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Found 5 results

  1. Let me start by saying that this topic is NOT meant to bash Madonna. But listening to the album and especially songs such as BIM, Holy Water, Inside Out and S.E.X. (my all-time fave guilty pleasure!!!) I can't help but wonder how Madonna would have felt about this album and these songs if she could have had a glimpse of the future let's say during 1990-2004. Back then she was so proud of what she was doing, getting more serious as an artist and it paid off with huge sales for her ROL and Music albums. My guess is that American Life's flop ruined everything. She wanted to get back on
  2. When I copied Hard Candy into my phone, for some reason 4 Minutes was excluded. So I've been playing the album for weeks and I realised the song wasn't there. The album felt incomplete, something huge was really missing from it. That's when I realised that even if on the exterior I don't think highly of the song especially as a lead single, I can't deny it's pivotal role in the Hard Candy album. It is the Hard Candy song, I must say. It's not my favourite first single from an album but it's just very damn catchy and very effective in its role that when it was mistakenly gone, I missed the ho
  3. The Roseland Ballroom is closing soon, so let's remember it by watching this ICONIC performance by the one and only TRUE queen of pop and life in general. Dedicated to Isaac Harris
  4. If only they had explored it more. :/ And then there was this thing (www.tick-tock.tv) What was suppose to happen? Was something going to premiere on April 4th at 4:44 pm? It didn't make any sense..., and nothing ever changed on the site...
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