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Found 1 result

  1. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/02/23/travel/best-cities-for-expats-2016-mercer/ World's best city for expats revealed (CNN)Ever doubted that cake makes the world a better place? Consider the fact that Vienna -- the city that perfected the doughnut, the chocolate cake, the strudel and a zillion other calorific treats -- has been named the world's best city for expats. No coincidence surely. The Austrian capital ranked in the top spot for overall quality of living in consulting firm Mercer's 18th annual study of foreign workers' overseas lifestyles. For the seventh year running it beat out major international capitals including New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai -- none of which made it anywhere near the top 20. Immediately behind Vienna are a slew of other mainly Western European cities, with Zurich, Switzerland in second place and Munich, Germany in fourth. European dominance "Despite recent security issues, social unrest and concern about the region's economic outlook, European cities continue to offer some of the world's highest quality of living," Mercer says. The top five is rounded out by New Zealand's biggest city, Auckland, and Vancouver on Canada's west coast. Singapore is Asia's highest ranking city, taking 26th place, Dubai claims top ranking for the Middle East at 75, while Africa's only two destinations to make the top 100 are Cape Town at 92 and Johannesburg at 95. The study of 440 cities evaluated standards of safety, health, schools, recreation, environment, public services and cakes (well, OK, consumer goods). New York-based Mercer says financial clouds looming over Europe have failed to dent the continent's dominance of its list, while ongoing instability has consigned many Middle Eastern and Africa cities to the bottom rungs. "Despite economic uncertainties, Western European cities continue to enjoy some of the highest quality of living worldwide; they fill seven places in the top-10 list," Mercer adds. Least desirable destinations In sixth place is German city Dusseldorf, followed by Frankfurt in seventh, Geneva at eighth, Copenhagen in ninth and Sydney, Australia making 10th. At 28, San Francisco is the highest ranking U.S. city, followed by Boston at 34, Honolulu at 35, Chicago at 43 and New York at 45. Paris, which witnessed two major terror attacks in 2015, is 37 on the list, two stops above London at 39. Bringing up the rear of the 230 ranked cities are Baghdad (at 230), Central African Republic's Bangui (229), Sana'a, Yemen (228), Port-au-Prince, Haiti (227) and Khartoum, Sudan (226). Mercer also ranked cities for delivering personal safety with Luxembourg taking top honors, jointly followed by Swiss capital Bern, Helsinki and Zurich. Baghdad also came bottom of that list, with Damascus, the capital of civil war-ravaged Syria, just behind at 229. 15. Toronto (Canada) – Consultancy firm Mercer has published its annual list of the best cities for expat quality of life. Toronto, Canada comes in at number 15 -- one of only two North American cities to make the top of the list. 14. Bern (Switzerland) – The Swiss capital Bern comes in at 14. Western European cities dominate the top of Mercer's list of 230 global destinations. 13. Berlin (Germany) – The list measures factors such as quality of schools, political environment, safety, consumer goods and transport. Berlin's are enough to rank it at 13. 12. Wellington (New Zealand) – It's the world's most southerly capital city, and is home to just 200,000 people. Two possible reasons New Zealand ranks in 12th position. 11. Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Amsterdam's cycling culture and laid back atmosphere have helped it to the number 11 spot. More than 400 cities were surveyed by Mercer. 10. Sydney (Australia) – Another city with a relaxed reputation, Sydney qualifies at number 10. The city was last year named as one of the world's most reputable. 9. Copenhagen (Denmark) – Denmark's tough policies towards migrants have raised eyebrows lately, but the city is still seen as a welcoming place for expat workers. 8. Geneva (Switzerland) – Reclining on a wall overlooking the lake is probably the only thing that doesn't cost a fortune in Geneva, one of the world's most expensive cities. Cost of living doesn't seem to impair quality of living though. 7. Frankfurt (Germany) – Frankfurt works hard -- it's Germany's financial powerhouse -- but it also plays hard. The city is known for its lively cultural scene, and knows how to have fun when it snows, apparently.
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