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Found 1 result

  1. People in Asia had been waiting for Madonna to visit us in this part of the Globe and I think its about time she does. With the Live Nation press release, And even Arthur Fogel mentioning that they are excited for Australia and Asia and in exploring places she's never been. In particular The Ring of fire nations I am hoping and praying she finally Do Asia. Most everybody in the forum had been very lucky that M had at least once or lots of times visited they're countries but for us here Nada, I'm talking about South East Asia I mean she had been to Japan for the nth time but for countries like HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines Thailand. Indonesia etc we are so looking forward that this push through. If the likes of Beyonce, Gaga , Katy Perry, Kylie etc had been making a killing at the box office the Queen should get her bigger share, And for crying out loud if One Direction can sold out their tickets for two days and command a 500 dollars a pop for best seats Madonna can easily top that because we are oh so hungry for her to grace us with her Royal presence. Were waiting Tick tock tick tock.....Please Madonna Visit GAYsia you wont regret it,
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