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  1. oh and she said she's very sad she couldn't see her dad at his dying bead but she had an appointment with a surgeon
  2. he was on TV the other because of his swollen feet, they are full with silicon because some doctor in Brazil put cooking oil into his ass. Now the oil went into other parts of his body so he looked for a surgeon in Turkey (the only one who was willing to try) to remove the oil and fix his chin.
  3. TMI but I had one of those exams past week and now I don't know if I can handle being a bottom
  4. I think he doesn't know what he/she wants. this is pretty bad, I mean we laugh and stuff but lots of people kill themselves because they can't find their identity this way first he wanted to be the living Ken doll and now Mariah Carey, that's quite a jump
  5. @Jazzy Jan @Junior Queen Mariska supporting the next US president
  6. I don't think he's happy, he seems very erratic and yes he looks ridiculous
  7. the explosion looked so scary and it was huge, I think I've only seen them that big in Hiroshima (on TV I wasn't really there)
  8. I think Joanne is just bored and sitting drunk with a bottle of Rose with her laptop trolling minorities on twitter
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