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    2016 American Presidential Thread

    Actually Hillary did bring up protecting same-sex marriage rights and the rights of the LGBTQ community as a reason to elect the right Supreme Court justice.
  2. StrikeItUp

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    The portraits line was the line of the night. "Who does that?"
  3. Mmm...Erotica

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      I look much better than Homer :lol:

  4. StrikeItUp

    NYC Sept. 19

    I'm so glad I waited to do Barclays. Didn't realize my seat was closer than I thought. Ghosttown was the surprise show stopper and I think it really caught M by surprise. This show had an excellent balance of old hits + some killer Rebel Heart material. She sounded beautiful and looked so radiant that at times I teared up quite a bit. She was so down to earth, funny, and surprisingly self-deprecating (she joked about supposedly covering up some cellulite, lol). I personally loved Unapologetic Bitch as the second to last number. And Rebel Heart as well! I wouldn't change a thing about the show. I just love this woman!
  5. StrikeItUp

    Post actual SHOW START TIME thread

    Yeah 9:42 at Barclay's. I wasn't expecting Any Schumer to come on at 8pm. I missed the first few minute of her act.
  6. Thank you, this definitely breaks it down into laymens terms on how a song is crafted these days. I've never doubted Madonna's lyrical input when she's inspired (and clearly she was in RH, whereas not so much in Revolver). So it sounds like while she might have had an additional songwriter or two in writing the lyrics (since she doesn't compose music) in most of the songs, it seems each track went through a lot of production changes which I imagine affects the musical composition -- ultimately leading to many songwriting credits.
  7. The multiple songwriters is mind boggling. Does it really take 9 producers to pen the lyrics? Or did some of the producers write the music and that counts as a songwriting credit? No joke, I'm seriously asking this. It used to sound much simpler then to produce and write a pop song.
  8. What Kurt said. RH, even with more flaws, is sincerely more confessional than Confessions.
  9. Did she? Had no idea, haven't paid attention to the show in years. That's a shame.
  10. Robin looks like she hasn't missed a few meals now. Shame she lost her braids though, she looked very pretty with them.
  11. Forget about Chris, Sandra and Gags. I wonder if he's going to go there about the plastic surgery, and will Madonna rise to the challenge? Should be an interesting interview.
  12. StrikeItUp


    I still say this is the little sister to Candy Perfume Girl, and I mean that in a GOOD way. Definitely in my Top 5.
  13. StrikeItUp


    I agree. It's mainstream enough without sounding too much like what the other pop tarts are putting out there, and the lyrics suggest more of an anthemic trademark Madonna song (like LAP, ROL, Secret, etc). It's a shame she missed the ball on this one, but I hope this song gets to see some light of day either on tour or as a single (even if it flopped). Plus the verses on the latter half of the song are quite a standout.
  14. StrikeItUp


    This song is LIFE! But these lyrics in conjunction with that amazing vocal delivery are to die for. Honestly if you took away the vocal effects on the song, her vocals probably still sound as flawless as her ROL/Music days (same goes for Love Spent).
  15. StrikeItUp


    Definitely camp in the end, which kind of kills the momentum. I mean could she sound anymore like an elderly drag queen on last part: "If you're gonna act like a bitch, then you're gonna die like a bitch"? For that I give it a 7.5/10. Chop off the last minute or so and then you have a 10/10 moment.
  16. StrikeItUp


    Agreed. It's a brilliant track. Does anyone else think this is the Candy Perfume Girl of this album? For a rather simple track it's so beautifully polished and cooler than the title makes it out to be. I think if the vocal effects were taken off her, she would still own it vocally.
  17. StrikeItUp

    Tour will visit NYC Madison Square Garden!

    Oh thank the Lawd! I have yet to buy NYC tickets yet, but glad to hear she's bringing the show to MSG, I was never thrilled with going to Yankee Stadium. Now I'll make a real effort to see that show.
  18. StrikeItUp

    MDNA vocals - WOW

    Thanks for the info! That was a good read on popular misconceptions of Autotune. I haven't heard the record other than the few clips but she sounds passionate again, which is great. If Madonna properly rehearses her vocals like she does her dancing this tour then she won't struggle IMO. I think what was so glaringly obvious about the S&S tour was that she had fantastic stamina but she sounded like she missed alot of her vocal lessons in preparation. There's no way she should have sounded that God-awful on Human Nature, perhaps flat at worst like during the Drowned World Tour.
  19. Sigh...still waiting like a celibate priest succumbing to nightly wet dreams. It's gonna be a long 6 days.
  20. StrikeItUp

    Photos from tour rehearsals

    Isn't that Lindsay Lohan from Robert Rodriguez's Machete? Please, lets not poison this fabulous thread with her.
  21. StrikeItUp


    Two really awesome videos in a row from the same album campaign, is this 2001 again? Will be recreating the crouching wall yoga moves and nu-Vogue at the gym tomorrow.
  22. StrikeItUp


    I must have been living under a rock all this time. Are those hairy Italian forearms I see there? Such an iconic pic and I somehow overlooked that!
  23. StrikeItUp

    World Tour 2012 VOCALS DISCUSSION thread

    I thought the few lines of OYH and EY were the only real live vocals of that performance. Everything else sounded pre-recorded. Shame about LAP though because I think she could have handled it live even in that stadium with decent vocals. I think if she put down the guitar half the time, she wouldn't sound so forced when singing. Also S&S focused so much on dancing that she seemed to have skipped her vocal training during rehearsals. I'll be happy if I can get a good blend of Confessions + RIT vocal quality. Cuz I would love to hear Masterpiece live.
  24. StrikeItUp

    "I Don't Give A" OFFICIAL THREAD

    I agree, she totally underestimated the audience, which in turn, might kill off real interest by casual listeners. That's what gives her big hits (along with payola from the record company). In spite of misfires of GMAYL and GGW, I'm glad the album sounds like it's full of killer stuff. It'd be nice if it can reach a broader audience beyond the fanbase.