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  1. this.
  2. gorgeous!! I love her mouth
  3. why does he always do that thing with his right hand and that finger?
  4. Look who met Niki Harris
  5. is anyone else repulsed that this vile creature thinks she's our spokesperson? where can I hand in my gay card?
  6. bold Joan or bald Joan ?
  7. I love this picture
  8. love that wording, and it's the god damn truth, that's how it was!!
  9. all of Cubbs favourite songs then
  10. oops I just realized Gus posted those pics already, sorry Gussy
  11. I can't contain myself, I'm not myself tonight
  12. omg look at the people's faces in the back, Leo obviously that Asian woman the black guy god hates her
  13. Thanks Kirsten!!
  14. ULTRA Rare
  15. they all wipe back to front :(
  16. you are too cute