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Found 9 results

  1. Rebel Heart Tour Showtime GIFs

    I'm going to upload GIFs of the tour here: http://giphy.com/channel/5elements
  2. I was just thinking about this song and how it would fit in perfectly during the Who's That Girl/Rebel Heart section. I know the GP are more excited about the past hits, but the new songs are great too! I would hate to see her neglect some great new stuff in exchange for a better crowd response. In Brooklyn, she surprised the audience with Ghosttown and the response was AMAZING! I think she could do the same with this song. It would be a real shame if she never sang this song during this tour.
  3. Has anyone seen this?? Or has it been previously mentioned here?? If not, it should cause this is AWESOME!!! If they ever release a RHT DVD they should totally go for something like this!! http://www.madonna-infinity.net/forums/index.php?/topic/5420-rebel-heart-tour-design-package-project/ https://www.behance.net/gallery/32056821/Madonna-Rebel-Heart-Tour
  4. Rebel Heart Tour DVD

    We already got these official video releases: Virgin Tour Detroit, USA Who's That Girl Tour Tokyio, Japan & Turin/Florence, Italy Blond Ambition Tour Yokohama, Japan & Nice, France plus documentary footage from Paris The Girlie Show Sydney, Australia Drowned World Detroit, USA Re-Invention Tour Documentary footage from Paris Confessions Tour London, UK Sticky & Sweet Tour Buenos Aires, Argentina MDNA World Tour Miami, USA (plus additional footage from all around the world) Where do you think she's going to film the Rebel Heart tour for future release? Will she give Asia or Australia a new chance?? Place your bets
  5. I know setlist forums have been going on forever, but I wanted to share what I found. This is the setlist that's making its way around Twitter and other Madonna related websites/forums. Allegedly is the closest to the official tour setlist. What do you think? OPENING - Iconic (Feat. Mike Tyson on Backdrops) - Unapologetic Bitch - Don't Tell Me - Hold Tight A LESSON IN SEXOLOGY - S.E.X. (backdrop) - Holy Water / Vogue - Deeper & Deeper (ends with GGW sample) - Like a Virgin - Inside Out - Devil Pray GATSBY - Candy Shop (backdrop) - Ghosttown - Between the Bars - Body Shop / La Vie En Rose - Music Remix - True Blue - Take a Bow FRIDA - Love Don't Live Here Anymore (interlude) - Living For Love - Dress You Up / Give me All Your Luvin' - La Isla Bonita - Who's That Girl - Rebel Heart ENCORE - Illuminati (backdrop feat. the celebs mentioned) - Bitch I'm Madonna - Holiday What do you think?
  6. As we know, M likes to split her tours into different sections. Apparently, the 5 sections on the RH Tour will be: Matador Strip Club Tank Girl Apocalypse Party
  7. I don't know if this has been posted before but it's worth a look. http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2015/06/25/madonnas-rebel-heart-tour-setlist/ Do you think this means something? Do you think she will actually do one of these songs or is just trolling us? IDK You but I would so much rather hear oldies she hasn't performed in over a decade or more (D&D, True Blue) and oldies she has never done live (Love Don't Live Here Anymore) than the same oldies she's been doing for the past 3 tours (Like a Prayer, Vogue, Human Nature)
  8. Normally used as the video interlude that gives way to the show's final segment; in MDNA it was Nobody Knows Me with gay teen suicides being the main topic. Beat Goes On/Get Stupid on S&S tackled political corruption and the Sorry remix on Confessions was about world poverty. What song do you think will get this treatment on RHT, and what issues will it tackle?? Would love to hear your thoughts
  9. From Music to Hard Candy she did it. The small 40-minute, 6 song tour-preview show at small venues such as Brixton Academy and L'Olympia, before kicking up the big tour. Do you think she'll do one for RH?