find awesome, unedited recordings of this incredible tour? Merci d'avance!