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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! Seriously!!! He won!! America has sunk to an ultimate low. I didn't think it could any lower with George W Bush but you have surpassed that. Hillary Clinton is an awful candidate IMO, but Trump is out of this world bad
  2. I seen a video of this attack today god I was angry. RIP all those who died
  3. this is one of the worst things ive ever heard. i hope they are killed in jail. a cruel slow death is what these guys deserve
  4. that would be nice. but im praying for Secret. that song is perfection
  5. this era always to me seemed like it was from a completely different person to the Madonna that was before and came after. The songs and videos were awesome though. I never liked the librarian look at all, it was definitely a g rated family friendly era I mean even when Madonna became Esther she still had a bit of an edge to her.
  6. the cover and artwork is fantastic one of the best Madonna covers. The tracklisting and versions of songs is horrible. Could have been so much better
  7. I agree with everyone else he is definitely the hottest guy Madonna ever had
  8. Bedtime Story is one of Madonna's best singles IMO. Awesome song and awesome video
  9. what the world needs right now is another Body Of Evidence and Shanghai Surprise
  10. its like the Paradise Not For Me of Erotica. I love it!
  11. Dangerous Game is unwatchable. The same as Evita, and those are the two that she gets acclaim for. Shame that the movies are shit
  12. Ray Of Light American Life Bedtime Stories
  13. such a cool era even if Madonna did become unpopular in the eyes of the general public. Even during the backlash years Madonna was big, no where near the 80's big but still very big right up until about ROL hype was high for Madonna. I remember as a teenager constantly seeing Madonna in magazines, in newspapers and on the news for simply showing up at a fashion show or awards show. I haven't seen Madonna on the news in years tbh
  14. American Life and Erotica are my favourite albums but were both considered flops. I think the biggest difference between these so called flops is that at the Erotica release interest in Madonna was still very intense even if it was negative by the time American Life came around people in general started to lose interest altogether hence why we got the Britney kiss to spice things up a bit
  15. The worst Madonna movie! There was no excuse for the movie to be as bad as it is by 2000. Madonna had plenty of chances to get acting right and never did. Most of the material was shit, but her acting is worse. The next best thing was the worst acting of hers out of any movie she ever did makes Swept Away look like a masterpiece.The lighting, the shadows on her forehead as well as around her mouth to highlight her eyes is the same lighting used in Body Of Evidence. looks like shit and stupid
  16. Big single for Madonna in 95. I wasn't into Madonna's ballads in the 90's I found them boring and I couldn't wait for the STR and Evita period to be done and for Madonna to get rocking again. But You'll See is a fantastic ballad I heard it last night when I working out Madonna's vocals are stunning and the message of the song is very powerful
  17. the glory days. Brilliant. As a teenager. I loved it. And as it would turn out years later I could really relate to this video. Im now in recovery. Awesome storyline for this video Madonna couldn't have done a better job if she tried.
  18. took me years to get into this album. Didn't like it very much at the time. Now I love it. Like ROL the sounds takes a bit of getting used to. I cant believe its been 15 years I feel so old! I would have only been 19 when it came out
  19. wasn't the same sort of lighting done in body of evidence?? Maybe it was Madonna's idea??
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