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  1. Lady Gaga thread

    Mafonna playing Cristal
  2. Lady Gaga thread

    She's sooooo ripping off Elisabeth Berkley in Showgirls prostituta
  3. Charles Manson finally DEAD

    Poor Sharon Tate 😢 Thank god hes finally dead
  4. Beyoncé Thread

    once a basic bitch, always a basic bitch
  5. Lady Gaga thread

    is that her official account??
  6. Madonna RARE

  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    yes that's true, maybe she has her reasons
  8. weren't these her German no1s?? LIB American Pie Music HU 4 Minutes??
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    it's just rude same why she never responded to Pat
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Has anyone read the new advertisement that says it's good like PHOTOSHOP for your skin she's so trolling
  11. Janet Jackson thread

    her last instagram post got 150000 likes now probably even more
  12. Taylor Swift thread

    she won me over with this we will never be together song plus this is my favorite from her last album great chorus
  13. Taylor Swift thread

    no I meant it in a positive way, they have to deal with it, she's slaying :)
  14. Madonna RARE

  15. Taylor Swift thread

    she deserves everything that she gets Ha
  16. Taylor Swift thread

    she's unstoppable like the SS in 1933
  17. Madonna Instagram Thread

    thank god she's not puffy
  18. Richest 1% now owns half the world's wealth

    Let's be serious, Madonna is probably part of this 1 %!!! And I love her for it, take my money Queen
  19. I miss that M, we need her now more than ever :(