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  1. I'm def no fan of Taylor Swift, but if this is happening its probably the best promo she can do at this point.
  2. frozpog

    NYC MSG Nov 12th

    I'm with you..driving in NYC for me, would drive me nuts. I plan on taking the train from New Haven..maybe even stay the night and go back home in the morning.
  3. frozpog

    NYC MSG Nov 12th

    I'm off work that whole week, cant get any of my friends to want to come with me..thinking of just going on my own.
  4. frozpog

    Celebrity MDNA Attendees

    Nope, he was married to Eva Longoria
  5. sorry if already posted, but wea.com has the tracklisting for the 1 disc GH: •Hung Up •Music •Vogue •4 Minutes •Holiday •Like A Virgin •Into The Groove •Like A Prayer •Ray Of Light •La Isla Bonita •Frozen •Material Girl •Papa Don't Preach •Lucky Star •Express Yourself •Open Your Heart •Dress You Up •Celebration
  6. frozpog

    Hard Candy SoundScan/Billboard 200 Discussion

    wow and i thought we had seen the last of Hard Candy on BB200.
  7. frozpog

    MADONNA SoundScan Sales- 2007/2008

    Madonna the first album is selling on Amazon mp3 site for $1.99 http://www.amazon.com/Madonna-Bonus-Tracks.../ref=dm_ap_alb7
  8. frozpog

    Hard Candy SoundScan/Billboard 200 Discussion

    sorry, wea.com no longer has actual sales numbers
  9. Looks like the US is getting a physical single release STREET DATE: December 16th 2008 Artist: MADONNA Title: Miles Away Configuration: CD MAXI SELECTION: 2-517246 (UPC Code: 0-9362-49800-8-7) CD MAXI 1.) Miles Away (Radio Edit) 2.) Miles Away (Thin White Duke Remix) 3.) Miles Away (Morgan Page Remix) 4.) Miles Away (Johnny Vicious Club Mix) 5.) Miles Away (Johnny Vicious Warehouse Mix) 6.) Miles Away (Rebirth Remix) 7.) Miles Away (Aaron LaCrate & Samir B-More Gutter Remix)
  10. frozpog

    MADONNA SoundScan Sales- 2007/2008

    I was just browsing Amazon and noticed a few of Madonna's cds have had price changes. Looks like they went into effect in July per wea.com Lab Code Cf Sel # Artist Title PA Dashless UPC "OLDSRP" "NEWSRP" SIR CD 25535 MADONNA You Can Dance N 075992553520 11.98 7.98 SIR CD 25844 MADONNA Like A Prayer N 075992584425 11.98 7.98 SIR CD 26209 MADONNA I'm Breathless N 075992620925 11.98 7.98 SIR CD 45767 MADONNA Bedtime Stories N 093624576723 11.98 7.98 not like the new price will cause sales to skyrocket but at a lower price it would be more of an impulse buy.
  11. frozpog

    MADONNA SoundScan Sales- 2007/2008

    thanks Holidayguy..it's great to see some numbers again..and even better to hear Immaculate already surpasing its 07 total
  12. frozpog

    Hard Candy SoundScan/Billboard 200 Discussion

    great to see another gain this week and another week on the BB200
  13. frozpog

    Hard Candy SoundScan/Billboard 200 Discussion

    they had shit loads of Hard Candy cds all over the store .. stacks & stacks.
  14. frozpog

    "4 Minutes" on the Billboard Charts

    4 Minutes keeps chugging along
  15. frozpog

    MADONNA U.S. Airplay Reports (Per Mediabase)

    I'm pretty sure You'll See peaked at #10 on the airplay list.