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  1. 1986
  2. when she turns 50 radio will not play her anymore :(. Fortunately she must already be getting used to this since the past 10 years lol.
  3. you deserve better
  4. love your pics Gus!!! this is my favourite thread
  5. I watched Hannah Montana there I said it lol
  6. Didn't Strawberry admit that was him a few years ago??
  7. damn that body
  8. the picture she chose
  9. there's a video here, she looks pretty!!!
  10. creepy !
  11. Juliette Lewis got also so much shit because she posted she felt for Ariana and she didn't include victims, people are so annoying
  12. your signature , one of my favourite movies EVER!!
  13. I love him too, has anyone noticed that he never ages!
  14. I've never seen her speak tbqh, she is very eloquent and she knows what's up!! Smart girl!