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  1. Would you rather....?

    Revisited, mostly because I don't know what you mean by "throw out the rule book." She's not following any rule book other than the one she wrote way back in 1990. All her tour since have been building upon what she first did with Blond Ambition.
  2. GOD I love this interview. This is a contender for one of my all-time favorite M interviews. So relaxed, so cool, but still so sharp in her banter with him. And that acoustic performance! The first time we saw her on guitar!
  3. "Rain" is one of my all-time faves -- and the correct answer is album version or video edit, babes Radio remix is a travesty. Absolute abomination. Can't believe this karaoke shit made it onto any official release, let alone get sent to radio. Oh, and this fan mash-up of the album acapella, and Nicki and Donna's acoustic version is fucking gorgeous: Would have been a gorgeous addition to the DWT cowboy set AND THIS stripped down fan mix too: SHE NEEDS TO DO THIS SONG LIVE AGAIN
  4. I've always liked this song and have NEVER understood the fan hatred for it. (Still don't, tbh.) I get that it's not a lyrical masterpiece, but Pharrell puts in one of the best efforts of the on the album -- the bongos and Spanish guitar just pop off this track. They're pure energy. The live performances really crackle with energy. She clearly feels this song. It's great. All the renditions are excellent. This guy is kind of cute. (Would fuck.) But this song is NOT made to be done acoustically. No, thank you. I've always wanted to see her play out an adult version of Hansel and Gretel for this one. Shirtless, six-pack men follow a trail of sweets to her candy shop and ... well, you know where it would go from there.
  5. "Intervention," hands down. One of the best of her career, honestly. Criminally underrated and a standout track on that album -- rank stupidity that it wasn't rush released to radio after "AL" flopped.
  6. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    BAT -- by a mile, it's not even close S&S -- gets major points for being a real reinvention of the song RIT -- simple, gorgeous, perfect MDNA - good, high-energy way to end the show RHT - boring, pointless, and not worth cutting "WTG" for
  7. Oh. I didn’t know he’d been hired to direct. I read the screenplay online. It’s pretty good. Some things obviously dramatized, but better than anything else we’ll ever get.
  8. What did Brett Ratner do to Madonna?
  9. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    Oh, there’s more than a sketch: this photo of her during the Gaultier fittings for the tour is supposed to be an early take on what he envisioned for the “La Isla” performance. M commented recently that she wanted to use water on tour but that it was a logistical nightmare. Pretty sure this was the number she was referring to. It was cut for “Holiday.”
  10. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    Oh yes, this is a famous example -- and "La Isla" being rehearsed for the first encore of Blond Ambition is another famous one. (Gaultier even designed a costume for it!) And there was "I'm So Stupid" and "Dress You Up" being rehearsed on rawk guitar for RIT, only to be dropped for "Burning Up" and "Material Girl." And "Deeper and Deeper" and "Everybody" being rehearsed for CT before being dropped for "Erotica" and "La Isla" -- leaks of the CT studio demos eventually made their way to the 'net. But other tours are so sketchy. Who knows how real the rumors are that a full geisha performance of "Open Your Heart" and Latina rendition of "I Want You" were rehearsed for the DWT, for instance.
  11. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    I wish we had more info on songs rehearsed but cut from setlists, like this.
  12. "Hollywood" has one excellent mix (Thin White Duke) and "DAD" has one good mix (Thee RetroLectro), but the rest of the mixes from that album are mostly just OK. "AL" era mixes aren't bad, really. They're just ... forgettable. Same goes for "Confessions" mixes, with the rare exception like "Paper Faces." "GMAYL" is just so insufferably bad that I can't even stomach to listen to its better mixes. This mix at least strips out most/all of Madonna's involvement in the song so that it sounds like a mix of a Minaj/MIA song, which at least makes it tolerable. But any reminder that M recorded something this trashy is a negative in my book.
  13. That's got to be the dumbest business decision she's ever made, if that's true. Her fanbase will be half-dead themselves by the time she dies. Yeah right. If M doesn't care about us, why would her children? We'll never get anything.
  14. Girlie Show Philly Special

    Confessions DVD wasn't great, agreed -- but it's the karaoke band Stuart was leading on that tour that really holds Confessions back from the Big Three. Isn't there even a behind the scene clip of M calling Stuart out for not playing live? "I have to sing live but you don't play live? That's not fair!" or something like that? Oh, Suedehead, no. No no no. I'm not even mad. Just disappointed.