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  1. I think Joanne is just bored and sitting drunk with a bottle of Rose with her laptop trolling minorities on twitter
  2. Trump will be Louis XVI and Melanomia Marie Antoinette
  3. I was waiting for something like that to happen for a long time, the power of the PEOPLE enought with social injustice
  4. Why is there a video on Twitter of a woman in a wheelchair being punched???
  5. Even if Biden wins, after Biden we'll have the same shit again, it's always like that in America Their two party systems sucks ass
  6. and they are always SUPER straight, like okay we get it, that's always a sign
  7. coming partly from Balkan most of them are curious closeted homophobes who want to try some dick up their ass but are afraid of peer pressure from other closeted fags.
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