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  1. This getting very scary here in the States. It's going to get worse before it gets better, too.
  2. I voted proudly and enthusiastically for Hillary. I grew to love and admire her in 2016. I have never seen any person alive take so much hatred and vitriol and to take it constantly. Literally 24 hours a day on Fox News and talk radio and in the grosser corners of the internet. The lunatic fringe bought into this shit so seriously that a guy shot up a pizza shop because he thought Hillary was running a criminal ring in the basement. She took the hate, the took the death threats, she took everything they could throw at her -- and kept going forward. The strength of character that takes -- I am in awe of her. Biden I don't give two shits about. He feels like a relic of a time from not even my childhood but before I was even born. But the American political system is built for two parties. Privileged assholes can try to pretend others, but the choice is Biden or Trump. If someone is voting for someone else then they are voting for Trump. That is how this works, and anyone pretending otherwise can fuck right off.
  3. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Not being racist isn't good enough. We need people to be anti-racist. Showing up to vote isn't good enough. We need people to be talking to their friends, families, and neighbors about the importance of voting and voting Biden.
  4. Never saw this thread before but to @karbatal for doing the hard work in here.
  5. I stand by my ranking from this summer, with the exception that I'm moving from "Rebel Heart" from the second tier to the first (though still keeping it at four overall): PERFECT: Music Like a Prayer Ray of Light Rebel Heart EXCELLENT: Erotica Like a Virgin True Blue Madonna Bedtime Stories GOOD: Confessions on a Dance Floor (I'm Breathless) MEH: American Life Hard Candy MDNA
  6. Best single in more than 10 years for me -- best single since "Music!" "LFL" might be in my all-time top five singles list. LIFT ME UP UP UP UP! We need a matador smiley face. I would paste it five times right now.
  7. Yeah, I always play new albums non-stop when they're first released and love them -- then after the newness wears off, I realize whether I actually like it or not. I haven't listen to a new album this much since "Ray of Light" / "Music." Definitely top four album if I was ranking her greatest -- behind "LAP," "ROL" and "Music."
  8. Well, I guess I would OK, this is one change I'd probably have loved -- a 30-plus track double album with "Queen," "Never Let You Go," "Two Steps Behind Me," "Tonight," "Tragic Girl," "Trust No Bitch" and some others would have been phenomenal
  9. Karbs and I are on the exact same page. RH era is fucking perfect. Only thing I'd change is the leaks. Oh, and I wouldn't want her to be sick during Ellen week so that we'd have gotten another performance
  10. LOVE it. This is one that should have been on the album.
  11. That "Like a Prayer" got ZERO Grammy nominations proves this award is useless. Rolling Stone declared it was as close to art as pop music gets -- and these fucks can't even toss it a nomination. Only thing Grammys are good for is positive buzz. "ROL" and "Music" got a chart bump for their nominations / shows, but it shouldn't matter a whit to fans whether or not it won a damn one.
  12. People get it wrong because we have no idea what the contract actually says. Short of Wikileaks posting a copy of the actual contract, we can only go by what the press reports about it -- and press reports are often contradictory. Various press reports since RHT was announced have said or speculated that this tour will conclude her Live Nation deal, like this one or this one.
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