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  1. Flip The Switch

    Needles and pins deliberately put in strawberries

    Another reason to not like strawberries.
  2. Flip The Switch

    Calvin Harris and Sam Smith "Promises"

    Cheap vogueing.
  3. Flip The Switch

    ABBA thread

    ABBA and QUEEN are probably the best bands ever existed.
  4. Flip The Switch

    Michael Jackson

  5. Flip The Switch

    ABBA thread

  6. Flip The Switch

    Michael Jackson

  7. Flip The Switch

    Warner Music Group Sells Its Entire Stake in Spotify

    I just canceled my Spotify account. I just felt I was throwing my money away. Nothing like paying for your own music.
  8. Flip The Switch

    Michael Jackson

  9. Flip The Switch

    Music CONSUMPTION topic 2018 version!

    I still buy CD’s (most of them are: Madonna, Queen and Chicane, for example). I often use Spotify while I’m driving.
  10. Flip The Switch

    New Album Means New Tour

  11. Flip The Switch

    Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    Jesus Christ. 🙄
  12. Starting at 1 am would be ridiculous and disrespectful. I don’t recall hearing that.