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  1. that's newest internet sensation lady cuca
  2. Move over Lady Caca now it's Lady Cuca's time
  3. thx flopculturewhore
  4. she's a loca(l)
  5. her future profession
  6. that's questionable
  7. Love how Ariana is fighting ISIS right now, QUeen of pop and liberty
  8. shouldn't you know?? lol
  9. your signature :lmao::inlove:

    1. Genevieve Vavance

      Genevieve Vavance

      which one lol? :lmao:

    2. Genevieve Vavance

      Genevieve Vavance

      Eva Herzigova is hot :chuckle:

    3. Robin


      oh snap wth i thought it was a scene from the 50s or something. she 's still young :inlove: Herzigova just gonna another fanboy

  10. Has anyone noticed how the CTTR video was inspired by this?? (some parts of it)
  11. How pathetic! You do realize he was a huge gaga fan in 2009-2012?? He even called her the new Queen of Pop. You people really have the selective Memory of a sponge ugh he even admitted to liking John Wayne but yeah woooo whatever floats your boat i guess ...