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  1. Wonderful interview. She looked so hot. How I miss the RH era!
  2. Absolutely. Great chemistry together.
  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3345111/cleveland-facebook-live-shooting-steve-stephens-easter-day-slaughter/ EASTER DAY SLAUGHTER Manhunt for ‘killer Steve Stephens who shot elderly man dead on Facebook Live and claims to have carried out MORE murders’ Cops confirmed "armed and dangerous" Stephens is still on the run after the shooting in Cleveland, Ohio By Laura Burnip 17th April 2017, 12:10 am Updated: 17th April 2017, 12:49 am c 6 Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) A MAN claimed to have killed 15 people in a murderous rampage as he broadcast the “execution” of an elderly man live on Facebook. Cops are hunting for Steve Stephens – who goes by Stevie Steve on his social media – on suspicion of homicide 74-year-old Robert Goodwin Sr was shot dead in an apparently random attack on Easter Sunday in Ohio. FACEBOOK 14 The video was posted by “Stevie Steve” on Facebook 14 The video shows the elderly man being approached on the street before being shot in the face Cleveland Police confirmed the shooting broadcast on Facebook was real, but said they were not aware of any other shootings. The city is on lockdown as police hunt for “armed and dangerous” Stephens, who claimed online he had killed 15 people. EPA 14 Cleveland cops released this picture of Stephens as they urged him to hand himself in 14 Stephens is also filmed on the phone to a friend claiming to have killed 13 people He also wrote on Facebook he wouldn’t stop killing until his mum and a woman he names in the video call him, alongside his number. His mum Maggie Green told CNN she was upset and in disbelief, and had begged Stephens to hand himself in. In another video, Stephens, 37, tells a friend on the phone he “just snapped” and had a lot of “built-up anger and frustration”. He then tells the friend he has killed 13 people and will keep killing until “they catch me”, adding: “I shamed myself.” h Facebook killer threatens to continue murder spree 'until they catch me' In a press conference just before 7pm local time, Cleveland Police confirmed Stephens was still on the loose but said they had searched several locations and were not aware of any other victims. They said they hadn't had any sightings of him since the "senseless" shooting and didn't know if he was still in the area. Cleveland Police chief Calvin Williams urged Stephens to turn himself in, saying: "He can't keep victimising his community based on his issues." YouTuber and "independent investigator" B Rich has been live-streaming himself chasing Stephens in the car using a police scanner. 14 Youtuber B Rich has been chasing Stephens using a police scanner 14 The man holds his arms up in fear In another post, Stephens tagged co-workers asking them to let his boss know he wouldn't be in work tomorrow, writing "I'm sorry team but I'm to far gone [sic]" and adding "I'm the #goodguy". He also wrote that the last year his life had been f***** up, and he had lost everything through gambling. In a heartbreaking video of a man and a woman, reported to be Mr Goodwin's, children, said he was a "good man" and would "give you the shirt off his back". "I feel like my heart is going to stop," his daughter told reporters. 14 The 78-year-old victim's family paid a tearful tribute to the "good man" h Family of 78-year-old man 'shot dead on Facebook live' in Cleveland, Ohio break down Stephens is reported to work as a mental health case worker with children at the Beech Brook facility. In a statement, they said: "We are shocked and horrified and we don't know anything more about it. "We hope and pray that he is arrested as soon as possible and we hope and pray for a resolution quickly." FACEBOOK 14 The man is shown cowering in fear as the shooter points a gun at him before pulling the trigger FACEBOOK 14 The man falls to the floor after being shot as blood pours from his head FACEBOOK 14 Pictures of Stevie Steve on his Facebook profile, which has since been shut down The Sun Online has seen the graphic and upsetting video - which was on Facebook for three hours before Stephens' profile was taken down - but has chosen not to show it in full. The highly-distressing footage starts with a man driving while filming heard saying: "Found me somebody I'm about to kill... this old dude." He then stops the car and approaches the elderly man in the street, saying: "Can you do me a favour?" FACEBOOK 14 The footage begins showing the shooter getting out of the car saying he had found someone to kill He then asks the elderly man to say a name, saying: "She's the reason this is about to happen to you." The shooter then asks the man how old he is, before pointing his gun at the man who holds his hands up in fear. He then pulls the trigger and the elderly man falls to the ground, with blood pouring from his face down the pavement. 14 Stephens claimed on Facebook he had killed 12 people, but police have only confirmed one death Cops said the suspect was last seen near Case Western Reserve University and warned people to stay away from the campus. Cleveland State University also warned people to take shelter as police hunt for Stephens. There are unconfirmed reports on Facebook of shots being fired elsewhere in the city. On Twitter, one user wrote: "My sister just called to tell me that police are at my grandma's house because someone just shot at her and my cousins." FACEBOOK 14 Cops have warned Stephens is considered "armed and dangerous" The video, which was posted at about 2pm eastern time and was later taken down, is captioned "Easter day slaughter". In other videos, Stephens tells someone over the phone that "I'm at the point where I snapped" and says he's killed 13 people. "And I'm about to keep killing until they catch me," he adds. In comments below he says he has killed 15 people in the area of 105 freeway in the US city, and also claims to have left bodies in an abandoned house. h Full police press conference after 'Facebook killer' rampages in Cleveland, Ohio FACEBOOK 14 Stephens is still on the run and people have been warned to stay inside Cops said Stephens is 6ft 1inch tall and has a bald head and a full beard. He was wearing a dark-striped polo shirt at the time of the shooting and the Facebook Live broadcasts, was driving a new white Ford Fusion SUV and is considered "armed and dangerous".
  4. I think she always wanted to bang her. She's cool.
  5. I wonder what she pull next? She tried Ace of Base, Gwen, Xtincta, M, Cher, Bieber...
  6. It says Modonna. So I doubt it's her.
  7. "It's a travesty...with you I have no choice..."
  8. Just ignore and you get people talking. This is the case. Next.
  9. A shame to her legacy really. I will never understand.
  10. Apparently he was in a secret gay relationship, according to her ex. SHOCKING. And who were the other victims? No words about this. Kinda suspicious.
  11. Great news. Flush this turd. :)
  12. So how is The Disease doing?
  13. A response a little bit exaggerated If you ask me.
  14. Singing a Mariah tone when she doesn't have a play on radio? Always so behind and clever Gotga.
  15. Seems like O'seary works better as a friend than a manager. When some things change, ee can ser some results because people are still interested in her.