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  1. It really is brainwashing… I usually only post in the charts section here, but I have to get something off my chest: So I haven't been to the US since almost 15 years (I am from Germany by the way), but was able to visit friends in Knoxville and Charlotte this summer. The thing that irks me is how people got manipulated by the media in the USA about the situation in other countries. The right wing media and the president paint an apocalyptic image of the security situation in Germany, Sweden and other liberal countries in Europe... I found it frustrating to argue against those opinions. Opinions that the US president is falsely spreading on twitter even in 2018, for example that crime in Germany is "way up" (the numbers tell a different story) or "look at what's happening in Sweden", etc... and people buy it... that's what's frustrating me... when people in a country with probably one of the highest crime rates in the world (USA) tell you, they are concerned about your well-being, because Europe has become such a dark and dangerous place… quite a few People in the US really do believe that… and you can't even argue against it, because they are so brainwashed… Though I love the USA... Dollywood is just heaven!
  2. Oh come on... don`t read or quote the Daily Mail... that is right-wing propaganda press... they also do terrific stories on Madonna, you know? Stealing kids from their poor relatives in Malawi and stuff... I agree in 2016 events have overlapped in an unsettling way. But every now and then, there are phases in international politics during which more happens in the span of a few weeks than would otherwise happen in years... don't let global insecurity become the new status quo... and don't contribute to it by blowing things out of proportion... I believe the relationship between modernity and political Islam will continue to be a big problem in the future... and it especially will be a problem here in Germany... I mean: over one million refugees entered our country last summer and so far 99,9% don't cause any problems... though I sadly do believe that there will be more severe islamic attacks in the future...
  3. Police said most likely a spray can crackled and set the suitcase on fire...
  4. Why suddenly every homicide in Germany is getting world-wide attention? A 72 year old patient kills his doctor with a gun. To put things into perspective: Less than 150 people a year are vicitms of a gun homicide in Germany. In the USA it`s more than 10,000. Actually more than 30,000 people are killed by firearms each year in the US annually. So going by statistics today almost 100 people in the United States died due to a gun shot, more than 30 of those due to a homicide. So suddenly Germany is this crazy and dangerous place, hm? Time to get a reality check.
  5. The sentiment here in Germany is definitely pro EU and I personally think it would be a stupid idea for Germany to leave the EU. The EU is such a strong economic force. The most powerful in the world. Sure... as a single country, the US is the biggest economy in the world. But as a unity the European Union make for the biggest one-single market and the largest economy in the world. That is the main reason, why Europe prospered in the past. Because as the world's most powerful economic force you are able to negotiate good terms. I am not a big fan of the Euro as a currency, because it is bad for a lot of countries, but I believe in the EU as a union. And I think throughout Europe there are strong feelings of leaving the EU in every single country, but those are mostly driven by a minority... they are the far right extremists... though they are getting stronger and stronger... frightingly...
  6. Rebel Heart (Demo Version) could`ve been a massive hit in most European countries... it would`ve saved the album saleswise... a potent lead single is everything to a strong selling album... Living For Love was just too cold and generic... I do believe next to Hung Up it is the song with the biggest mainstream appeal from her catalog in the last ten years...
  7. Rebel Heart (Demo #4) Devil Pray Ghosttown Illuminati Unapologetic Bitch Joan of Arc (Acoustic) HeartBreakCity Two Steps Behind Beautiful Scars Addicted Bitch I'm Madonna
  8. 1. True Blue 2. Confessions on a Dancefloor 3. Like a Virgin 4. Madonna 5. Ray of Light 6. Like a Prayer 7. Music 8. American Life 9. Rebel Heart 10. MDNA 11. I`m Breathless 12. Hard Candy 13. Bedtime Stories 14. Erotica
  9. I gave it 6 points... she looks fantastic in it... flawless... the production is nice... high gloss... but the video itself is not very impressive... it lacks artistry... it`s just not very believable and very corny.... You can not compare it to a work of art like La Isla Bonita or Frozen... those videos truely became one with the song... and were not all over the place like Ghosttown... though she really looks awesome...
  10. 1. Living For Love [3] 2. Devil Pray [10] 3. Ghosttown [8] 4. Unapologetic Bitch [9] 5. Illuminati [9] 6. Bitch, I'm Madonna [8] 7. Hold Tight [6] 8. Joan of Arc [6] 9. Iconic [4] 10. HeartBreakCity [7] 11. Body Shop [4] 12. Holy Water [1] 13. Inside Out [5] 14. Wash All Over Me [4] 15. Best Night [4] 16. Veni, Vedi, Vici [3] 17. S.E.X. [2] 18. Messiah [4] 19. Rebel Heart [10 for the demo, album cut 7] Bonus Tracks 20. Beautiful Scars [8] 21. Borrowed Time [3] 22. Addicted [10] 23. Graffiti Heart [4]
  11. # 1 - Rebel Heart # 2 - Devil Pray # 3 - Addicted # 4 - Illuminati # 5 - Ghosttown
  12. I think the producers did a good job with the Rebel Heart album. But to integrate the Rebel Heart song into the album it seems they had to strip the original Avicii version off of its core qualities to fit the tone of the album. They clipped and trimmed it. Removed the key hooks, sucked out its feel-good energy, slowed down the pace and disrupted its carefree flow. And what could have become another uplifting Madonna anthem was neutered to forgettable filler material. I think that`s why Rebel Heart didn`t even make the album and was just included as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the album. When the demos leaked last year, it was the obvious single choice for almost everybody. It was THE standout track. Maybe not for the gay fanboys who favoured LFL, but the general response from non-Madonna fans was surprising. You could hear comments that she finally has a real hit again on her hands. The reception was so super-positive. The Avicii version of Rebel Heart is mainstream pop, pleasently radio-friendly, so that reaction was maybe not that shocking. But that is obviously not what Madonna wanted for the first single. Madonna never had a lot of appreciaction for the more poppy, happy sounding songs like Cherish, Who`s That Girl, True Blue or Dress You Up. And I get it... the first single should be a representation of whats to come. So maybe they should`ve kept this track, make it a soundtrack single or something for a future project. They shouldn`t have messed with it to just fit the Album, because the potential of this song was huge. That having said, I do love what they did to Devil Pray, Illuminati and almost every other track on the album. Just my opinion.
  13. # 1 - True Blue # 2 - Confessions on a Dancefloor # 3 - Like a Virgin # 4 - Ray of Light # 5 - Like a Prayer # 6 - Madonna # 7 - Music # 8 - Rebel Heart # 9 - American Life #10 - MDNA #11 - I`m Breathless #12 - Hard Candy #13 - Erotica #14 - Bedtime Stories
  14. I voted: # 1 - Ghosttown # 2 - Devil Pray # 3 - Illuminati Though the right choice would`ve been Rebel Heart in the Avicii Version... that`s the track almost everyone loved right from the start. It got such positive feedback from non-Madonna fans (whilst LFL got lukewarm response from the non-fans, though was loved by gay fan base). It was radio-friendly... had total mainstream appeal... was the obvious single choice... and now in its final version Rebel Heart is no longer a contender for a single... it was getting over 30% of the votes even from fans here on this forum, but now in its final version its votes gone down to 9%. So my vote is for Ghosttown as the second single.
  15. 1. Devil Pray 2. Ghosttown 3. Illuminati 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Hold Tight 6. Bitch, I'm Madonna 7. Joan of Arc 8. Iconic 9. Living for Love
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