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  1. Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🌈🎂💐🥂🍭


    1. waidexter


      Thank you ! :angel:

  2. congrats CUBB u must be on cloud nine
  3. waidexter

    Madonna MDNA Day on Twitter

    im wondering M is rolling her eyes while she has to answer such questions provided she is actually there answering it
  4. waidexter

    GGW video teaser now online! OMFG!

    wow is great cant wait to see the full version
  5. thank you very much for your kind effort
  6. waidexter

    Madonna Super Bowl thread

    Amazing!!! the performances was superb.... i was watching in my office n luckily my colleagues have not reach if not they will see hw crazy i am while watching it
  7. waidexter

    Megaforce to direct GMAYL Video

    i think is a wig http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0F2Fkk95_4 skip to 2.41
  8. hmmm is it an insult or a compliment...
  9. well if madonna made something more serious but not preachy and obnoxious, i guess she's no longer "madonna" that i know
  10. waidexter

    Official MILES AWAY video

    it is a nice song and the video is not that bad..
  11. waidexter

    I'm listening to EROTICA

    i must confess... that the first catalogue albums from Madonna, i bought was Erotica..(cassette type)... i like the album very much till today... Erotica Rocks!!