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  1. Ass implants on guys is the worst theres this one porn guy who has them and it ruins the experience they look ridiculous
  2. Lately I got so many clips of 9\11 on TikTok and seriously I cannot believe it‘s been 20 years already
  3. Yes you‘re right I cant believe thats happening they did do only shit for the past 20 years those poor people children women etc who will be slaughtered now and the west only watches
  4. Biden is such an asshole for calling the NATO troops back from Afghanistan
  5. Jesus is kind of overrated His mother Madonna has a much better discography
  6. this is soo funny, I wish we had that at work, we work via Microsoft Teams I once wanted to use this as my profile pic but my boss wouldn't let me
  7. They destroyed some ZDF equipment outside the building I actually watched the news with the reporter at 9:45, hope the Reporter is okay
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