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  1. Once Sixty

    A Kennedy Center Honor would be awesome! I can imagine M there judging the lackluster performances in tribute to herself.
  2. omg. i never saw this one ^ before. khia has alot of opinions!
  3. Madonna Instagram thread

    Lana Banana loves the supreme!
  4. She should have really started in Europe first. Her European fans are constantly cancelled!
  5. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    The outfit looks cool on the red carpet, she should have put that netting over her head and taken it off as she walked. Her face and hair is gorgeous. What is going on with Rita Ora's hair? It looks like she's stuck petals on her head.
  6. It's not an imperfection at all, it's natural.
  7. Falling Free

    It's one of the stand out tracks of MDNA i.m.o!
  8. It's surprising there hasn't been something like this before now. It's kind of fun to think that yet again M has the headlines and the drama, Madonna getting pissed about it is iconic. Hopefully if it sees the light of day it doesn't portray her badly... she can sue right? lol More drama!
  9. Madonna being in her 50s showing her mammary glands is holding women back, how dare she show her bags of mothers milk! Her boobies that have nourished children as well as been in the forefront of art should be locked away, her worth is her age.
  10. Madonna RARE

    luv it
  11. Lana Del Rey

  12. He looks like Bob Dylan has had plastic surgery to look like a 30 something year old hollywood hipster.
  13. Jennifer Lopez thread 🌶

    We need her voice more than ever during this time. BIG BOOTY BUT YOU GOT A BIG BOOTY.
  14. There's a video of her babies moving in her belly while she's on the chair. Either great prosthetics, cgi or she's up the duff.