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Found 9 results

  1. Hope you enjoy it! Leaked rehearsal of 'Music' for the promo tour in 2000! http://www28.zippyshare.com/v/L8MAaOEY/file.html
  2. Do you think GHV2 is underrated? I notice in my Spotify it's the only album that's not there. I know it's probably because of Celebration but not all songs in GHV2 are in Celebration. I also know of fans' disappointment with GHV2 in comparison to TIC but I've loved GHV2 since the start. When I was just a casual fan it's the album of M I listened to a lot and the tracklisting is very impressive. People thought the Miami mix of Argentina should've been there but it was good they chose the soundtrack version as it adds to the diversity of the songs. Thoughts?
  3. What are her songs she has never performed? All I know are the following: Superstar (which is a travesty because it's underrated ) Some Girls B-Day Song I Fucked Up Incredible (another travesty to not perform live) Dance 2Nite Ring My Bell Superpop Fighting Spirit Push How High History Easy Ride I'm So Stupid Swim To Have And Not To Hold Skin
  4. Alright, we're almost finished with picking our favourite Madonna music videos - out of more than 60 to choose from, we have narrowed it down to 3 videos!!! Now, which of them deserves the title to not only be MNation's favourite video of the respective decade, but to be the favourite video of all time? Express Yourself, Vogue or Don't Tell Me - you have the choice! Poll closes Friday! Vote, vote and vote! We don't do such polls every month
  5. We have had lots of polls about our favorite songs and albums, but I actually haven't seen a poll about our favorite music videos of M yet - while they make up an essential part of her greatness as well! So, I thought a poll where you guys can choose your favourite music videos would be a fun and interesting thing to do You can first choose your favourite music video of each of her first three albums from the 80's. I'm gonna create similar polls for her 90's and 00's albums as well as for the rest of her releases. In the end, I'll compile the videos with the most votes of each album / release and make a final poll where you can vote for your all-time favourite By the way, you don't necessarily have to choose the video which you think is the most iconic or has the best cinematic quality to it, just choose the one you personally enjoy watching the most! So, here we go! Poll closes on Thursday!
  6. Let's kick off this puppy by the first rumor. I know it's a story from The Examiner, but it's always fun to get new album talk started somewhere: The Examiner: Full story here: source They get Giorgio's name wrong, so that's a first mistake, but still...
  7. Well? What one song do you connect with the most?
  8. I always remembered hearing stories how some fans were kinda taken back and a bit disappointed when they first heard Music, since it was a big departure (lyrically) from her previous album ROL. But I find it quite cool that Madonna returned to her dance roots. I've been listening to this song a lot lately and I can't get enough of it. One of the best things that came from Madonna's musical career was the discovery of Mirwais. He's a wizard on this track along. It's timeless. Music has not aged one bit. If it were released today it still would still soud fresh and reinvigorating as it did 13 years ago. And that's what makes me love this song even more. The beat is so stimulating, intoxicating, and refreshing; unlike anything she's ever done before. Music remains (for me) to be one of her greatest #1 hits. It's Madonna at her best.
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