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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    That’s the best part. She’s simply the best doing this.
  2. Christina Aguilera thread 🍊

    That video is pop perfection. This screaming mess can only wish.
  3. Vogue from the tours ranked

    BA - Could have been iconic but the costumes looked like they were rehearsing. RIT - That entrance alone and the whole set was pure brilliance. GS and MDNA.
  4. New lot on gottahaverockandroll.com

    Again, some of them will be over the net and M will be pissed.
  5. Christina Aguilera thread 🍊

    True and God those lips!
  6. Christina Aguilera thread 🍊

    This. It was unwatchable.
  7. Spice Girls thread

  8. Lady Gaga thread

    Stop it girl. That pose will not get you anywhere. Totally clueless.
  9. Lady Gaga thread

    Fucking stupid.
  10. Madonna new album 2028

    Working with Mirwais doesn’t mean American Life part deux. I’m just happy if she work with him again, he’s a brilliant producer who really get her voice and musical direction.
  11. Madonna new album 2028

    Really hope so.
  12. Janet Jackson thread

    Better dancing skills than Jancel for sure.
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    “Iiiiiiiit’s all an illusion ...”
  14. Spice Girls thread

    It was a lingerie ad.
  15. Bad Girl or Angel????

    Angel is a gem. Too perfect. Never really cared that much for BG.