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  1. This is a thoughtful, spot-on comment. Thank you for this.
  2. This is a ridiculous thread. She's done two major performances already this era, she has a Fallon appearance coming up, Pride later this month and the tour starts in less than three months. I'm surprised we're still getting public appearances at all considering how close the tour is.
  3. I love that he stops cold during "God Control" and is just like "WTF is happening?" I think we all had this moment during this full-on life experience of a track.
  4. I couldn't agree with this more. They be great bonus tracks tacked on a deluxe version, but the album has a much stronger flow without them in the middle there. I created a playlist without them (and "Future," which is the only song I actually don't like on the album) and it's just perfect.
  5. Medellin/Living For Love Dark Ballet/Devil Pray God Control/Ghosttown Future/Unapologetic Bitch (is neither an option?) Batuka/Illuminati Killers Who Are Partying/Bitch I'm Madonna Crave/Hold Tight Crazy/Joan Of Arc Come Alive/Iconic Extreme Occident/Heartbreak City Faz Gostoso/Body Shop Bitch I'm Loca/Holy Water I Don't Search I Find/Inside Out Looking For Mercy/Wash All Over Me I Rise/Best Night Funana/Veni Vidi Vici Back That Up To The Beat/S.E.X Ciao Bella/Messiah Soltera/Rebel Heart Madame X - 1
  6. What's this now? Have I missed something during my two-day "Madame X" binge?
  7. Yes, yes, YES to all of this. We need Mirwais for music director on the tour. Can you imagine what these two could cook up together live?!
  8. This song is such a treat on every listen-through. I keep forgetting about it because there are so many bigger, flashier songs on the album. But then "Come Alive" starts and scream like a queen and turn up the volume. Absolute gem.
  9. "God Control" on top of the favorites, "Future" and "Bitch I'm Loca" on top of the unfavorites. I knew this forum had good taste.
  10. 1. God Control 2-5. In no particular order: Come Alive I Don't Search I Find Crave Crazy That neither "Medellin" and "Dark Ballet" are in my top five right now even though they're both fucking phenomenal is a testament to how stunning this album is. This might be her best album since "Music."
  11. Guys, this song. I am overwhelmed. I've been overwhelmed since yesterday. I've not felt like this since September 2000, when I ran home from school and smashed "Music" into my CD player and first heard "Impressive Instant." God what a track. Put it in an IV and pump it right into my veins.
  12. Yeah, I had (amazing) flashbacks to early-2000s experimental era. So refreshing to hear her working outside her comfort zone again. I hope it's a sign of the rest of the album.
  13. FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS -- WILL LISTEN TO ON REPEAT FOR WEEKS Might be the best track we've heard yet. Both Mirwais tracks have both been fantastic. I'm so happy that she's getting experimental in "Dark Ballet." It's been way too long since we've heard her step outside her comfort zone like this.
  14. Same, for the most part. The other two songs are meh for me. They're largely forgettable and simply can't match the Madonna/Mirwais magic that shines in "Medellin." I am desperate to hear what else these two have cooked up.w
  15. Sounds like any generic pop princess track with a rap feature. At least “Medellin” was good.
  16. I am loving the praise for "Medellín!" Keep it coming!
  17. Video is fine. Song is such a banger, It doesn't really need the intro or interlude. Felt like retreading old ground with those. Still obsessed with the song, obvi.
  18. YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES, YES!!! I remember a topic from a year or two ago in which you and I were arguing for more "maturity" in M's music, and a number of fans on the forum were rolling their eyes at us because they thought "mature" meant down-tempo, sad, dark songs or some basic shit like that. I pointed to "Music" as an example of mature dance music. The simplicity of the lyrics, that iconic one-note bassline, and the naked, untouched vocals demonstrated remarkable restraint and self-confidence -- the sort of thing you'd never get from the forgettable divas on radio today, and exact
  19. EXCELLENT This song is fucking JAM! Not just the best lead of the Interscope era (because that's not saying much), but easily the best lead since "Hung Up." The production is cutting edge without being trendy. The vocals pop without being totally buried in effects or lost in amateur-ish studio work. The lyrics are light without being cringe-y. This is a return to form in every way -- and the first time I've enjoyed a featured artist on a Madonna track since Prince. 5/5 -- my Queen, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
  20. This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. And I was a fan through the “she should do a rock album” years of 2003-2004.
  21. Who cares? Her hit days are over. “BIM” charted (barely) cuz a bunch of teens watched it on YouTube for the celebrity cameos. Fans need to stop with the “would this be successful” and “she needs to do this or that to get attention.” She should stop chasing trends, focus on the music, and release a good album. It doesn’t matter if it sells 10 million copies or 10,000. If the music is good, listen to it, and stop caring whether it sells. (And before someone comes in here foaming at the mouth and screams “She could still get a hit a Europe!!1!” — Take a deep breath, and wake the fuck up
  22. Oh God. Please let these African pics be something else. They’re so lame. The 1994ish witch mother look she had going was so much better for the album if it’s gonna be called “Magic.”
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