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  1. She’s done vaguely Hispanic segments in four of the past six tours, and there wasn’t anything terribly rockabilly about that set (which was my favorite of the show) other than the costumes (which were fab).
  2. Agree that the show was imbalanced in the sense that it felt like 80s and RH were all she had to offer, but also agree with the poster you quoted that the ratio of hits to new songs was very good. Probably the best we’ve ever had, in my mind. Just needed to drop an 80s number or two for a 90s megahit. And also, the idea that she needs to blacklist certain songs from her next tour is silly and self-destructive. Yes, she has the most storied singles catalogue in history. Yes, she has a poor tendency to lean on a few personal favorites (especially from the 80s), like “La Isla.” But the idea crowds are gonna react with the same enthusiasm for “Fever” that do for “LAP” is outrageous and the idea that she should not consider what the crowds want to hear is stupid. This forum is stuffed full of threads about her legacy not getting the acclaim it deserves, about her dwindling influence in pop culture, her slowing ticket sales, etc etc etc. Blacklisting career anthems like “Vogue” and “LAP” is the surest way to exacerbate these problems. She can do “LAP” and “Vogue” and “LAV” and other megahits that are often done live. She can also do minor hits (“Rain,” “TPOG,” etc.) and long-ignored megahits (“I’ll Remember,” “American Pie”) all alongside new material. Again, I think RHT did this well, giving us fantastic a new rendition of “LAV” while also dusting off “True Blue” and “Who’s that’s Girl” in a show that’s set was half new material. I think that’s a good model for the next tour. I just hope that songs she dusts off include more 90s.
  3. Someone said on this forum a while back (but still like eight years after the tour) that “CAC” was rehearsed for Sticky and I’d never heard that before. Maybe that poster was just making shit up, but I can see this song fitting so well in the “old school” segment. Definitely want this lost hit resurrected on a future tour!
  4. Still makes Tour 11 absolute shit.
  5. “Another Suitcase in Anothet Hall?” An acoustic “Sky Fits Heaven?” But ... a blanket ban on “LAP,” “Music,” “Holiday,” “LIB,” and “LAV?” Either this thread is an extended joke that I’m not getting or y’all are writing the worst fucking set list in history.
  6. material_boy

    Troye Sivan

  7. material_boy

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    A thousand times YES to this. I'd love for her to strip back her next tour to the bare essentials. A good band, a good setlist, an attitude and a spotlight is all she needs to command an entire stadium full of people. Who's that Girl Tour 2.0 -- that's my dream.
  8. material_boy

    Troye Sivan

    I'm a firm believer in "death of the author," and I think it applies to all art -- not just literature. Authorial intent just doesn't have to anything to do with interpretation. I'm not into twinks, but this is a ridiculous and needlessly mean-spirited comment.
  9. material_boy

    Performance vs Performance

    Why’s it So Hard (TGS) v Borderline (VT)
  10. material_boy

    Troye Sivan

    I always thought Troye was OK -- maybe a bit overrated by the YouTube tweens. "Wild" came along and I thought "OK, he's pretty good. But the stuff he's released from this upcoming album is flat-out brilliant. "My My My" was very good, "The Good Side" was fantastic, and now "Bloom." I haven't been this excited for an album ages. August can't come soon enough.
  11. material_boy

    Troye Sivan

    Troye said that it's about giving up your anal V-card for someone special. He even launched the song with the hashtag #bopsaboutbottoming. But everyone's interpretation is valid, of course.
  12. material_boy

    Add one song: VT setlist

    My pick: Dress You Up Holiday Into the Groove Everybody Angel Gambler Borderline Think of Me Lucky Star Crazy for You Over and Over Burning Up Like a Virgin Material Girl God, I love "Think of Me." It has smash hit written all over it, tbh. Could have been a megahit just like "Borderline" and "Lucky Star" if she didn't have "LAV" already on tap and just SCREAMED for a live performance.
  13. material_boy

    Add one song: VT setlist

    I'm bored. We're getting no news about the album, there're no leaks, and I'm dying for some new Madonna -- So let's play a game: It's 1985. Madonna is a newly-minted superstar with two hit albums -- the second of which is a worldwide smash -- and more than a half dozen hit singles getting wall-to-wall play on radio and MTV. She's finishing rehearsals for her first-ever concert tour and she thinks the setlist needs ONE more song to round out the show. What song do you add? And where does it go? Here's the actual VT setlist for anyone who needs a quick reminder: Dress You Up Holiday Into the Groove Everybody Angel Gambler Borderline Lucky Star Crazy for You Over and Over Burning Up Like a Virgin Material Girl
  14. material_boy

    Performance vs Performance

    Frozen (DWT) vs. The Look of Love (WTG)
  15. material_boy

    Troye Sivan

    I'm kind of stunned no one's posted this yet: Love this song. Love that there's a pop song about bottoming that's gonna smash. Love the looks in this video. Love the "Vogue" homage: I thought this guy was OK early on, and his stuff got pretty good around "Wild," but this new song and video are spectacular. I'm becoming a super fan.