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  1. Oh, that's ridiculous. Madonna can tour any city in any part of the country and sell out an arena. She is Madonna. That's not just the Madonna fan talking. (Though the "Red America" and "Blue America" media-perpetuated "divide" is ridiculous and totally inaccurate, I will reluctantly use such terms since you have.) Madonna has major appeal nationwide, from Blood Red Indiana to Purple Ohio, which is conveniently right next door. For example, the idea that Madonna couldn't sell out a show in Kansas City is weak at best. Thousands of wannabes-turned-soccer moms would flock to see her simply be
  2. Sell out or not, she's making a mint and the tour is a huge success. And even if it wasn't, it's a damn good show. Though, with three tours in six years, she could have slimmed the number of American and western European shows and beefed up the number of shows elsewhere. That would be my only complaint about the Confessions Tour.
  3. I heard "Get Together" for the first time on radio this past week. I was mucho excited at the time. The DJ seemed to love it.
  4. I'd forgotten about that ridiculous "Forbidden Love" hand dance thing... whatever you want to call it.
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