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  1. Madonna RARE

  2. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    she looks amazing !!!! love her eyebrows
  3. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    but he's jewish!!
  4. remember when PawsDown wanted to beat him up in some alley
  5. Madonna 2018 Calendar pre-order

    Steven Meisel Herb Ritts Helmut Newton David LaChapelle Aldo Diaz
  6. Who will help Myanmar's Rohingya?

    Buddhists can be terrorists too
  7. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    exactly lol!! my favourite Madonna quote
  8. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

  9. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    lol I just noticed that was Aaron
  10. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    that TSHIRT of the make up ARTIST !!!!
  11. Rita Oral - Like A Virgin

    well, how do I pooot this .,,
  12. can't believe the socalled industry was trying to sell this thing as the next Madonna to the world ......
  13. like all of Madonna's haters she is just jealous that she doesn't belong to Madonna's inner circle ..
  14. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    can't wait to get my copy
  15. Madonna RARE

  16. Britney Spears thread

    I wanna know it too
  17. Britney Spears thread

    I live for Queen neyde follow her on Instagram
  18. I'm sure there will be big tours to come in the future :)
  19. I think that is a good idea, I mean let's face it, the time of big tours a la SS and MDNA is over, not just for Madonna but for all the pop bitches out there, the market is already saturated ...
  20. Madonna Instagram Thread

    she looks so young, I've always loved the wet hair look on her