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  1. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    Actually Hillary did bring up protecting same-sex marriage rights and the rights of the LGBTQ community as a reason to elect the right Supreme Court justice.
  2. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    The portraits line was the line of the night. "Who does that?"
  3. Will she go athletic again next time to prove

    I miss her soccer mom dance moves + haircut from The Drowned World Tour. Kidding aside, she should do what realistically works for her body and agility as long as she doesn't compromise decent live singing (S&S).
  4. Mmm...Erotica

    1. spotlight
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      I look much better than Homer :lol:

  5. Overrated! Sorry, not sorry. There are much better performances in RIT. Vogue at the Superbowl had more oomph in it, and that was better posing/dancing with a pulled hamstring.
  6. Unpopular opinion here but I hate Nobody Knows Me on the tour. It's such a nothing performance, she's lip-syncing and she's not really dancing hard enough to justify it, it's just posing and posturing. She danced a lot more while singing live on Into the Groove later on. I can forgive the lipping in Vogue because the whole opening was just stunning!
  7. I'm seriously convinced the only reason she keeps wearing those awful grillz is because her teeth have shifted, which can happen as you get older. She's probably wearing a retainer that's "blinged" up to be provocative, when it just messes up her face. Beyond that, she looked and sounded marvelous in her melancholic clown persona. It's so nice to see her surprise us even after 30+ years.
  8. NYC Sept. 19

    I'm so glad I waited to do Barclays. Didn't realize my seat was closer than I thought. Ghosttown was the surprise show stopper and I think it really caught M by surprise. This show had an excellent balance of old hits + some killer Rebel Heart material. She sounded beautiful and looked so radiant that at times I teared up quite a bit. She was so down to earth, funny, and surprisingly self-deprecating (she joked about supposedly covering up some cellulite, lol). I personally loved Unapologetic Bitch as the second to last number. And Rebel Heart as well! I wouldn't change a thing about the show. I just love this woman!
  9. Post actual SHOW START TIME thread

    Yeah 9:42 at Barclay's. I wasn't expecting Any Schumer to come on at 8pm. I missed the first few minute of her act.
  10. Thank you, this definitely breaks it down into laymens terms on how a song is crafted these days. I've never doubted Madonna's lyrical input when she's inspired (and clearly she was in RH, whereas not so much in Revolver). So it sounds like while she might have had an additional songwriter or two in writing the lyrics (since she doesn't compose music) in most of the songs, it seems each track went through a lot of production changes which I imagine affects the musical composition -- ultimately leading to many songwriting credits.
  11. The multiple songwriters is mind boggling. Does it really take 9 producers to pen the lyrics? Or did some of the producers write the music and that counts as a songwriting credit? No joke, I'm seriously asking this. It used to sound much simpler then to produce and write a pop song.
  12. What Kurt said. RH, even with more flaws, is sincerely more confessional than Confessions.
  13. Did she? Had no idea, haven't paid attention to the show in years. That's a shame.
  14. Robin looks like she hasn't missed a few meals now. Shame she lost her braids though, she looked very pretty with them.
  15. Forget about Chris, Sandra and Gags. I wonder if he's going to go there about the plastic surgery, and will Madonna rise to the challenge? Should be an interesting interview.