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  1. ...I don't listen to the album anymore. Unfortunately I could not connect to it. The only song I really like is Medellin. The other two songs I kinda like are Batuka and Looking For Mercy. The rest doesn't do it for me. I love catchy melodies and harmonies… but what I mostly miss is the fun and ease element. For me MX sounds all too strained and serious. I am glad though that Madonna is still creative and providing us with new material and that you guys here love MX so much... though I'd rather listen to Over And Over, I'm Going Bananas, True Blue, Gambler, Who's That Girl or the songs from COADF. Madonna's music is so diversified… So for each their own...
  3. Just saw that… the article about Madonna's career ending performance is not only the most read, but also the most commented and most discussed article on Spiegel Online... and that is by far the biggest news website in Germany. It is certainly getting lots of press and it is also boosting Future in the charts. Here is the current German iTunes update: 1 +86 - Duncan Laurence - Arcade (Eurovision Netherlands) 2 -1 - Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care 3 +10 - Sarah Connor - Vincent 4 +187 - Mahmood - Soldi (Eurovision Italy) 5 +42 - Luca Hänni - She Got Me (Eurovision Switzerland) 6 +168 - Keiino - Spirit in the Sky (Eurovision Norway) 7 -4 - Johannes Oerding - An guten Tagen 8 -6 - Shirin David - Fliegst Du mit 9 -4 - Billie Eilish - bad guy 10 -6 - Samra & Capital Bra - Wieder Lila 11 +65 - Madonna & Quavo - Future 12 -5 - Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved So at least it gets the people talking and Future higher in the charts… at least something… I am off now… blasting SOLTERA... that tune is so infectious!
  4. The Irish Times (Ireland) - "Things that were massive in the ‘80s but maybe not so much now’" De Telegraaf (The Netherlands) - "Dismay over Madonna's performance" Blick (Swizterland) - "Monk choir - and rather crooked vocals" Der Westen (Germany) - "Madonna with embarrassing appearance at the ESC 2019" ORF (Austria) - "Madonna with clearly recognizable crooked tones" BILD (Germany) - "Super Flop Instead of Super Star", Der Spiegel (Germany) - "The low point of her career, maybe even the endpoint?" BBC (UK) - "Madonna performance gets mixed response" The Sun (UK) - "Madonna shocks Eurovision as her dancers hug wearing Israeli and Palestinian flags in unrehearsed moment" Daily Mail (UK) - "Madonna, 60, leaves Eurovision fans 'disappointed' with her 'tone deaf' vocals during high-octane show... as her dancers sport Israeli and Palestinian flags WITHOUT approval"
  5. Correct… the political statement is actually the only positive thing that is highlighted in the press. The fact that Madonna did it in a very peaceful and non-attention-seeking way. Iceland on the other hand did really the most to show their hate/disdain towards Israel in a really drastic way, they are getting a lot of attention for it. The point really is that it was a bad and flat/low-energy performance.
  6. German media is ripping Madonna to shreds for her performance last night. I just read the headlines of the two biggest newspapers: BILD's headline said "Super Flop Instead of Super Star", Der Spiegel's headline reads "The low point of her career, maybe even the endpoint?" I did not read the articles. Because it would hurt too much. I feel really sad. Madonna had such a great opportunity to promote her new album, 200 million people audience, too bad it was such a flat and uneventful performance. I think it is so ironic that the performance she had the biggest audience ever, she has the worst performance of her career… I am still excited about the album though… really love Medellin and also like Future... and I believe I will really like Killers Who Are Partying… well… still feeling a bit disappointed… the next performance will be better…
  7. Damn... I was so hyped for this performance. But it was really painful to watch. I am so disappointed. Like A Prayer was off and the arrangement totally flat. The Future performance was mediocre, too much autotune. Sad to watch. What a missed opportunity.
  8. I'm really excited for the final, now that Madonna is basically confirmed. Though she should perform Medellin, because Crave does not have the hit potential that Medellin has. Hopefully Maluma will fly to Telaviv too. And I'm afraid Kate Miller-Heidke will steal the spotlight from our Queen and become the queen of Eurovision that night. Everyone is talking about her performance from yesterdays semi final. Her song sucks. But wow... that was breathtaking to look at.
  9. The stage looks smaller than in recent years. Not a very big arena. Tonight the only song I liked was from Slovenia. Australia has the best performance (but an awful song).
  10. # 1 - Medellin (8/10) # 2 - Crave (7/10) # 3 - I Rise (6/10) Like them all, much better than Living For Love or Bitch I`m Madonna...
  11. OMG! I really, really love it! I was expecting much worse since her lead singles were horrible the last couple of years. It is so summery, hypnotic and mainstream... this will finally become a hit for Madonna after all these years. The last single that really connected with the audience here in Europe was Celebration and that was ten years ago! The second part of the song is sooo good... you can really hear they put a lot of effort into this and tested, tested, spend a lot of time making it immaculate!
  12. I just hope you US guys can watch Madonna performing that night... because in 2016 when Justin Timberlake was the interval act, the US commentary was priceless when Justin was about to perform: "You can't vote, you can't watch Justin Timberlake - might be a good time to go get a snack or something". Logo TV, who was broadcasting Eurovision live that year in the US couldn’t get the rights to his performance. Hope that doesn't happen again this year…
  13. Here's the timeline of how it went down in 2016 when Justin Timberlake performed at the ESC: May 6th, 2016 - Earliest News Reports about a new Single & Album Justin Timberlake Confirms New Album, Is Straight Trolling with New Song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is a total banger. (Vanity Fair) Justin Timberlake Confirms New Album, Hints He's Going Country (E! Online) The Single "Can't Stop the Feeling!" gets released on the same day. May 9th, 2016 - Confirmation of Eurovision Performance Justin Timberlake makes world premiere live performance in the Eurovision Song Contest! (Eurovision) Justin Timberlake to perform at Eurovision Song Contest (BBC) Justin Timberlake brings sexy back to Eurovision (The Guardian) Media Coverage before the Final - Justin doing dress rehearsals World's Strangest Music Competition is coming live to the US on Saturday - with JT in it (People Magazine) Singing hopefuls gearing up for Eurovision 2016 - alongside Justin Timberlake (ITV) Justin Timberlake is going to ruin Eurovision (Quartz) May 14th, 2016 - Justin Timberlake performs his new single at the ESC Final May 15th, 2016 - News Reports about the performance Justin Timberlake was too slick and soulless at Eurovision (The Telegraph) Justin Timberlake takes Eurovision by storm as he performs his new single Can't Stop The Feeling live for the first time at the finals in Sweden (Daily Mail) Justin Timberlake Performs 'Can't Stop the Feeling,' 'Rock Your Body' at Eurovision 2016 (Billboard) May 16th, 2016 - Official music video to "Can't Stop the Feeling!" gets released May 18th, 2016 - News Reports on the Chart Performance (official Billboard Charts week May 28th, 2016) Justin Timberlake Debuts at No. 1 on Hot 100 With 'Can't Stop the Feeling! (Billboard) Timberlake scores his fifth solo No. 1 and his best sales week for any of his songs (E! Online) So... hopefully Madonna does perform at the Eurovision this year… and hopefully she can duplicate the success Justin had… so if Madonna really does perform the earliest confirmation from the EBC itself will come one week before the final... if they follow the pattern from 2016... So that would translate to the following schedule for Madonna: May 10th - Single Release & Official Album News May 13th - Official Confirmation of ESC Performance May 14th - Madonna arrives in Israel May 15th - Rehearsals Begin / YouTube Videos of the Rehearsals May 18th - ESC Performance May 20th - New Madonna Music Video
  14. Earlier today, Israeli broadcaster KAN revealed the ticket price list for Eurovision 2019. You’ll need a lot of money to get your hands on these tickets… they range from 300$ to 500$. A high production means high ticket prices, that’s what KAN say anyway… no word if Madonna is actually a part of the show so far... Ticket prices for Eurovision 2019
  15. It really is brainwashing… I usually only post in the charts section here, but I have to get something off my chest: So I haven't been to the US since almost 15 years (I am from Germany by the way), but was able to visit friends in Knoxville and Charlotte this summer. The thing that irks me is how people got manipulated by the media in the USA about the situation in other countries. The right wing media and the president paint an apocalyptic image of the security situation in Germany, Sweden and other liberal countries in Europe... I found it frustrating to argue against those opinions. Opinions that the US president is falsely spreading on twitter even in 2018, for example that crime in Germany is "way up" (the numbers tell a different story) or "look at what's happening in Sweden", etc... and people buy it... that's what's frustrating me... when people in a country with probably one of the highest crime rates in the world (USA) tell you, they are concerned about your well-being, because Europe has become such a dark and dangerous place… quite a few People in the US really do believe that… and you can't even argue against it, because they are so brainwashed… Though I love the USA... Dollywood is just heaven!
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