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Found 6 results

  1. Well now that we do have promo I feel that we should have a thread to discuss the promo that our Queen is doing, so here we go: The Rebel Heart Promo Itinerary January 27- Interview Part 1 on Today ET (Australia) 29- NRJ Interview February 05- Living For Love video premiere thru Snapchat 08- The Grammys Performance 09- Interview with Ryan Seacrest 14- Grindr chat 25- The Brits Performance 27- Europe1 Radio Interview (France) March 02- Le Grand Journal (France) 08-Che Tempo Che Fa Show (Italy) 10- Release of Rebel Heart album 14- Jonathan Ross One Hour Special
  2. inspired by Mnino's other thread for new fans, I am sometimes jealous of old fans who were there prior to the GHV2 era.. How was it like especially in the pre TIC era?
  3. CARRY ON QUEENS! LET'S ENJOY THIS YEAR'S SHOW ALL TOGETHER!!!! The show starts at 8 GMT ; 3 PM EST LIVE STREAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWTocA7RXfY RED CARPET: http://tvtoss.com/pages/player.php?ch_id=1664205331&ctd=3&t=U.K.%20TV%20Channels
  4. Part of the purpose of this thread is, yes, to celebrate how beautiful this remix is. To me it brings a whole new (but organic) atmosphere to the song. Any other lovers out there? Also, I'm starting a thread rather than reply to the Remix thread because 1) I'm not sure many people know that this remix exists. It's only available on Spotify. 2) So many people despise the other remixes they might not give this one a chance. So yeah, if you haven't heard it, go give it a spin!
  5. First of all, I hope this thread isn't against any forum rule concerning the leaks. But if it is, any mod can feel free to delete it of course. So...if we can trust what fan sites have reported so far, it's going to be a run-up between these two songs when it comes to the lead single. It seems like we fans are pretty divided on these songs, many prefer LVL as the lead single, and just as many prefer UB. What do you guys think? Which one would make for a better lead single? Personally, I vote for Living For Love. Unapologetic Bitch sounds edgy indeed and, given that some changes will be made
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