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Found 1 result

  1. ...after seeing all that filthy Living for Jesus bashing in the thread which shall not be named. How can anyone HATE this magnificent Madonna CLASSIC. Something that gave me instant shivers and those great 90sDonna vibes which had been absent or missing from her last two albums. All the performances, the looks, even the video (while it could have been better imo) were beautiful. The message of the song and the choir...the anthemic production... It's almost as if Like a Prayer, Deeper and Deeper and Get Together had a threesome. Y'all can hate on it for flopping as much as you want. This was by far one of the best lead singles Madonna has put out in a while. I personally think it's even better than Hung Up which relied heavily on a sample and was lyrically based around one of her worst songs. If you still love this song in 2017, come in here and share the love. Let's have a circle jerk over the gorgeousness of this little anthem.