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  1. Genevieve Vavance


    he was kind of great in the 80s, Austrians adore him, he's like MJ to them lol, the only popstar from here that made it globally
  2. Genevieve Vavance


    ooh, these are great!!!
  3. Genevieve Vavance


    @todsmod @Jazzy Jan thanks for your recommendations I'm just having time right now to go through this thread, thanks to all the other members as well!!
  4. Genevieve Vavance

    Eurovision thread

    so cool that Lena Dunham won the Eurovision
  5. Genevieve Vavance

    Eurovision thread

    go serbia, go serbia
  6. Genevieve Vavance


    one of the best ballads of the 90s
  7. Genevieve Vavance


    Jeff Bridges was (and is) sooooo hot, I loved that movie too, it was very sexy
  8. Genevieve Vavance


    was she really a supermodel? I only know that some famous actor directed the video, he had a role in a Stephen King movie with some evil twin lol, I can't remember his name anymore
  9. Genevieve Vavance


  10. Genevieve Vavance


    that's a good one Jan, what about Cars, this song always makes me cry ... 😞
  11. Genevieve Vavance


    what are your favourite power ballads??? this came on yesterday on VH1 classics, and wow, what a song 🙂
  12. Genevieve Vavance

    Eurovision thread

    LOVE SERBIA, give me that TurboFolk
  13. Genevieve Vavance

    Kanye West

  14. Genevieve Vavance

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    but the most important thing is he's hot right?? you know I'm being sarcastic
  15. Genevieve Vavance

    Songs that you hate.

    she hasn't had a hit since Atemlos, Germany's Lady Gaga!!