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Found 1 result

  1. Watch Madonna Kiss Drake And His Horrified Reaction At Coachella Music ..." - INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES "Madonna Kissed Drake Onstage at Coachella, and Drake's Reaction Was Interesting" - ABC NEWS "Drake looks horrified after Madonna kisses him on stage" - FOX NEWS "Drake Looked Disgusted After Getting Kissed by Madonna at Coachella" - THE ROOT BLOG "Drake appears horrified after Madonna makeout session" - PAGE SIX "Drake & Madonna Make Out On Stage — Watch His Horrified Reaction" - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER "Madonna kisses Drake at Coachella and he's not happy" - TELEGRAPH UK "Drake -- Kissed by Madonna ... And Not Happy About It? (VIDEO)" - TMZ HORRIFIED! HORRIFIED!! HORRIFIED!!! --- HEY BABIES!!! Here is a thread where you can complain about the media's unfair portrayal of Madonna (which has been happening since 732 BC)!!! You can complain and complain and complain and be really sensitive over something that doesn't matter and will be overshadowed by a Madonna event even more catastrophic to come over the next few days... And guess what? NOTHING will change. EVER. So throw your coin in the well!! DOES IT TASTE LIKE HOLY WATER????? WELL DOES IT?
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