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  1. 1. Sanctuary 2. This Used To Be My Playground 3. Best Night 4. Rain 5. Frozen
  2. the only reason i can think of omitting those songs is to ensure all fans must go and watch the live shows or else you be missing some moments.
  3. Happy Birthday!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŒˆπŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ₯‚πŸ­


    1. waidexter


      Thank you !Β :angel:

  4. Which tours have you seen live?

    rebel heart tour as she only comes to singapore with this tour...
  5. Madonna invented halftime

    I find the entrance concept theme, Cleopatra enters Rome translated to Madonna entering Super Bowl, is very meaningful. And enough said bout the fabulous performance she gave!
  6. Performance vs Performance

    Like A Prayer (S&S) Vs Hung Up (Confession Tour)
  7. Song vs Song

    You Must Love Me vs Lament
  8. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    have to say a BIG thank you to Cheeconey!!
  9. This is how close i can get to the Queen
  10. MADONNA in ASIA It's About Time....

    Still unable to buy the pre-sales ticket for the HK 2nd show
  11. MADONNA in ASIA It's About Time....

    why why why hk show booking server down LOGIN / REGISTER Server Busy The online booking system is now very busy. Please access again later. You can also purchase the tickets through our Credit Card "Ticket Purchase Hotline" at +852 31 288 288 with service hours from 10am to 8pm daily. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused! Please click the BACK button to make any necessary changes. Thank You.
  12. MDNA Tour Worldwide Stream Info

    wow is great, thx unfortunately half way through "vogue" , the link no longer works
  13. Madonna Album quiz! How many can you get?

    wow u guys are superb im a flop fan - only 133
  14. Madonna: 1. Holiday 2. Lucky Start 3. Borderline Like a Virgin: 1. Material Girl 2. Like A Virgin 3. Into The Groove True Blue: 1. Papa Don't Preach 2. Live To Tell 3. La Isla Bonita Like a Prayer: 1. Like A Prayer 2. Express Yourself 3. Promise To Try I'm Breathless: 1. Vogue 2. He's A Man 3. Something To Remember The Immaculate Collection: 1. Justify My Love 2. Rescue Me 3. Crazy For You Erotica: 1. Rain 2. Bad Girl 3. Erotica Bedtime Stories: 1. Sanctuary, 2. Take A Bow 3. Love Tried To Welcome Me Something To Remember: 1. This Used To Be My Playground 2. You'll See 3. I Want You Evita: 1. Dont Cry For Me Argentina, 2. You Must Love Me 3. Another Suitcase In Another Hall Ray of Light: 1. Frozen 2. The Power of Goodbye 3. Nothing Really Matters Music: 1. Music 2. Gone 3. Nobody's Perfect American Life: 1. Die Another Day 2. Nothing Fails 3. Easy Ride Confessions on a Dance Floor: 1. Hung Up 2. Like It Or Not 3. Let It Will Be Hard Candy: 1. Miles Away 2. Give It 2 Me 3. Candy Shop Celebration: 1. Celebration 2. Revolver 3. Beautiful Stranger MDNA: 1. Beautiful Killer 2. Gang Bang 3. Girl Gone Wild