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  1. "Everybody" -- she's been teasing us with this one for more than a DECADE now. Dropping it from Confessions, the snippet used in S&S 2009, the one-off on MDNA, the snippet used in RHT -- just give us the song! It is time!
  2. iTunes counted toward the Hot 100. "Hung Up" got stuck at #7 because radio didn't care for it. (U.S. radio was all hip hop/R&B all the time in 2005-6.) It failed even crack the top 40 on U.S. radio.
  3. Not according to the charts archive: http://madonnabbarchives.blogspot.com/2014/12/bitch-im-madonna-2014.html Other than appearing for a couple of weeks in January 2015 (along with the other five songs she released early with the pre-sale), it doesn't show up again on any charts until after the video debuted in mid-June.
  4. I agree with this 100 percent. Leaning into her age and saying "Yeah, I'm 60, so what?" is a classic defiant Madonna move, like she did in the 90s talking about being in 30s and turning 40. Running away from her age or trying to hide it with pink hair and grillz ... well ...
  5. Flopping has nothing to do with it. I love "LFL" -- it's of my favorite songs she's done since 2005 -- but it's not a great pick for lead single, and the video was meh. Give a better video and it'd have been a solid second single.
  6. Timing is the most important thing. It doesn't matter if her next record is as catchy as "Hung Up" or as anthemic as "Music" or as groundbreaking as "Frozen" -- the general public and radio music directors all think of her as a nostalgia act. They're not gonna give her new stuff a chance without some sort of outside event reframing how people see her. That's what made 2012 such an important moment for her -- the Golden Globe win, the Superbowl hype, the payola from Interscope, the she-stole-this-from-Madonna Gaga backlash from the "Born this Way"/"Express Yourself" drama, the upcoming megatour -- the pump was primed for a Madonna comeback story. She was given a huge spotlight and a positive media environment and ... "GMAYL" just pissed it all away. It was one of the biggest mistakes of her career. I think "LFL" was a weak lead single with a fairly boring and uninspired video, but it's leagues better than "GMAYL." And "RH" was generally a much stronger and more consistent effort than "MDNA." I've wondered a few times just how much different her career would be if she'd been given the Superbowl and the payola in 2015 instead of 2012.
  7. Like A Virgin from the tours ranked

    RHT "LAV" was such a breath of fresh air. One of her all-time best.
  8. Favorite single covers from Bedtime Stories?

    I love them all, except "Bedtime Story."
  9. Thank you for being a voice of reason.
  10. The beauty of S&S '09

    Can y'all explain more what you mean by this for those of us who couldn't get to Europe in '09?
  11. Favorite M songs produced by David Foster?

    Agree to disagree on the original arrangement. It's not bad, but nothing great. It's the lyrics and delivery that make this song a powerhouse. Also, YES, it had #1 written all over it. Kind of shocking it missed the top five -- ESPECIALLY since this was the top five that week Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men "One Sweet Day" Whit Houston "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)" LL Cool J "Hey Lover" Marah Carey "Fantasy" Coolio featuring L.V. "Gangsta's Paradise" "You'll See" shits all over this lot, that's for sure.
  12. Favorite M songs produced by David Foster?

    The lyrics and delivery make this song, for sure. The arrangement on the DWT is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the album version.
  13. I always loved this name back it was rumored in 2004. Also, I know it was a joke, but the Spotlight Tour is a great name for a stripped down tour. Just Madonna and her guitar and a spotlight. I’d love something different like that one day.
  14. Music from the tours ranked

    Yep. Agreed 100 percent.