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    Troye Sivan

  2. material_boy

    Troye Sivan

    I'm a firm believer in "death of the author," and I think it applies to all art -- not just literature. Authorial intent just doesn't have to anything to do with interpretation. I'm not into twinks, but this is a ridiculous and needlessly mean-spirited comment.
  3. material_boy

    Troye Sivan

    I always thought Troye was OK -- maybe a bit overrated by the YouTube tweens. "Wild" came along and I thought "OK, he's pretty good. But the stuff he's released from this upcoming album is flat-out brilliant. "My My My" was very good, "The Good Side" was fantastic, and now "Bloom." I haven't been this excited for an album ages. August can't come soon enough.
  4. material_boy

    Troye Sivan

    Troye said that it's about giving up your anal V-card for someone special. He even launched the song with the hashtag #bopsaboutbottoming. But everyone's interpretation is valid, of course.
  5. material_boy

    Troye Sivan

    I'm kind of stunned no one's posted this yet: Love this song. Love that there's a pop song about bottoming that's gonna smash. Love the looks in this video. Love the "Vogue" homage: I thought this guy was OK early on, and his stuff got pretty good around "Wild," but this new song and video are spectacular. I'm becoming a super fan.
  6. material_boy


    Perfection. He'll always be my #2 behind M.
  7. material_boy

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Agree that pop is feeling very stale right now. There were a lot of exciting things happening this decade, with lots of genres and sounds being blended into pop music, from blues and soul (Adele's "21") to folk (Mumford and Sons) to dubstep and EDM (Srillex, Diplo). It wasn't like there was one trend waxed while another waned -- it was like there were six trendy things happening at the same time all the time for years. Top 40 radio was really exciting to listen to for the first time since the 90s. But everything now just sounds like watered down versions of what we were getting five years ago. (If Ed fucking Sheeran comes on in the car again, I'm going to drive into oncoming traffic.) This is the first time in a long time that there is nothing on the radio that's exciting and new. There's a big opening right now for someone to come out with something totally different and light the world on fire.
  8. material_boy

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I did not watch, but I just read that he made a joke about Nipplegate during his performance? (Apparently played the song right up the lyric where he ripped off Janet's clothes and then yelled "Stop!" and smiled?) What a fucking ass. I do not understand how he managed to get invited back to do this show, and I do not understand how they managed to announce this during the #metoo movement and not get railroaded out of fucking town. Seriously, Madonna gets more shit for kissing Drake that this guy gets for ripping off Janet's clothes and ending her fucking career. Unbelievable.
  9. material_boy

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I'll admit he has a some good songs, but Timberlake is such a sleaze. His aw-shucks nice guy schtick is such an obvious act. He launched his solo career by tearing down Britney, he left Janet out in the cold after the wardrobe malfunction, he stole basically all his moves from Michael Jackson -- he even tried to take credit for writing "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" on "Ellen." He's just a spoiled straight white boy trying to take credit for more talented people's work. I hope the social justice warriors blow up about this thing and the NFL drops him for someone else.
  10. material_boy

    Whatever happened to Sheryl Crow?

    Yeah, she really fell apart with that fourth album. Totally uninspired. Such a shame. YES. "The Globe Sessions" is one of the best albums of the 90s. And same on not being blown away by "TNMC." It has a couple great tracks -- "Strong Enough," "Leaving Las Vegas" -- but not much else. Second album was a big improvement. And "Globe Sessions" even better than the second -- by a mile. There was a Madonna list-serve in the mid-90s and the loons were just freaking out that "Secret" was stuck at #3 behind "All I Wanna Do." They were so sure it was a #1 hit and couldn't accept that it got stuck at #3!
  11. material_boy

    Prince Dead at 57

    Prince is my number 2 all time favorite artist, after M. I can't believe he's dead.
  12. I stand by my ranking from this summer, with the exception that I'm moving from "Rebel Heart" from the second tier to the first (though still keeping it at four overall): PERFECT: Music Like a Prayer Ray of Light Rebel Heart EXCELLENT: Erotica Like a Virgin True Blue Madonna Bedtime Stories GOOD: Confessions on a Dance Floor (I'm Breathless) MEH: American Life Hard Candy MDNA
  13. Best single in more than 10 years for me -- best single since "Music!" "LFL" might be in my all-time top five singles list. LIFT ME UP UP UP UP! We need a matador smiley face. I would paste it five times right now.
  14. material_boy

    Rebel Heart album discussion

    Yeah, I always play new albums non-stop when they're first released and love them -- then after the newness wears off, I realize whether I actually like it or not. I haven't listen to a new album this much since "Ray of Light" / "Music." Definitely top four album if I was ranking her greatest -- behind "LAP," "ROL" and "Music."
  15. material_boy

    Re-organize the Rebel Heart Era

    Well, I guess I would OK, this is one change I'd probably have loved -- a 30-plus track double album with "Queen," "Never Let You Go," "Two Steps Behind Me," "Tonight," "Tragic Girl," "Trust No Bitch" and some others would have been phenomenal
  16. material_boy

    Re-organize the Rebel Heart Era

    Karbs and I are on the exact same page. RH era is fucking perfect. Only thing I'd change is the leaks. Oh, and I wouldn't want her to be sick during Ellen week so that we'd have gotten another performance
  17. material_boy

    Never Let You Go Demo

    LOVE it. This is one that should have been on the album.
  18. That "Like a Prayer" got ZERO Grammy nominations proves this award is useless. Rolling Stone declared it was as close to art as pop music gets -- and these fucks can't even toss it a nomination. Only thing Grammys are good for is positive buzz. "ROL" and "Music" got a chart bump for their nominations / shows, but it shouldn't matter a whit to fans whether or not it won a damn one.
  19. People get it wrong because we have no idea what the contract actually says. Short of Wikileaks posting a copy of the actual contract, we can only go by what the press reports about it -- and press reports are often contradictory. Various press reports since RHT was announced have said or speculated that this tour will conclude her Live Nation deal, like this one or this one.
  20. material_boy

    Your top 5 Rebel Heart tracks

    Living for Love Body Shop Beautiful Scars Hold Tight Inside Out
  21. +1 "Heaven" is nowhere near album ready. "Queen" sounds like a finished track, though -- and a wonderful one at that.. Can't imagine why the kept it off the super deluxe version. It was already at 24 tracks. Why not one more?
  22. material_boy

    Living For Love (Demo) Appreciation

    Which version of the demo? Didn't at least a few make it to the internet?