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  1. It's one of the stand out tracks of MDNA i.m.o!
  2. It's surprising there hasn't been something like this before now. It's kind of fun to think that yet again M has the headlines and the drama, Madonna getting pissed about it is iconic. Hopefully if it sees the light of day it doesn't portray her badly... she can sue right? lol More drama!
  3. Madonna being in her 50s showing her mammary glands is holding women back, how dare she show her bags of mothers milk! Her boobies that have nourished children as well as been in the forefront of art should be locked away, her worth is her age.
  4. luv it
  5. He looks like Bob Dylan has had plastic surgery to look like a 30 something year old hollywood hipster.
  6. We need her voice more than ever during this time. BIG BOOTY BUT YOU GOT A BIG BOOTY.
  7. There's a video of her babies moving in her belly while she's on the chair. Either great prosthetics, cgi or she's up the duff.
  8. Michael Jackson was not treated like a God by the media what so ever, the media pretty much put him in an early grave. And his music sales Bad onwards were always compared to Thriller and so seen as a flop, which also prevented him for releasing more work as he was too worried about what the critiques would say.
  9. Beyonce didn't write the poetry in Lemonade, a somalian-british poet called Warsan Shire did. Not even someone from her circle, how disappointing as I liked the Lemonade movie alot. I feel like Stewie when he finds out that Ann Murray didn't write her songs.
  10. These are amazing. It's nice to have less digital images!
  11. Everyone's favourite pop music reviewer Mark Dice with his opinion on "Pop Culture Prostitute Katy Perry" and her "three-minute mind control for morons". Can't wait to see his review of the Grammys.
  12. Lady Gaga sees her music sales rocket 1,000% after amazing halftime Super Bowl show Her albums were downloaded more than 23,000 times and her songs racked up more than 125,000 purchases on Sunday alone, according to Nielsen music Figures marked a 1,000per cent increase compared to sales the day before On iTunes, Lady Gaga dominated half of the top 10 most popular songs Riding on the wave of her impressive 13-minute performance, Lady Gaga announced her plans for a 48-date world tour on Sunday night The half-time show, hailed as one of the best ever, came only second in ratings behind Katy Perry's 2015 performance
  13. lol. What matters is not numbers but cultural impact.