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  1. DO YOU REMEMBER 2003?!?!?!?
  2. M's a public figure. She's one of the most famous people alive today. She is arguably the world's only living icon in the Old Hollywood sense of the word. Hollywood can make any movies about her they want to, so far as I'm concerned. If they're good, I'll watch them. If they're not, I won't. About getting criticized in the press: I really don't care (or follow) what celebrities say or do. If they're attacking M, whatever. Other people's opinion don't affect my appreciation of the woman or her work.
  3. I have no idea what you're talking about with Annie Lennox, but if she attacked Madonna in the press -- then she didn't need a movie about M in theaters to do it, did she? Celebrities are gonna say shit or not say shit about Madonna regardless of this movie. It's their prerogative. I also don't know what you're talking about with "the biggest manufactured Madonna copy project in music history." Is this a Gaga thing? I don't get why so many M fans are obsessed with this girl, but whatever ... I don't see what that has to do with this movie either.
  4. Yeah, but who cares if it is? It's not like "Innocence Lost" affected her career in any way. "Secret" and "Take a Bow" were smashes. "Bedtime Stories" got good reviews and solid sales. Her career in 1994 continued on as if "Innocence Lost" never existed, just like it will if this project is a flop. But if it's a surprise hit? Or if it gets a bunch of Oscar nominations and movie critics are talking about Actress X's amazing portrayal of her for months in the lead-up to the Academy Awards? It would be the biggest and most positive press she's gotten since at least the Superbowl, maybe since DWT when had glowing front page / cover stories for months and months. Again: I just don't see any downside to this. Either it's a flop and no one cares or it's a hit / Oscar bait film and everyone is talking about her in a great / positive way.
  5. @ this thread. Fans have been moaning for years that she's unfairly ignored, doesn't get the credit she deserved, is unappreciated, "I never hear her on the radio anymore" etc. etc. Now Hollywood announces an Oscar bait-type movie about her early life and it's too much?! The Black List is super prestigious in Hollywood. Look at the films that have come off the list since 2005. It's basically a roadmap of Oscar nominees and smash hits for the past 12 years. There's basically no downside to this. If the movie gets a shit director and tanks, then who cares? M had nothing to do with it. It's not going to affect her any. And if it's a hit or gets serious Oscar buzz, it could be the best thing to happen to her career in decades, sales / radio-wise.
  6. @ another thread turning into another ridiculous "here's what I think she should do" vs. "you can't tell her what to do" argument. M fans are so predictable. We need some new music, stat. God, I miss blockbuster soundtracks.
  7. Is "Secret" not getting played anymore? It was among her 15 or so biggest songs on recurrent airplay for years and years and years, back when that information was published regularly.
  8. I mean, I'd LOVE for that to happen. Full cover album release with videos and singles and whatnot -- that's the dream! But I'll settle for a demo leak -- just give me something, anything!
  9. I don't care one bit about a single or video ... I'd settle for a demo leak of "Between the Bars" or "If I had a Hammer" or ...
  10. She should have released a covers album. She already has all the arrangements done -- "La Vie en Rose," "Toxic," "Send in the Clowns," "Between the Bars" ...
  11. I hate this thread. I believed for a split second before remembering.
  12. It's absolutely an age thing -- at least in part. It's almost physically impossible for age not to be a factor, as voice change is one of the most common (if underreported) parts of menopause. It is a major problem for women singers, especially soprano singers, as women routinely drop into lower registers during menopause. I've only heard the Japan soundboard recordings -- are there others? She does sound very crow in the Japan soundboards, but Japan was five months into the tour. She sounded amazing at my show, but that was in the first couple weeks of the tour. I'm curious whether the soundboard leaks expose that her voice is being manipulated in live shows or whether her voice was just exhausted by Japan.
  13. I don't know about "near completion." A song called "Mind Trap" or "Mind Trapper" was rumored around this time, and later rumors from 2002 said "Mind Trap" had turned into "Nobody Knows Me."
  14. I've wished for years that a "Music" era demo of "Hollywood" would leak. I've always thought the "American Life" version of the song was one of Mirwais's weaker works, but I love the lyrics. I would die to hear what the original acoustic version or the Sigsworth version of the song sounded like.
  15. Yes! I've always thought this track sounded like a 2000s update of her pre-"Madonna" demos. It fits right in alongside "Are You Ready For It" and others. It's a great little song. I'd have loved it to be a B side to some single in the "Music" era. Too bad we had to wait so many years for it to leak.