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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Lu wi always trying to rub in sausage legs into our faces it‘s comical really
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Biebs has so many pimples as of late
  3. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    it would be an end to an era 1985 - 2017 *sobbs*
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    okay catch the mutherfuckin tea on this this has to be her worst instagram post of 2017 so far
  5. Say goodbye to an open internet in the US.

    will porn be affected??
  6. Addressing the crowd

    the best of her entrances!!! though I have a very soft spot for the OYH chair routine of WTGtour
  7. Youtuber Sisley reacts to Everybody's music video

    very cute, I hope she doesn't turn into a hater :(
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    luv it aldo who?
  9. those celebrities who were trying to make this story happen must feel so dumb now Hi, Justin Bieber ...