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  1. 1. Sanctuary 2. This Used To Be My Playground 3. Best Night 4. Rain 5. Frozen
  2. the only reason i can think of omitting those songs is to ensure all fans must go and watch the live shows or else you be missing some moments.
  3. Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🌈🎂💐🥂🍭


    1. waidexter


      Thank you ! :angel:

  4. Which tours have you seen live?

    rebel heart tour as she only comes to singapore with this tour...
  5. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    have to say a BIG thank you to Cheeconey!!
  6. This is how close i can get to the Queen
  7. MADONNA in ASIA It's About Time....

    Still unable to buy the pre-sales ticket for the HK 2nd show
  8. MADONNA in ASIA It's About Time....

    why why why hk show booking server down LOGIN / REGISTER Server Busy The online booking system is now very busy. Please access again later. You can also purchase the tickets through our Credit Card "Ticket Purchase Hotline" at +852 31 288 288 with service hours from 10am to 8pm daily. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused! Please click the BACK button to make any necessary changes. Thank You.
  9. MDNA Tour Worldwide Stream Info

    wow is great, thx unfortunately half way through "vogue" , the link no longer works
  10. i woke up around 4am (singapore time) just to catch the show and i must wow thats f***ing amazing though just watching thru youtube. the audio was great, u can really hear the songs bass beats details compare to the videos uploaded in youtube. BK/DAD mash up is my favourite, i cant stop dancing to it........
  11. Madonna scraps plan to tour Australia!

    i'm also planning to go aus to hv my virgin experience of madonna live performance.. well..life goes on...
  12. Asia 2013?

    hope it is true
  13. Tour updates

    WOW WOW WOW Impresive!!!! MDNA, please come to Asia !!
  14. congrats CUBB u must be on cloud nine
  15. Madonna MDNA Day on Twitter

    im wondering M is rolling her eyes while she has to answer such questions provided she is actually there answering it