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  1. 1. God Control ( in my Spotify repeat list) 2. Looking For Mercy 3. Crazy 4. Crave 5. Future
  2. My Top 5 1. God Control - such a badass song. On a repeat mode most of the time. 2. Looking For Mercy - So lush n lovely melody. Hope she will perform live in dramatic way. 3. Crazy 4. Future 5. Crave
  3. I’m in the same club ”Can’t you see I’m waiting......
  4. My vote goes to 1. Future 2. Crave 3. I Rise 4. Dark Ballet 5. Medellin
  5. I noticed that after taken off her robe, a part of the armour on her hand (whatever u suppose to call that thing) was left dangling similar to MET performance. Maybe Madonna not suppose to wear such accessories oops living for love @ Grammy also share the same fates , the shoulder pad...
  6. I do agree with kurt420 saying she wants to get her message across. Probably that’s the main reason she agreed to do Eurovision than just promoting her album And to think of it, every time whenever she releases her album rumors will start to spread saying she will do American idol, xfactor... but ended nothing. If Eurovision is a platform for artist to perform their greatest hits, there is always Mariah, Janet , Cher to do it. Bravo to Madonna to do it her way!
  7. I only managed to watch once LAP - nothing spectacular but not as bad as what was made out of it Interlude - was muted so unsure what it is Future - Quite enjoyed the performance as I like the song. I think madame x want her message to be heard thus that’s her priority over selecting friendly singalong songs to end her performance. Also to add, may this a lesson for her not to wear grills during live performance
  8. The way of her singing this song sounds so different that I can hardly recognize is Madonna or is it because of the “auto-tuned” effects i like the the piano intro and the trumpet parts overall I quite like this song
  9. I manage to watch the video before was taken down. Madame X looks fabulous in the video It does remind me a bit of love don’t live here anymore video only a faster version
  10. i like it after first listening very soothing n groovy reminds me of till death to us part when she sings the bridge part “ran and ran so fast....” I kept hearing she sings “Kong kong... instead come come”
  11. Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🌈🎂💐🥂🍭


    1. waidexter


      Thank you ! :angel:

  12. Still unable to buy the pre-sales ticket for the HK 2nd show
  13. why why why hk show booking server down LOGIN / REGISTER Server Busy The online booking system is now very busy. Please access again later. You can also purchase the tickets through our Credit Card "Ticket Purchase Hotline" at +852 31 288 288 with service hours from 10am to 8pm daily. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused! Please click the BACK button to make any necessary changes. Thank You.
  14. wow is great, thx unfortunately half way through "vogue" , the link no longer works
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