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  1. Oh well. Not that I was expecting some kind of boxset bit this is a missed opportunity.
  2. In M's words...'It's just noise".
  3. Stupid people with zero sense of marketing. Yaaas.
  4. Disgusting. Just like her soul. Karma is around the corner rotten pasta!
  5. Love Hec's warning message.
  6. What a great picture.
  7. All that try hard and it failed miserably. Ha! She's running out of characters in music.
  8. Good point. 🙂👍🏻
  9. A release party in Portugal for the DVD.
  10. She can't win.
  11. Ariana Grande has reportedly reached out to the families of the victims and offered to pay for their funerals. She has a heart of gold.
  12. IKR. Respect!
  13. Those are wonderful alternative covers.
  14. Probably the best moment captured in a film: "Would you like to try..?" So sexy and beautiful.
  15. From the explosion. Witnesses said there were bodies shattered everywhere. :(
  16. I'm sure this tragedy will impact for future artist shows. Seems like you're not even safe in concerts. Really tragic.
  17. Exactly. The message it's pretty clear. Let's see how long it takes to take it out of context.
  18. This video is a materpierce and more interesting than Ja-not entire discography.