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Found 7 results

  1. I just got the Rebel Heart vinyl as a (late) Christmas present to myself and I was struck by the exclusion of the Maverick logo in the packaging. Anyone have any idea why the Maverick logo is on the CD editions, but not the vinyl?
  2. This reeks!! Rebel Heart (the track) is a great song! Some of the best lyrics on the album! It should definitely be released as the fourth official single! But judging by things (Not included in the standard edition basically a bonus track on the deluxe, it was one of the leaked tracks) I don't think we'll get RH as a single This would mark the 1st time she doesn't release an album's title-track as single.
  3. Where is the love for my beloved Graffiti Heart?!?!
  4. Well now that we do have promo I feel that we should have a thread to discuss the promo that our Queen is doing, so here we go: The Rebel Heart Promo Itinerary January 27- Interview Part 1 on Today ET (Australia) 29- NRJ Interview February 05- Living For Love video premiere thru Snapchat 08- The Grammys Performance 09- Interview with Ryan Seacrest 14- Grindr chat 25- The Brits Performance 27- Europe1 Radio Interview (France) March 02- Le Grand Journal (France) 08-Che Tempo Che Fa Show (Italy) 10- Release of Rebel Heart album 14- Jonathan Ross One Hour Special (UK) TBA - Interview Part Deux on Today ET (Australia) -Twitter Q&A Let's enjoy all the promo!
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