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Found 6 results

  1. Literally praying this is true: Apparently Live Nation has booked at least 11 RHT dates for Mexico in summer 16, also due to the whole dollar-peso thing, they're hoping bringing her to Mexico would be relatively cheaper and not as expensive. I also read in another paper that were this true, Mexico would be the only south American stop of RHT.
  2. I don't know if this has been posted before but it's worth a look. http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2015/06/25/madonnas-rebel-heart-tour-setlist/ Do you think this means something? Do you think she will actually do one of these songs or is just trolling us? IDK You but I would so much rather hear oldies she hasn't performed in over a decade or more (D&D, True Blue) and oldies she has never done live (Love Don't Live Here Anymore) than the same oldies she's been doing for the past 3 tours (Like a Prayer, Vogue, Human Nature)
  3. As we know, M likes to split her tours into different sections. Apparently, the 5 sections on the RH Tour will be: Matador Strip Club Tank Girl Apocalypse Party
  4. From Music to Hard Candy she did it. The small 40-minute, 6 song tour-preview show at small venues such as Brixton Academy and L'Olympia, before kicking up the big tour. Do you think she'll do one for RH?
  5. I don't know if this has ever been done or posted but I wanted to create this thread to share with you guys my all-time tour costumes. Of course I also wanna see yours. Here are mine, enjoy! Sticky & Sweet Tour - Gypsy Dress Why do I love it? Because it shows Madonna as a real woman. Feminine and fragile though strong and sexy at the same time with a touch of latin spirit, what she really is. I love how natural she looks wearing this outfit, her hair wild and free, the colors really compliment her and she looked more beautiful than ever when I saw her live in this outfit. Plus she almost never wears a dress for her tours, so that made this one even more special. This one's nothing like anything else she ever perfomed in. And the accessories are also perfect, the lace gloves, the tigh boots and the little hat she put on for La Isla Bonita and the fringe jacket for You Must Love Me. Not to mention the long black gown which was covering this dress first and when she took it off you could see it was pink inside and it fall off her and revealed this tiny colorful sexy dress. It was so symbolic and spot-on for the theme of that segment. Confessions Tour - Equestrian Outfit Why Do I Love It? Because it showed Madonna as the strong dominant figure. The leash and the leather stick really show that side of her as the strong dominant leader, yet feminine and sexy and I really liked that. It was a really great choice to use for the opening segment of the concert. The horse them and all the dancers wearing S&M gear really managed to make this outfit a very sexy yet powerful outfit and I felt it really managed to capture the whole "Confessions" essence. Drowned World Tour - NeoPunk Outfit Why do I love it? Because it's FIERCE. Madonna was 43 at the time of this tour and she could pull off the rock chick image so perfectly and made it work. It almost never looked the same in two concerts, they used different tops, kilts and accessories, using flags as kilt on some concerts, but the general look was always the same (my personal favorite is the stripped one shown on the picture above. if she had only kept that same outfit and hair do for the DVD),. I love Gaultier's special touches on this, the torn plaid skirts, and I love Madonna and him got the idea of using kilts on this tour from Gaultier's personal style. It works for her too. This was a fashion statement in 2001 and had so much influence on everyday fashion. The Girlie Show - My Fair Lady on LSD You know an outfit is something special when it was designed for only one perfomance and it's the most astonishing one of the entire show. I adore this one so much and I could write essays only about this outfit. It was used for her most scandalous song ever, at her most scandalous tour, which was the high point of her Erotica era, so of course most people would have expected an orgy on stage when she performs Justify My Love on this tour. But instead of that Madonna was inspired by probably the most sophisticated social event imaginable, the Ascot Race which is nothing short of brilliant To see where this is coming from (My Fair Lady). MDNA - Masculine and Feminine I'm sure this relatively new costume has easily become a fan-favorite. A new skeletal, re-invention of the original cone bra, managed to add the right amount of femininity to Madonna's androgynous outfit (hence the act's name). It also managed to bring 'Vogue' back to its roots: Glam, fashion & camp. It was also used as a gender-playing game: Madonna plays with the male & female stereotypes again. Like herself, many of the girls wear parts of a men's suit, often a vest over sexy female legs. The man, on the other side, wear dresses, feather hats and high heels. Re-Invention - French Baroque Why do I love it? (LOL How can I NOT love it?!) Because it's a Queen's outfit and it is beautiful in every detail. This time Madonna herself was the inpiration and Lacroix managed to make the baroque inspiration work in such a unique and fresh way which fitted her so well. Madonna wasn't Marie Antoinette this time but she looked definitely royal in her own sexy way. I love the bow in her hair, the shoulder pad, and the arm band. Personally I love the blue corset more than the gold one. She looked like a Queen wearing it. Blond Ambition - Metropolis Why do I love it? Because this one's a legend. This outfit IS Madonna. This is the outfit which made me a Gaultier fan for life like he's my number one designer for ever, because anyone who could think of something like that is a genius This corset is the perfect embodiment of the feminine strength and is sexy and stunning and Madonna is wearing it in such an admirable way. It was definitely designed for her. Gaultier's been making coned bras and corsets for years now, but they look most perfect on Madonna because there's no living soul on this planet who can wear them this well and making them hers. I have an obsession for this outfit, for this performance and for this tour and what only makes it more perfect in my eyes it's the curls (i know the look with the ponytail is iconic but I just love how she looked with the curls). Really lost its essence when she put on the colorful biker jacket for 'Causing a Commotion' and 'Where's the Party' but still I'm crazy about it, it makes this look whole which is my favorite Madonna look ever. This corset is a signature outfit for both Madonna and Gaultier, my two idols, that's why it ended up number one on my list. Can't wait to see yours
  6. She's gone social media mad. She's just released a six second MDNA tour clip. I haven't got it so you'll have to find it yourselves!
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