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  1. Please no. Enough with the fucking guest stars. None of us are buying this stuff for Nicki or Cardi or anyone else. And radio isn’t spinning it no matter who guests on it. Just give the fans what they want — MADONNA.
  2. Why would she extend the tour in Europe and not the U.S. if she was going to extend it? Wasn't there some speculation that the European shows would be less profitable because of the exchange rate with the strong dollar?
  3. Yes, this. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like CT "LIB." Just didn't work for me. She should have kept "Everybody" in the setlist. Or, if she wanted another universally-recognized hit to amp up the crowd as the show moved towards the finale, a disco "Holiday" would have fit nicely.
  4. I'm not saying the thing made Interscope a fantastic sum of money, but they made money off it without having to do a thing for it. It was one of the best-selling concert DVDs of the year, and it wasn't even released until September, IIRC.
  5. 1. Drowned World Tour 2. Girlie Show 3. Who's that Girl 4. Sticky and Sweet 5. Rebel Heart 6. Confessions
  6. Every tour she's ever done -- with the sole exception of RIT -- has been released for home video, regardless of whether it was broadcast on TV or the internet. By all accounts, the MDNA release was a hit for Interscope. There's absolutely no reason to think RHT won't get a release as well.
  7. "Desperately Seeking Susan" has already achieved cult classic status. Christ, just Google "desperately seeking susan cult classic" -- thousands of articles pop up directly referring to it as a cult classic. "Evita" is on its way to cult classic status. It wasn't a big hit sales-wise, but it was a critical darling and there is a group of people (including many non-Madonna fans) who adore it -- anecdotally, I can think of probably a half dozen non-Madonna fans who are theater / movie musical geeks and history nerds who adore it. One of my closest friends listens to the soundtrack like every month or two because she fell in love with Eva Peron while doing a high school project on women in history like 20 years ago
  8. Good God S he was so effortlessly cool at this time. Everyone loved her. I remember even the super dark alt-rock / goth girls loved her at this time. There was a girl who was just the pinnacle of anti-establishment in my school and I saw her drop the CD insert to the "ROL" album in my art class one day. I asked what she was doing with it and she like "Madonna fucking rocks" and then turned away from me like I didn't even deserve the explanation.
  9. Oh my God, I got a little teary eyed for Chelle -- what an incredible moment for you And "Drowned World!" What a treat! One of my all-time favorites. Wish it'd been a single here in the States. Everyone needs to hear its brilliance. God, I love this tour. I wish she'd add another 80 dates. I'd buy 10 more tickets.
  10. Not to go off-topic, but does anyone know why HBO didn't pick up RIT for live broadcast? Was the DWT broadcast a flop for them?
  11. I honestly don't care about DVD / Blue-Ray. Just put the shit on iTunes -- that's like Being a Musician 101 in 2015. That her team doesn't have all of her live shows -- and singles! -- on iTunes is a fucking disgrace.
  12. As much as I love the Queen, I just can't get behind her acting carer. So many bad movies -- and so much bad acting in otherwise "meh" films. The only sort of film that I expect she'd be good in that she has not yet done is an action film. She's an excellent dancer, and I suspect she could quickly learn and expertly execute the highly-choreographed fight scenes that have dominated films since "Kill Bill." Hell, she would have been incredible as the Bride in "Kill Bill." "Desperately Seeking Susan," "Dick Tracy," "ALOTO," and "Evita" have always been the "big four" for me. The films are well done all around, she acts well in them, and the roles in each are a good fit for her star / public image at each of these times in her career. I've never really thought of this before, but you might be right here. + 1
  13. She always seems to decide these things at the last minute. The Girlie Show was going to be filmed in Mexico and then scrapped for Australia at the last minute, which pissed off HBO. (CNN even did a report on it!) Rumor had it she was considering a bunch of different venues before settling on Lisbon for RIT. She wanted MDNA filmed at one of the South American dates before settling on Miami. I really hope it's Mexico.
  14. Virgin or WTG. Just to see what the crowds were like in those days ...
  15. Yeah, Madge wanted "BS" to be the lead single. Looking back, going electronica with "ROL" isn't much of a surprise considering how hard she was pushing for "BS" through this era.
  16. I stand by my ranking from this summer, with the exception that I'm moving from "Rebel Heart" from the second tier to the first (though still keeping it at four overall): PERFECT: Music Like a Prayer Ray of Light Rebel Heart EXCELLENT: Erotica Like a Virgin True Blue Madonna Bedtime Stories GOOD: Confessions on a Dance Floor (I'm Breathless) MEH: American Life Hard Candy MDNA
  17. I truly don't understand how or why it became cool for Madonna fans to put down "Ray of Light" or fans of it, but this seems to be a trend lately
  18. This, for me. Spotify only has album versions -- except for some songs, like "Dress You Up," where they accidentally have the extended mix listed as the album cut from "Like a Virgin" -- so I mostly find myself listening to album cuts. I do prefer the 7" mixes whenever I open iTunes, though. The radio mix of "Rain" is one of the worst mixes of her career. God, what a horrible mix. I came across an edit of the album version that was labeled "radio edit" year ago. I can't understand why that wasn't promoted to radio. SO much better.
  19. That started long before the Superbowl. Every woman I knew in college would request "LAP" when they went to a house party. "LAP" and "Billie Jean" were the two songs that I'd hear at basically every single house party. I went to college in the 00s and those were simply the definitive 80s songs on people's playlists. If I had to try and pinpoint when it started to transform from "controversial masterpiece" into "universally appealing / uplifting empowerment song," then I'd guess it was around 2003-2004. I think her renditions of it on the "American Life" promo tour and Reinvention changed how a lot of people saw it.
  20. It seems to me that "Like a Virgin" has both depreciated and regained its stature with critics and the media in the past 15 or so years. I recall a number of the "looking back" articles that came out around the time of "Music"'s release listing it as one of the weaker albums in her catalogue, but now it seems to be universally acclaimed. Maybe it's a ripple effect of Nile Rodgers' comeback with Daft Punk. I don't think "Erotica" is looked back on as a bad album, so much that it's ignored entirely. I feel like I see the word "overshadowed" (with regard to "Sex") every time someone writes about it, with nothing actually said about the music itself. "Bedtime Stories" falls into the same camp -- it had glowing reviews on its release, but people seem to forget that it ever existed now. "American Life" has somehow gotten an even worse reputation as its aged. It got mixed reviews when it was released, and today it's almost exclusively used as a punchline by critics and music journalists. "Music" seems to be walking a strange line between "still beloved" -- it still pops up on "greatest albums ever" lists -- and people simply forgetting it exists, like they do "Erotica" and "Bedtime Stories." Not sure how to explain it.
  21. Didn't realize this was an old thread until I clicked on it -- I thought it was going to be about Adele
  22. For some reason it's really funny to me that you summed up that time she made out with black Jesus, got stigmata, burned crosses, and hit #1 in like 40 countries as "and so on ..."
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