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  1. Forgot about this. The demos were kind of mixed IMO but this is a sweet little gem that should have made it on there. Not that it would have made that big of a difference but I also think this might have resonated better with the general public than Living for Love as a single.
  2. That Grammy performance, including the rehearsal, looks so painful and awkward for everyone involved. The less said about Miley the better.
  3. It never stopped Madonna from doing Will and Grace about 15 years ago, why should this be any different? I think she'd be a lot of fun. And unlike Gaga, Madge will have no qualms sending a queen packing home during the judging.
  4. Let's not forget that Bill Clinton sort of introduced Madonna (or the camera transitioned to her after he finished speaking) when she sang at "Hope for Haiti". I'm pretty sure they did speak at some point during the telethon.
  5. Funny! Would have loved to hear more of her acapella vocals over James but they definitely brought out the best in each other. Now that I think of it I'm a little disappointed she didn't use her dancer's leg to play air guitar on it during Ray of Light.
  6. Kennedy, that self pretentious asshole who looked more suited for The Real World than MTV News? I remember she was a total asshole to Hollywood legend, Martin Landau, saying she was looking to interview "a real star". Didn't bother watching the clip but didn't know the lame bitch is a right-winger!
  7. Sounds like something Lady Gaga and Beyoncé fans would do when they get butthurt.
  8. I thought it was average for her. TOAC was magical and that was a lot more unrehearsed (and awkward) yet she sounded great and spontaneous for the most part. Her Hillary rally performance was also lovely. Surprisingly everything else about this show was well planned but M herself seemed lacking. Maybe too much cringey bantering (uh Guy O, that $100 bill?) and not enough delivering smooth vocals. I guess that's why you can never repeat things twice. There were some nice moments though. And at least it was for a good cause.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, there was also Mudonna. NEVER FORGET!
  10. What an idiot and a spoiled brat! You'd think being in the public eye you'd know better.
  11. Love everything musically related to MIA, but she's known for making terrible choices in life. This quote is one of them.
  12. Honestly I wouldn't hold my breath regarding the Kennedy Center Honors. I just don't see that happening as she's too polarizing of a figure to get a White House recognition. I'd be very surprised if she did. Rock & Roll HOF though, yeah we saw that coming.
  13. Bitch done lost her mind
  14. Actually Hillary did bring up protecting same-sex marriage rights and the rights of the LGBTQ community as a reason to elect the right Supreme Court justice.
  15. The portraits line was the line of the night. "Who does that?"